Epstein gets whacked, and Lolita Express Pilot log ordered released by court. 7-27-2019

You can tell when the Deep State is in full panic mode when you see the whore media, fake news reports covering up the truly dismal performance from Muller during his testimony. Given how few people actually watched it, the whore media may even get away with it. What the whore media won’t get away with is covering up the actual pilot logs that show Bill Clinton flew on the Lolita Express, to Epstein’s so called “orgy island,” some 27 times, and almost certainly engaged in some form of sexual activity with girls under the age of 18, WHICH I CALL CHILD ABUSE AND SUBJECT TO FELONY CHARGES. Oh yeah, now ain’t that going to go KABOOM.


Court Subpoenas Jeffrey Epstein’s Personal Pilots for Flight Logs — Will Show Bill Clinton on 27 Flights, Most with Underage Girls

Presecutors subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots who flew the mult-millionaire and his celebrity guests to his private island.
Forbes reported:

 Federal prosecutors subpoenaed Jeffrey Epstein’s personal pilots—who flew Epstein’s celebrity friends around the world—in the hopes they can corroborate the accounts of women who allege Epstein transported them on private planes to facilitate their sexual abuse.

  • Prosecutors might be able to use the pilots’ testimonies to confirm the accounts of Epstein’s accusers, according to the Wall Street Journal. The 66-year-old former financier is charged with two counts of sex trafficking and sex conspiracy, and allegedy ran a sex ring of dozens of underage girls.

  • Multiple women have filed civil lawsuits against Epstein that mentioned the pilots. None of the pilots, however, were named as defendants.

  • From around 1998 to 2002, the women said, Epstein allegedly conspired with his pilots and associates to make sure he avoided law enforcement.

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