Weimar Republic, Portland, Oregon riots on August 17th yet again.

For those of you who still don’t think Civil War Two has begun, or that the Antifa Thugs really don’t want to murder you, all I can say is ignorance is not bliss. Portland, Oregon, or as the secret service agents told me when I was chatting with them when Bush junior came to town back in 2004, “Little Beirut,” has long been a bastion of Marxist drivel and liberal fruitcake. Nor has the scale of the violence been an unknown thing over the last twenty five years or so. I can remember eating at the “Festival Italia,” in Pioneer Square back in August of 2004, with tear gas wafting over my Sausage and pasta, as I sat in the square. The difference now is not that there is political violence by Marxist morons, nor is it that the powers that be, the Marxist politicians, and the spineless Portland Police, openly tolerate POLITICAL VIOLENCE. I also have to say that the reason the brazen violence now happening on the streets of downtown Portland is truly a civilization ending event, is because it is targeted violence based on dissident political viewpoints. Now the thing about that is also not a matter of great insight: When a society gets to the point where one group openly attacks another group, and the reason they do that is because of a difference of political opinion, then the collapse of that society is imminent. Further, that collapse will be extremely violent, and result in the creation of an elected fascist state. I have no idea why these Antifa thugs have forgotten the true lesson of the Weimar’s Republic collapse was the ELECTION of Adolph Hitler and his National Social Party. So, when I see the violence all around me, I am thinking not Trump the fascist, but the fascist after Trump.

At any rate, on August 17th, 2019 we are going to go after it all, massive inflows of people of differing political thought, resulting in physical violence, and this time around, in my opinion, the high probability of armed people, clashing violently, and resulting in people being wounded, hurt, and possibly killed. I have long said we will know it is over when the armed militia directly intervenes against either, or both, Antifa and the feckless Portland Police. Now, since I am not suicidal, or don’t realize that if I go down there, I must go hot, and it is likely I will have to shoot an Antifa thug or two, or three. I also came to the conclusion a long time ago that it ends for Doomer Doug in a firefight, and I have no problem with that. I also agree with the late Charles Bronson that one should not fight over BS. To me it isn’t about protecting my rights, it is about whether I am willing to kill an Antifa thug to protect my so called rights. Well, I think I will give Trump some more time, not that I expect much, so I will wait till after the November 2020 election, at which point, since the Marxists will steal the election, and then start my own personal version of Civil War Two.

The link is below. I am saying there is a high probability of a Weimar style street riot with a respectable body count. I would tell any “conservative” going to this rally  that unless they are going armed, and are willing to shoot a police officer, or an antifa thug, they should stay away like I plan to. Antifa isn’t screwing around, nor have they ever, so unless you are willing to do what it takes to protect yourself, then don’t place yourself in a place where you will need to KILL ANTIFA. Antifa is a domestic terror group, and it is a Trump and Barr role to list it as such. When the riots start, it will be the Patriots who get called domestic terrorists. The Patriots are now walking into a media/liberal trap.


Joe Biggs Has ‘Had Enough of These Masked Commie Bastards Attacking Civilians,’ Will Host Anti-Antifa Protest in Portland

Conservative Army veteran Joe Biggs says he has “had enough of these masked Commie bastards attacking civilians” and will be hosting an anti-Antifa protest in Portland, where a journalist was recently attacked by the far-left radicals.

Biggs will be hosting the event with the Proud Boys and says that Three Percenters, Oathkeepers, Patriot Prayer, American Guard and other veterans and current military members will also be present to help keep the peace.

The event is set to take place at 11 a.m. on August 17th at the Waterfront in Portland.

“We the people have had enough of these masked commie bastards running around attacking civilians unchecked. We have mayors sitting back and police allowing antifa to bring weapons to rallies while the rest of us are searched and any form of defense removed. We have elected officials tweeting support for this domestic terrorist organization. It’s sickening and it needs to stop,” Biggs told the Gateway Pundit. “We are a nation of laws. We are also America and America will never be a communist country. Antifa has member’s in big tech, including social media. They use that to deplatform us and for many of us it’s a way of life. It’s time we take a stand and look this filth in the eyes and let them know this is America and we won’t back down to them ever.”

The goal of the event, dubbed the “End Domestic Terrorism Rally,” is to demand that Antifa and the John Brown Gun Club, an armed militant far-left group, be declared domestic terrorist organizations.



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