Trump moves in for the kill on Epstein 7-20-2019

First, I was 15 years old back on July 20th, 1969 and watched the moonlanding live on tv. So, no Los Vegas sound stage drivel for me. The fact we never went back still confuses me, but so be it. Next, Trump is moving in for the kill on Epstein and his perverted cabal of truly evil people. And yes, God himself has said he will KILL people who have sex with children, and this is why those of you who think this will be covered up are simply wrong. It is way beyond the cover up stage at this point. If the government doesn’t release the data, then Anonymous will and that will be that.

Trump is moving in for the final kill. My personal opinion is that Trump, despite being a very annoying man on so many levels as POTUS, is, to put it plainly, on a mission from God, and that mission is to expose the sexual predators in the global, and especially the American elite. Mind you, I didn’t say he was here to “save” America, or “restore,” America, since I no longer think that is possible. The rot is too deep for America to endure anything other than a savage judgment. However, Trump has bought us some time, exposed the filth and corruption in what passes for America’s leadership and this forced every single American to make a response to the ongoing judgement of America. We all know. We are all accountable and we are all subject to that knowledge. The below is a post I made on another forum.

In the greater scheme of things, and in the cycle of how information is released, I don’t agree with those of you who say this will all be covered up. The main thing to realize is there are multiple Deep States, and not just single aspect. You have various aspects of the Deep State now openly engaged in civil war, and that is why this is all going to come out. A certain part of the Deep State wants to take down another aspect of the Deep State, and are going to use this pedophila info to do that.

I have been praying for the last several years that ALL ASPECTS of the elite pedophile rings be exposed, and the whole perverted lot of them get a millstone tied around their neck and thrown into the Atlantic Ocean.

My read on this is the information release is already so widespread that it is now effectively impossible to suppress the true extent of the sexual perversion by the elite against innocent children.

Trump, well God bless, that New York City twitter punk. Trump knows how the game is played and he has taken down his enemies, one by one, sequentially and now he is moving into the end game, where he starts putting heads on the front gates of the White House.

Yep, Trump realizes the Marxist Deep State cabal will steal the election from him, so he is calling in Danger close air strikes, where you go scorched earth. After this is all done, well Trump will be still standing and all the rest of them, who are ALL implicated in the sexual abuse of little children and teenagers will be charred corpses.

I said way back at the beginning Trump was a revolutionary and populist leader, outside the bounds of “normal” politics. Gang, Trump is going to win in 2020, despite massive vote fraud by much of the deep state for the simple reason he is going to tar them with raping children, AND THEY WILL NOT SURVIVE THAT POLITICALLY.

Back in the day, circa 1974, when I was on combat training at a German airbase, they had some Cobra gunships doing hot inbound, live fire fly lows, using the 30mm nose cannons. And yeah, that is what Trump is doing for the pedophiles, 500 feet high, 30 mm blasting away and body parts flying everywhere!

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