Treason by Scotus 6-28-2019

Supreme Court Justice Roberts has yet again shown he is a traitor and globalist stooge. The idea asking if somebody is a citizen of the USA on the census form is a “racist,” and “bigoted,” act is pathetic. If a nation can’t control its borders, then it is not a nation. Scotus has just guaranteed millions of illegals will now vote in 2020. This will have the effect of allowing the Marxist Democrats to steal the election. Civil War Two is closer than many think. It has already begun in Oregon, where our bisexual, Marxist stooge, Governor Kate Brown, has taken the first steps to implement the Marxist reign of terror the globalists want. At any rate, the link below explains the fact Scotus just destroyed what little is left of the historical American Republic. The link is below.

Citizen Question Blocked, Crazy Dem Debates, Economy Warning

By Greg Hunter’s (WNW 390 6.28.198)

The Supreme Court ruled that the 2020 census cannot include a simple question that asks if you are an American citizen. Chief Justice John Roberts was the tie breaker that voted in favor of banning the question. Roberts is the Judge who gave America Obamacare, and he is now giving non-citizens cover to deliver populations to Blue states that guarantee more House seats. Trump calls the Supreme Court decision “ridiculous.”

20 Democratic challengers are slugging it out to become the nominee to face Donald Trump for the White House in 2020. Almost all are touting free stuff and socialism to voters. Most are for free health insurance for all, open borders, abolishing ICE, letting felons vote, free money, taking away your guns, taking away free speech and increasing taxes to pay for it all. It seems most Democrats are seeing who can come up the craziest, most destructive ideas to capture the nomination.

Some people are nervous about the economy. It is being propped up with the hope of a trade deal with China and the promise of more easy money. The easy money is a lock, but not a deal with China. Is the easy money enough to keep it all propped up? We are going to see in the not-so-distant future.

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