Armed Militia in Oregon Rising 6-22-2019

It is clear Oregon is now a one party, Marxist Democrat dictatorship. Since the Marxist Democrats now fully control both the Oregon Senate, the Oregon House, and all elected office, except the RINO we have as Secretary of State, the reign of terror is now underway. Our bi-sexual bigot of a Governor, ie the “other Brown,” has now unleashed the power of the state upon the Republican Party. It is nothing less than A MARXIST REIGN OF TERROR. As such, we should have no illusions the Marxist death squads are in the wings. Our governor is threatening to hunt down, arrest or KILL any Republican who fails to show up for a vote on “climate change.” Civil War Two has now begun in the Marxist Dictatorship called Oregon.  The links are below.

Oregon Senate session canceled after militia threat


  1. join west oregon and west washington together as one west state, and east Oregon and east washingon as an east state. they would each still have the same number of federal and state senators and house representatives and the same number of 50 states. the pacific side could have their liberal dream and the eastern slope their conservative values. win – win for all.


  2. when the civil war begins i would highly recommend the governor and every demonrat to flee to there new homeland china or Russia, because all of you rotten scumbag lying reprobates will be marked due to there love affair of Marxist communist nations as well as for you scumbag lying judges you also better leave with your comrades, no state troopers nor your national guard will come to your aide, you have pushed the envelope to the bitter end and everyone of you evil satanic demoncrats are labeled as the enemy of the state. .


  3. They have no idea of the sleeping dragon they are waking up. This is an example of what the Founding Fathers meant when they created the 2nd amendment and the use of the armed militia to prevent a dictatorship. Oregon’s Marxist leaders were terrified of armed militia patriots showing up and so they backed off.


  4. Oh, they know full well who they’re going to wake up.

    The deep state wants its civil war. They need it to officialize the police state and take away all your rights. FEMA camps are ready and waiting for their guests to be rounded up.

    The question is, is theur plan going to work out 100% or will it just fracture a nation in 2 or more republics.


    1. i don’t believe it will fracture us it will only strengthen us and our resolve as well as give us the right under our constitution to eliminate every one of these bolshevik communist Marxist dogs by any means necessary, it will be war and it will be brought to there offices, into the streets and in many cases right to there stinking reprobate filthy dirty homes.


    2. i would recommend you listen to the you tube video called, Civil war2, it explains specifically who would win a civil war and why, and it clearly goes over every aspect of our government and the deep state as well as the demon rat Marxist party and the deep crap they all would be in. Heck on one point alone would be to cut the power off in certain areas which would cut off power to government institutions which rely on non government electric companies, and that is pretty simple. I used to work for a electric utility and its as easy as making an apple pie.


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