How to Prepare for a US pandemic 6-12-2019

The ongoing collapse of the US social order, now prominently on display in our major urban centers, as well as the hordes of disease ridden, illegals now overwhelming our borders, tells me I need to post about what YOU SHOULD BE PREPARED TO DO TO LIVE THROUGH THE GLOBAL PANDEMIC THE DEMOCRATS HAVE NOW UNLEASHED HERE IN CONUS. The link below gives you some ideas of how to do this. Trump, well Trump gave it his best shot, but he has failed. The treason of the Marxist Democrats, the Soros funded traitors, and the media, Marxist, elite complex has prevented him from doing much on border security. Granted, Trump could have kicked some ass, but he simply isn’t the man to do that. Since that is the case, YOU are on your own.

June 12, 2019

Are Human Guinea Pigs Bringing Pestilence Into America? The War At Our Southern Border Heads North Along With Deadly Diseases Long Believed Eradicated

– How To Set Up A Medical Quarantine In Your Home For A Pandemic

By Stefan Stanford – All News Pipeline – Live Free Or Die

In this June 8th story over at Infowars, Kelen McBreen reported upon a major threat to the United States that is being completely ignored by the mainstream media; hundreds of illegal aliens from ebola-stricken Congo have been dumped in Texas with at least 350 more on the way. As Paul Joseph Watson reported in this new story over at Summit News, Africans fleeing the pandemic are now being transported throughout America with some U.S. cities “overwhelmed by the number of illegal African migrants arriving from Ebola-stricken countries, with Portland Maine complaining that they are beyond capacity”.

With what’s being called a ‘terrifying ebola epidemic‘ in the Democratic Republic of Congo now completely out of control according to doctors working in the nation and the outbreak being called ‘the worst in history‘, experts warn that ‘emergency measures’ must be taken to stop the deadly virus from spreading further and out into the world in general though acknowledging it may have already done so with many people from the Congo trying to get out as quickly as they can.

As the Daily Mail had reported back on May 17th, the nation of Congo is suffering terribly from war between rivaling tribal militia factions and relief efforts there are being consistently hampered by militia attacks upon doctors and other caregivers. And as Susan Duclos had reported on ANP on June 8th, due to the rapidly spreading outbreak, according to one ebola expert, “the scope of this bio-security threat is changing, and the risk of the virus leaping the border to other countries is very high.

And with a recent report totally censored by the mainstream media finding that infectious diseases are just pouring over our Southern border due to ineffective medical screening, happening at a time when big US cities are already turning into melting pots for long-thought eradicated Medieval diseases, we thought we’d take a look within this ANP story at what might seem a controversial theory to some; that intentionally infected ‘human guinea pigs‘ might be being used to spread deadly diseases in America. We’ll also be taking a look below at a new SQAlert from DHS agent ‘Warrior at the Border‘ who has just issued an emergency warning to Americans that the border is lost and the ‘war‘ is heading north. So in the final section of the story below we’ll be taking a look at how to prepare our homes for self-quarantine should the worst case scenarios come to pass. First, from this Infowars story.

Few, if any, government agencies and contractors are screening illegal immigrants for diseases after an initial screening by overwhelmed Border Patrol and ICE agents.

Contractors who are sheltering migrants after they’re released from federal custody are dependent on the government to ensure migrants are screened for contagious medical conditions, but the Border Patrol recently admitted that they’re overwhelmed with the sheer number of migrants – indicating that initial screenings are rudimentary at best.

“ICE has a standard procedure of vetting for tuberculosis, but even if we assume agents are not too overwhelmed to make mistakes, thousands are being released directly by Border Patrol without ever stepping foot into an ICE facility,” reported Conservative Review on April 30.

The outlet also reported the following:

Even if DHS had more time to screen some of these migrants, they are bringing in strains of diseases that medical professionals have not dealt with and might not be familiar with. A recent report from the bipartisan Homeland Security Advisory Council noted that “most FMUs [family units] are not detained by ICE ERO due to their lack of capacity,” so they are released very quickly by CBP. And although CBP has hired staff to treat medical concerns, the report observes how all the “infections” are “not necessarily evident” with the medical observations being done by CBP because “an expectation for clinical acumen by CBP agents and officers is highly unrealistic.”

Typically, aliens released from custody are given “temporary asylum” along with orders to appear before immigration court. They are then sheltered by government contractors, such as churches, who also aid them in traveling to their host families across the country.

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