Massive flooding inbound to Oklahoma and Arkansas. 5-30-2019

The level of weather related damage in the USA truly astounds me. The powers that be are saying a staggering 500, yes 500, tornadoes have happened in the last 30 days. Further, a massive amount of flooding is now expected in both Oklahoma and Arkansas in the next several days. It is already a fact the corn planting is well below normal due to the ongoing floods. The link is below.


Oklahoma residents are warned to prepare for the ‘worst-case scenario’ as the Midwest braces for flooding and forecasters predict the Mississippi and Arkansas Rivers will rise to ‘record-breaking’ levels

  • The flooded Arkansas River is expected to crest at a record high of 42.5 feet in Van Burden on Wednesday

  • Arkansas River topped two levees Tuesday and has flooded hundreds of homes in Arkansas and Oklahoma 

  • Mississippi River is projected to crest at 44 feet in St Louis this week – the second-highest level in history 

  • Heavy downpours are forecast through Wednesday night in both states, with 1 to 3 inches expected

  • By June, rivers are expected to crest to highest levels on record all the way down to Little Rock, Arkansas 

  • Tulsa Mayor G.T. Bynum warned residents to be ready to evacuate in an event of a ‘worst-case scenario’   

  • President Donald Trump tweeted his support to Arkansas’ governor in light of the record floods on Tuesday

  • Five to seven inches of rain is forecast to fall in Arkansas, Illinois, Iowa, and Missouri on Wednesday  

Communities along the swollen Arkansas River in Oklahoma and Arkansas are preparing for further flooding, with the mayor of Tulsa urging thousands of residents behind the city’s aging levees to be ready to evacuate in the event of a ‘worst-case scenario’.

‘This is a flood of historic magnitude,’ said Arkansas Governor Asa Hutchinson, joined by state emergency officials and officials from the Federal Emergency Management Agency on Wednesday.

Hutchinson said that he directed $250,000 in state funds toward the flood response. The Republican says he has also requested federal assistance from the Trump administration.

Flooding has already closed 12 state highways, the governor said, and 400 households have agreed to voluntary evacuations.

In Oklahoma, Muskogee County Emergency Management spokeswoman Trish German says flooding from intense thunderstorms and the nearby river has forced the evacuations of more than 2,400 people. German says almost 1,100 homes have been flooded.

She said about 2 inches of rain has fallen on the area since Tuesday night. Forecasters say the same amount is possible Wednesday.

In Tulsa, Oklahoma’s second largest city, Mayor G.T. Bynum warned that the city’s 70-year-old levees were being tested ‘in a way that they have never been before’.

‘Please prepare for the worst-case scenario that we’ve had in the history of the city,’ he said on Tuesday. So far, he added, the 20-mile levee system, which protects some 10,000 people, was working as designed.

Scroll down for video  

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