Europe’s Populist Avalanche smashes EU globalists 5-28-2019

It has been long overdue, but Europe’s voters have finally unleashed a tidal wave of dissent. Given the overwhelming level of Muslim violence, elite corruption, and a social order in chaos, it is about time. Perhaps when the Muslims burnt down Notre Dame Cathedral, and make no mistake it was Militant Islam that did so, it was the straw that broke the camel’s back. For whatever reason, the populist wave roared into the globalists, crushed them, and has given Europeans new hope they can restore Western European Civilization. It will be a tough road for them, and no doubt the mutant elite will unleash its full fury and wrath on the insolent peasants who dared to challenge them. The populists have won in England, Italy, France, Hungary, and are doing very well in Poland, Belgium, and even that Marxist basketcase, Sweden.

Still, it is good news. The link is below.

NATIONALISTS WIN: Salvini from Italy, Le Pen from France. Farage in UK, Tarczynski in Poland Smash Globalist Elites in EU Elections

Nationalist Matteo Salvini’s ENF Party was the number one party in the EU elections in Italy.

Marine le Pen’s ENF Party was the number one party in France in the EU Elections.

And Nigel Farage and his six-week-old Brexit Party crushed the competition in Great Britain.

– Farage wins in UK. – Le Pen wins in France – Salvini wins in Italy. – Orban wins in Hungary. – Right wing surging in Sweden. Massive success for the right-wing and EU skeptics this election!

– Right-wing nationalists look to come in second place in Belgium. Seems like a right-wing tide is sweeping across Europe.

– Right-wing populists set to get over 40% of the votes in Poland. A new record high.

Farage’s Brexit party will be the largest party in the EU parliament. Biggest comeback in the history of comebacks.

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