Fukushima’s Extinction Level Event 5-26-2019

One of the things I try to do here on this blog of mine, is to provide context for all the madness going on. I have posted many times about the Fukushima Tsunami event some seven years ago now. The reason for that is I think it provides context for what is really going on right now. I say not just in relation to the insolent elite, and their information control techniques, but the fact that facts are facts. Despite the very effective information suppression methods they have used over the last seven years, facts are facts, and an ecological disaster is an ecological disaster. The fact “they” aren’t telling you several hundred tons of highly toxic, radioactive, sea water is now pouring into the Pacific Ocean on a daily basis, and that release will continue for the next several decades, at a minimum, doesn’t really matter. Anybody who makes even the slightest effort to find out what is really happening can do so. When they do that, they will realize Japan is finished as a modern nation. They will realize the Pacific Ocean food chain is now contaminated, and they will realize both of these statements are facts, and both of them mean life on Planet Earth has been fundamentally changed in the last seven years. Finally, virtually every science fiction book I have read, and it is hundreds of them, shows how man is eventually forced to leave Earth due to environmental damage, pollution, and radiation.

You may think what you want to about Fukushima. It doesn’t matter in the end. Fukushima is the type of event you can do nothing about, unless you are rich and move to a bunker in New Zealand. I will tell you to live each day to the fullest, since the damage is ongoing, and causing a cascade effect of environmental damage. For example, anybody who eats fish caught in the Pacific Ocean is eating radiation. I have no solutions for this ELE, Extinction Level Event, since it is beyond dealing with , not only on a personal level, but by the system. Enjoy what time we have left, and realize spiritual values are the only thing that matters. Carpe Diem!

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