Is China preparing for war with America? 5-20-2019

The final phase before war actually breaks out is the demonizing of any potential enemy. China is increasingly a totalitarian government and society under the leadership of its new Emperor Prime Minister Li. The man is going for a total dictatorship, complete with Concentration camps for Muslims, social media scores, and the kind of fascist control Hitler would be drooling over. China’s military has spent the last 20 years, at least, upgrading, modernizing becoming a truly lethal and modern military force. About all China has left to do is build up its transport ability, either planes or troops ships, and she could invade anywhere she wants to. The Chinese Air Force is first rate, with many Russian planes. The Army is increasingly lethal with the goal of defeating any western army they may meet in combat. Further, the Chinese Navy now has 300 submarines, with hypersonic torpedoes. China now has hypersonic ship to ship, ground to air, and ground to ship missiles. My personal opinion is China could take out one our Carrier Task Forces no problem. I suggest you read a series of books about any potential war between the USA and China written by a man named  David Poyer. His link is here.

It is into this context of an imperialistic, totalitarian, and aggressive China that one must view the seizure of the Splatly Islands, the threats against both Taiwan and the USA, one must view what China did a couple of days ago. I am telling you plainly: China, under its new Emperor, is preparing the Chinese people for a war with the West. The link is below.

Chinese television suddenly switches scheduling to anti-American films amid US-China trade war


In recent days, China’s CCTV6 — the film channel of state broadcaster China Central Television (CCTV) — has unexpectedly switched scheduling plans to treat viewers to a number of post-war film classics in prime-time.

Key points:

  • Korean War-era films have been broadcast across Chinese TV in recent days
  • Films with nationalist plots appear to have usurped normal programming
  • This comes amid a heightening trade war between the US and China

Heroic Sons and Daughters (1964), Battle on Shangganling Mountain (1954), and Surprise Attack (1960) — films all set during the Korean War, otherwise known in China as the War to Resist American Aggression and Aid Korea — have been shown at 8:15pm over the last three nights, in a change to normal programming.

Another war classic, Guards on the Railway Line (1960) was due to screen on Monday evening.

While it may appear that the CCTV’s film buffs have had a sudden urge to re-acquaint viewers with post-war Chinese cinema, experts have pointed out the more obvious connection for the sudden change: all of the films have overtly anti-American plots amid a prolonged trade war with the United States.

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