I seriously don’t understand why Hollyweird, and all the actors living there, continue to unleash on our POTUS, despite clear evidence that such mindless attacks on us deplorables, and MAGA hats, lead to a massive reduction in profits for the studios and actors doing this. I would think capitalist media companies would be avoiding divisive, brazen public statements that anger one half of the potential movie viewing audience here in the USA. The fact that they don’t seem to care movie revenue is plunging, tells Doomer Doug that the Marxist political agenda they are pushing is more important than making profit. Of course, this can be seen from Dick’s Sporting Stores and the $150 million loss they took from going PC on gun sales.

    The fact that Hollywierd has now made less profit than they did in 2013, nearly six years ago, and the fact that Hollyweird doesn’t care that they made less money than in 2013, is astounding to me. Why are the stockholders, and why are the corporate owners, like Sony, tolerating actions from studio managers, and actors, that are costing them money? Sheesh.

    the link is below


    Domestic revenue year to date is at its lowest level since 2013, according to Comscore.

    Hell hath no fury like a reboot scorned.

    Such was the case at the weekend box office, where Millennium and Lionsgate’s Hellboy remake opened to a dismal $11.9 million, further contributing to an overall downturn in combined ticket sales year to date following a banner 2018.

    Through Sunday, revenue at the North American box office was an estimated $2.74 billion, the lowest showing since 2013 for the comparable time period, according to Comscore.

    That’s down 17 percent from the same corridor in 2018 — when Black Panther opened — and 18 percent from 2017, home of winter and early spring hits Beauty and the Beast and Logan, among other titles.

    The big question now is whether the box office can rebound and surpass the record $11.9 billion collected domestically in 2018, and an all-time best $41.7 billion globally.

    Major exceptions to the early 2019 blues include Disney and Marvel’s Captain Marvel, the female-led superhero pic that has earned nearly $387 million domestically and $1.06 billion globally, and Universal and Jordan Peele’s Us, which has grossed nearly $164 million in North America and $236 million worldwide.

    “It may be tough to imagine at this point that 2019 could ultimately post record-breaking revenues, but a slow start that has handed the industry a 17 percent year-to-date deficit will in less than two weeks begin to assemble perhaps the greatest comeback in box office history with a monumental slate that will set into motion a herculean reversal of fortune,” says Paul Dergarabedian of Comscore.

    When Dergarabedian mentions two weeks from now, he’s talking about Disney and Marvel’s Avengers: Endgame, which is expected to set records when it hits theaters in late April.

    The summer and year’s end calendar is packed with other big titles, many of them from Disney, such as The Lion King, Frozen 2, Toy Story 4 and Star Wars: Episode IX – The Rise of Skywalker.

    Universal has The Secret Life of Pets 2 and Fast & Furious spinoff Hobbs & Shaw, while Sony is prepping event titles including Men in Black International, Spider-Man: Far From Home, Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded Once Upon a Time in Hollywood and the untitled Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle 2.

    Warner Bros. has Legendary’s Godzilla: King of Monsters and edgy superhero pic Joker, while Paramount’s lineup includes the James Cameron-produced Terminator reboot.

    Major big-budget misses so far in 2019 include Fox and New Regency’s Alita: Battle Angel — also produced by Cameron — Paramount’s Wonder Park and Disney’s Dumbo, directed by Tim Burton.

    So far, four of the 15 weekends this year have been down over their 2018 counterparts, including a 27 percent dip over the April 12-14 weekend.

    Box Office: Hollywood Hoping for “Herculean Reversal of Fortune” After Worst Early Slump in 6 Years

    6:40 AM PDT 4/15/2019 by Pamela McClintock

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Marxist Democrats Make Move On Gun Control At The State Level: Oregon seeks to abolish 2nd Amendment. 4-14-2019

The answer to the question of whether the Marxist Democrat Party wants to abolish the Second Amendment, and to ban private ownership of personal weapons is now crystal clear. They do despise the 2nd Amendment, and do want to disarm the American people as they implement their Marxist dictatorship. The Democrats are, in my opinion, TRAITORS. The “new” version of the Democratic Party fully supports infanticide, fully supports gun control, fully supports abolishing the Electoral College, and thus denying the votes of Red State citizens. In addition to all of that, they are the party of unlimited illegal immigration, the party of Militant Islam, and the party of race hatred towards whites, gender hatred towards male, and just a bunch of arrogant, ignorant, fools who, by any reasonable standard, are engaged in an effort to overthrow POTUS Trump, unleash a Marxist revolution and turn the USA into Venezuela. The Democrats now believe in socialism, are willing to kill my blog readers to do that, and are now engaged in what I will openly call not only TREASON, but SEDITION, which is advocating the violent overthrow of Trump. I will mince no words, nor will I back down in the face of this Soros funded effort to destroy the USA. The Democrats, and anybody who supports them are EVIL. Of course, tyrants of all stripes always go for total gun control, which is exactly what the Marxist Democrats are now doing. Up here in the People’s Republic of Oregon, the gun control effort has now reached its logical end with Oregon bill SB 978. The link is below.


SB 978 The Felon Factory


SB 978 was passed out of the Senate Judiciary Committee on a party line vote today.

The bill was “gut and stuffed” with the “dash-5”amendments which were not available to the public until 5PM last night.

As passed the bill will:

Force you to keep your firearms locked up. (The US Supreme Court has already ruled this to be unconstitutional.)

Hold you strictly liable for crimes committed if your gun is lost or stolen (even if you complied with parts of the mandatory lock up regulation.)

Greatly restrict youth shooting programs and events.

Make you a felon if you possess an “unserialized firearm”. (Serial numbers were not required on firearms until 1968.)

Ban so called “80% lower receivers” (the bill calls them “unfinished receivers”) unless they had the manufacturer’s name and serial number engraved on them. If you’ve made a firearm out of an “80%” lower there is no provision for adding a serial number yourself. The possession of any of these finished guns will be a felony. If you currently possess any 80% lowers each one is a Class C felony.

Increase fees for concealed handgun licenses.

Allow you to be charged with a felony for simply being NEAR a “public building”or airport with a firearm even if you have a concealed handgun license. How many “public buildings” do you pass on your hunting trips?

Picking up your spouse at the airport could make you a felon. Picking up your kids at school could make you a felon unless you picked them up in a parking area.

Before the vote, the committee members were told by staff that the amendment corrected the airport issue. It did not. Whether willfully or not, the committee members were misinformed.

The language on lock ups and “unfinished receivers” is hopelessly convoluted and confusing. It will be virtually impossible for Oregonians to know when they are in compliance. The lack of any realistic definition of “unfinished receivers” will put thousands at risk for felony charges based on the whims of DA’s and judges.

There is no longer any question that Oregon’s elected Democrats are determined to turn Oregon gun owners into felons any way they possibly can.

The bill now goes to the full Senate floor. Please contact Oregon Senators and demand they vote against this.

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Trump’s idea to ship the hordes of disease ridden, criminal illegals to so called Sanctuary cities is brilliant in my opinion. So, Kudos to our POTUS for that. However, what I want to blog about is Trump’s new executive order finally dealing with the dire threat of an EMP, electromagnetic pulse. My book, “Day of the Dogs,” the amazon link shown in all my posts, was written about a CME, ie Solar Flare back in 2012. I have been stunned at the lack of much effort to deal with this direct threat to our electric grid. I have a high school friend who is an electrical engineer. He told me, way back in the build up to Y2K, this being in 1999, “It’s the electric grid.” If the grid goes down for 30 days, well then it is Mad Max time. Thus, Trump finally issuing an Executive Order to take the EMP threat seriously is a very positive event.

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The links are here.



Trump Signs Ambitious EMP Preparedness Executive Order

by Daisy Luther

After years of the government blowing off concerns about an electromagnetic pulse, President Trump has signed an executive order that will put EMP preparedness in the hands of the White House.

What’s in the executive order?

The Executive Order on Coordinating National Resilience to Electromagnetic Pulses is a first step toward learning more about how an EMP would affect us and how to protect critical infrastructure.

An electromagnetic pulse (EMP) has the potential to disrupt, degrade, and damage technology and critical infrastructure systems.  Human-made or naturally occurring EMPs can affect large geographic areas, disrupting elements critical to the Nation’s security and economic prosperity, and could adversely affect global commerce and stability.  The Federal Government must foster sustainable, efficient, and cost-effective approaches to improving the Nation’s resilience to the effects of EMPs. (source)

The Order outlines the responsibilities of specific offices to help get the country ready for a threat to the grid and sets up a 4-year plan.

It is the policy of the United States to prepare for the effects of EMPs through targeted approaches that coordinate whole-of-government activities and encourage private-sector engagement.  The Federal Government must provide warning of an impending EMP; protect against, respond to, and recover from the effects of an EMP through public and private engagement, planning, and investment; and prevent adversarial events through deterrence, defense, and nuclear nonproliferation efforts.  To achieve these goals, the Federal Government shall engage in risk-informed planning, prioritize research and development (R&D) to address the needs of critical infrastructure stakeholders, and, for adversarial threats, consult Intelligence Community assessments.

(b)  To implement the actions directed in this order, the Federal Government shall promote collaboration and facilitate information sharing, including the sharing of threat and vulnerability assessments, among executive departments and agencies (agencies), the owners and operators of critical infrastructure, and other relevant stakeholders, as appropriate.  The Federal Government shall also provide incentives, as appropriate, to private-sector partners to encourage innovation that strengthens critical infrastructure against the effects of EMPs through the development and implementation of best practices, regulations, and appropriate guidance.

Sec. 4.  Coordination.  (a)  The Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs (APNSA), through National Security Council staff and in consultation with the Director of the Office of Science and Technology Policy (OSTP), shall coordinate the development and implementation of executive branch actions to assess, prioritize, and manage the risks of EMPs.  The APNSA shall, on an annual basis, submit a report to the President summarizing progress on the implementation of this order, identifying gaps in capability, and recommending how to address those gaps. (source)


It has been nearly 700 years, 1348 to 1352 AD, since humanity had to deal with a disease that killed off tens of millions of people. It was called “The Black Death,” and remained burnt into the human psyche for centuries afterword. The resulting loss of population in Europe caused massive social upheaval, profound political impact, ie the end of feudalism, even more profound religious impacts, the collapse of the Roman Catholic Church among them. The elite of the day lost all moral authority, were seen as feckless cowards who abandoned their people and let them die. Further, it set the template for what happens when some 35% of the total population dies a miserable death in a five year period.

I think the human population is long overdue for a return visit from either a lethal virus, or bacteria that is beyond the ability of medicine to deal with. We are now on the edge of multiple bacteria that are antibiotic resistant, and virus’ that are also becoming increasingly difficult to deal with, like AIDS for example. Finally, I have been keeping my eye on Africa, both the Black Death bacteria outbreak on Madagascar, as well as the Ebola epidemic in the Congo. The news is not good in either case. The Black Death bacteria on Madagascar is using the airborne vector, and not the rat/flea close contact vector to spread. Ebola uses the close contact and direct exposure to what was called, “Precious Bodily Fluids,” in Stanley Kubrick’s black humor masterpiece of “Dr. Strangelove.” At any rate, one of them, or both have the potential to spread worldwide quite easily, mostly due to modern airtravel. The link is below. It won’t post here so you will have to go to the webpage to view it. The fact that the powers that be are admitting this means the actual situation is ten times worse than they have been saying. If you haven’t taken steps to deal with a global pandemic, you should start immediately to do so.


Congo’s Ebola outbreak might be declared global emergency

A top Red Cross official says he’s “more concerned than I have ever been” about the possible regional spread of the Ebola virus after a new spike in cases.
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The Globalists really are Fascists 4-11-2019

One of the advantages to living to be 65 years old, is you can take the long view. The metaphor I would use to describe the ongoing Globalist fascist conspiracy is of a Python snake crushing its victim and then digesting it. Python snakes wrap around the victim, crush it to prevent further breathing, and then swallow it completely. I think this is exactly what the Globalists have been doing for the last several hundred years. They take two steps forward, and then one step back. The result is they are still one step ahead of where they started. Further, move at a slow speed, like the frog in the slowly heated water, versus the frog in the very hot water. If you look at the current condition of the USA this modus operandi is how they do it. For example, I am old enough to remember when the first effort to search airline passengers began in 1971. This was done after Yasser Arafat, and the PLO, hijacked an airplane. Now, some 48 years later, the result is the TSA openly molesting women and children with sexually deviant so called “patdowns.” I can look back, step by step, year by year, and decade by decade of exactly how the globalists have targeted the right of travel without government harassment. One of the key freedoms is the ability of citizens to move around without being abused, or “showing their papers.” The restriction of movement is a key aspect of population control. The “showing of papers,” is a fundamental control mechanism by fascist governments. The USA of 2019 is a control society, a society where proof of ID is a basic requirement of modern life.

A few years ago I saw a movie clip from 1935 showing one of the Rockefeller’s praising the use of fingerprints in all banking transactions. Again, the Globalist Python is patient, and willing to wait decades to implement its fascist control techniques. The result of this Rockefeller designed social control of all banking economic activity is in 2019 it is now impossible to open a banking account without giving them your fingerprints. Granted, the fascist globalists took nearly 75 years to condition the US population to accept such a blatant fascist action, but they are quite willing to wait as long as it takes. I guess they figure that as the older population dies off the younger generation can be corrupted more easily. Another example is the first Social Security Card I got, when I was 16 in 1970, has printed on the bottom of the card, a card I still have by the way, has “NOT TO BE USED FOR IDENTIFICATION” written on the bottom of it. Well, some 50 years later the Social Security number is the basic, fundamental ID method for any government services. Again, the globalist fascists were quite willing to wait. The level of chutzpah involved in making a Social Security Card the main method of ID, when the actual card prohibited this shows the true level of contempt they have for US citizens.

The globalist fascists are now in the end game, as seen by the ongoing Treason against President Trump, and today, the arrest of the Wikileaks head. The globalist make no effort to hide their evil anymore. The level of evil, and of the total contempt they now have for freedom, is so in your face that I have no problem in saying the historical American Republic is dead. We are now a fascist, oligarchy, run by evil men and women, openly engaged in infanticide, sexual perversions with children, and a level of both political and economic corruption that beggars any description I can use. Mark my words, the arrest of Julian Assange is a defining moment in the march towards fascism, and the crushing of freedom.

The link is below.


WikiLeaks’ Assange arrested in London, faces US charge

LONDON (AP) — A bearded and shouting Julian Assange was pulled from the Ecuadorian Embassy in London and hauled into court Thursday, the start of an extradition battle for the WikiLeaks founder who faces U.S. charges related to the publication of tens of thousands of secret government documents.

Police arrested Assange after the South American nation revoked the political asylum that had given him sanctuary for almost seven years. Ecuador’s President Lenin Moreno said he took the action due to “repeated violations to international conventions and daily-life protocols.”

In Washington, the U.S. Justice Department accused Assange of conspiring with former U.S. Army intelligence analyst Chelsea Manning to break into a classified government computer at the Pentagon. The charge was announced after Assange was taken into custody.

His lawyer said the 47-year-old Assange would fight extradition to the U.S.

Assange took refuge in the embassy in 2012 after he was released on bail in Britain while facing extradition to Sweden on sexual assault allegations that have since been dropped. He refused to leave the embassy, fearing arrest and extradition to the U.S. for publishing classified military and diplomatic cables through WikiLeaks.

Manning, who served several years in prison for leaking troves of classified documents before her sentence was commuted by then-President Barack Obama, is again in custody in Alexandria, Virginia, for refusing to testify before a grand jury investigating WikiLeaks.

Over the years, Assange used Ecuador’s embassy as a staging post to keep his name before the public, frequently making appearances on its tiny balcony, posing for pictures and reading statements. Even his cat became famous.

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Globalist Monopolies and the end of the USA 4-10-2019

One of the final stages of economic collapse is the dual impact of excessive debt, and increased concentration of all economic activity into two or three large corporations. Sector after sector of the US economy is now controlled by two or three corporations. I call it the Pepsi and Coke scenario. If you go into a grocery store, and look at the soft drink section you will think there are a large number of soft drinks made by multiple companies. Instead, you will find, once you read the fine print, that roughly eighty percent of all soft drinks are made by either Pepsi or Coke. You do have the appearance of competition, but not the reality. You also have a few separate, niche type soft drink companies. This type of corporate control is now the dominant form of “capitalism,” in the advanced countries. It means in all aspects of modern life, economic, political, cultural and military the US really is a corporate dictatorship/oligarchy. As such, it will eventually be crushed by the total debt, allowing the total collapse of the entire economic system, including the two or three large corporations. I am always amazed that the globalist types don’t see the link between wages and consumer spending. After all the jobs have gone to China, workers can’t afford much, other than to ramp up the debt to maintain their lifestyles. Again, the debt saturated US consumer is done with that for now. Everybody will go down, especially the large corporations.

The link is below


The Fed Has Created An Economy Of Zombies And Unicorns

Authored by John Mauldin via MauldinEconomics.com,

Recession is coming. We can debate the timing, but the economy will turn decisively downward at some point. My own analysis, looking at the data available on April 4, says recession isn’t likely this year but unfortunately looks very probable in 2020.

In addition to when it will happen, there’s also the question of how deep the next recession will be. A shallow downturn wouldn’t be fun, but compared to the last one might feel relatively refreshing.

Alas, I don’t think we will be that lucky. I think the opposite: The next recession will be deeper, longer and far more painful to many more people than your average recession, and could persist as long as the last one. That is because the next recession in all likelihood will be truly global. If you sailed through 2007–2009 without your lifestyle changing, I wouldn’t assume it will happen that way again.

Ironically, but not surprisingly, it will be the response to the last recession that makes the next one so much worse. Part of the reason is that investors once again “learned” that if you simply stay the course, the market will get you back to where you were and more. The massive move into low-fee index investing instead of active management will make the next recession more painful.

You must understand that 75% of today’s wealth is in the hands of retirees and pre-retirees. Most have a significant portion of their money in index funds, and they’re going to see significant erosion of their retirement assets. I’m thinking especially of those depending on public pensions, which are heavily weighted to a form of index investing. Public pensions are already significantly underfunded (in general) and a bear market will make them even more so. It will be painful and I can assure you it will cause a lot of political angst. Today I’ll tell you why I think this. It may be one of the more important letters I’ve written in the recent past, so read carefully.

Unwise Investment

Central bankers have a well-worn playbook for handling recessions. Cut interest rates, increase liquidity, and otherwise make more capital available to the private sector. This helps businesses hire more workers and raise wages. Then gradually remove all the stimulus as growth recovers. (Usually, at least. Greenspan waited too long to tighten after the 2001 recession and begin raising rates, creating the dynamics for the subprime crisis.)

The playbook truly fell apart in 2008. The system had so much debt that adding yet more of it didn’t have the desired effect. As noted, easy money from the last crisis had created the situation. Even dropping short-term rates to effectively zero didn’t help because it was creditworthiness, not interest costs, that kept people and businesses from borrowing.

The Bernanke Fed’s answer was quantitative easing—essentially a way to stimulate lending at longer maturities. It had an effect but not the intended one. Instead of going to productive use, the new stimulus helped banks deleverage and public companies leverage up and repurchase their own shares, or as we will discuss below, simply buy their competition and short-circuit the “creative destruction” cycle. This pushed asset prices, i.e. the stock market, higher and made it appear recovery was underway. Unfortunately, the “recovery” was the slowest recovery on record.

All that cash eventually trickled through the economy, not to people who would spend it on useful goods and services, but to yield-starved investors. Why were they starving? Because the Fed was keeping rates low. They had little choice but to take more risk, which is what the Fed wanted them to do in the first place. So they plunged money into venture capital, private equity, IPOs, emerging markets, and everything else they could find with potentially decent capital gains and/or yields.

The result was a massive wave of investment, some good and some, well, let’s just say based on hope and little else. And as we know, hope is not a solid investment strategy. Some businesses that had good stories (the so-called unicorns) found themselves covered with cash by investors for whom hope sprang eternal. Eager to show they could turn the cash into gold, the companies sought to emulate the Amazon model, using money to buy growth without profit. In the hopes of going public at some point and cashing in, they kept the game alive. Think Lyft. (Note: I like Lyft and wish them nothing but success. But still…) Investors, because they wanted to believe the story they were investing in was true, watched and waited.

They’re still waiting. And here we are.

Zombie Companies

Back in November 2018 (which now seems like about 30 years ago) I wrote about a Bank for International Settlements study of “zombie” businesses. Looking at the 32,000 publicly-traded companies in 14 advanced economies, they found 12% were both


The End of Trudeau Junior. 4-9-2019

I have been keeping my eye on Canada, and its descent into PC Lunacy, Sharia law, and Multi cultural insanity. This is the  kind of government you get with a shallow, selfish, arrogant, snowflake type leader. Trudeau junior is the Obama of the north, but unlike Obama seems to crashing and burning in spectacular fashion. The hits just keep coming for him and the end is coming no later than what will be truly catastrophic fall elections for his party. Trudeau Junior will prove yet again that when a political leader crashes and burns, he will take down the party that spawned him. Nixon took down the Republicans in 1974, and Clinton took down the Democrats in 1994, and Obama gutted the Democrats in 2010. In fact, Obama cost the Democrats nearly 900 state officials, and lost both the US Senate and House to boot. Trudeau looks to me headed for a massacre in the fall elections.

The links are here.


Trudeau Broke The Law When He Expelled Critics From Liberal Caucus, MP Says

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can’t seem to get out of his own way.

Just as the furor from what’s become known as the SNC-Lavalin scandal was dying down, Trudeau has given two of his former cabinet ministers who were at the center of the drama reason to revive it. Former Treasury Board minister Jane Philpott, who resigned from Trudeau’s cabinet in protest after the scandal broke, has asked the speaker of Canada’s House of Commons to rule that Trudeau violated Canadian law when he unilaterally expelled her and former Justice Minister and AG Jody Wilson-Raybould from the Liberal Party caucus last week.

According to the Globe and Mail, a law called the Parliament of Canada Act – which was amended in 2015 to include a process for expelling members from a party caucus – stipulates that a caucus vote via secret ballot must be held before an MP can be ejected. Trudeau didn’t hold a vote before effectively exiling the two dissident women from the party last week.

Trudeau told journalists last week he made the decision to oust them, saying “I have taken the decision to expel the honourable members from caucus.”

For those who haven’t been following the scandal, it started when the Globe and Mail reported earlier this year that Trudeau had pushed Wilson-Raybould out of his cabinet by demoting her to a lesser position after she refused to offer SNC-Lavalin, a Quebec-based engineering firm accused of corruption for bribing Libyan government officials, a deferred prosecution in accordance with the PM’s wishes. During testimony before a Parliamentary committee, Wilson-Raybould described a campaign of inappropriate political pressure carried out by employees in Trudeau’s office and the privy service, supposedly at the direction of the PM.

When Wilson-Raybould refused, she was moved during a cabinet shakeup. Wilson-Raybould has alleged that Trudeau was concerned about job losses in his home constituency in Quebec should SNC-Lavalin be stripped of its ability to win government contracts. The prime minister has maintained that he did nothing wrong, and that he told Wilson-Raybould that the decision was ultimately hers to make.

Adding a layer of irony to the situation, both MPs, who resigned from Trudeau’s cabinet in March, were part of the new wave of more diverse MPs elected in 2015, and were part of the “gender balanced” cabinet appointed by the PM in 2017 after his electoral victory. Trudeau’s treatment of the two has prompted accusations that Trudeau is a “fake feminist” – claims that will undoubtedly be bolstered by the fact that he violated the law to discriminate against them.

With the party’s standing in the polls sliding due to the scandal, the Liberal majority has nevertheless rallied around their leader, recently blocking two Commons committee investigations into the scandal.

The opposition, meanwhile, has called on Trudeau to resign. But without any pressure from within his own party, it’s unlikely that he will acquiesce to these demands.

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Libya in chaos: Hillary Clinton’s evil reaps a bitter fruit. 4-7-2019

The Clinton Crime Cabal “liberated” Libya in 2011, and we saw Gaddaffi hunted down and brutally murdered by a howling mob. The result has been chaos and anarchy, death and terror resulting in the near total collapse of Libya into a failed state with Militant Islam roaming freely. We even had a video showing a slave auction, yes a slave auction, held in a town square. Thanks Hillary. It wasn’t much of a stretch to realize that once central government collapsed, in both Iraq and Libya, you would end up with warlords fighting it out for the oil. Gee, what a surprise. Still, Libya has been lurching along, complete with starving masses, hordes of refugees overwhelming Malta and Italy, and vast amounts of arms looted from Gaddaffi’s bunkers spread out to damn near every Islamic terrorist group that wants them. Do you want shoulder fired anti-aircraft missiles? No problem, since there were 20,000 of them available. AK-47’s? Tens of millions of rounds of ammo? Tanks? Trucks? Armored Troop Carriers? Again, thanks to Hillary it is like going into an Arms are us superstore. One of the things that happens once a nation collapses into warlordism, is eventually, after much blood, death, and violence, somebody will end up in charge. Granted, there won’t be much left by that time, but you will have one warlord standing on top of the garbage pile. In Libya’s case, the final battle to decide that is raging in Tripoli. The Americans, NATO and other foreigners are now fleeing for their lives in the face of the advancing troops.

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The link is below.


At least 21 dead since Libya’s Haftar began offensive: Tripoli

Tripoli (AFP) – At least 21 people have been killed since the start of a four-day-old offensive by Libyan strongman Khalifa Haftar to take Tripoli, the country’s UN-backed government said Sunday.

Another 27 people have been wounded since the assault began on Thursday, the health ministry in Tripoli said, without specifying whether civilians were among the dead.

On Saturday, Haftar’s self-styled Libyan National Army (LNA) reported 14 deaths among its fighters.

ANOTHER LINK IS BELOW. It looks almost as bad as the helicopters taking off from the roof of the Saigon Embassy in 1975.


US Forces Evacuate Tripoli As Fighting In Libyan Capital Heats Up

NATO is the source of World War Three 4-6-2019

History will show that the globalists perverted the North Atlantic Treaty Organization and turned it into an Imperial push for European domination. It was the total betrayal of Russia that has now led to the ongoing European chaos, in Eastern Europe, in the Baltics, in the Black Sea area we are dealing with today. Russia believed US promises that NATO would not move east and deploy combat forces directly on the Russian border. Instead, some 25 years later, Russia finds itself ringed in by NATO combat forces from the Baltic Sea, to the Black Sea. Russia faces NATO, and US combat forces in Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, and Romania among others. Further, Russia faces an OFFENSIVE FIRST STRIKE MISSILE SYSTEM DEPLOYED IN ROMANIA. AN OFFENSIVE MISSILE SYSTEM DESIGNED TO NEUTRALIZE RUSSIAN NUCLEAR MISSILES IN THE LAUNCH PHASE. Gee, I wonder why Russia is upset about that.

Further, the delusional Globalists have tried to push NATO all the way to Georgia and the Ukraine, with predictable results. It was inevitable, after the drunken and corrupt fool Yeltsin died, you would end up with a Russian nationalist leader like Putin. It was inevitable that Russia would respond with a resurgence of patriotism, nationalism, and military advances to this NATO Imperial push east. When you thrown in all the hysterical nonsense about Trump and Russia, which is all lies, you create the conditions that will lead to World War Three. Finally, Putin, who is also corrupt, but not incompetent, is responding to the US directly by aiding Venezuela, aiding other South American countries to resist what both China and Russia see as naked US Imperialism. Mark my words, it is this NATO aggression to the East that will result in a Russian military response.

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NATO At 70 Years Old… Time For The Zombie To Die

If NATO were a person, it would be five years past retirement age. In fact, as Ron Paul notes, NATO should have retired back in the early 1990s when its reason for existence – the Warsaw Pact – ceased to exist. Instead, new missions had to be created and new enemies had to be made to justify the massive behemoth that provides lush jobs for the well-connected and vast fortunes for the weapons makers. NATO must die and the sooner the better.

When the North Atlantic Treaty Organization was created 70 years ago in 1949 it was formed as a blatant military instrument for waging the Cold War, a war that the US, Britain and other European allies had newly embarked on. NATO’s public relations cant about “peace and security” is but Orwellian rhetoric.

But, as The Strategic Culture Foundation notes, the supposed allies of the Soviet Union hastily went from an ostensible joint purpose of defeating Nazi Germany during the Second World War to initiating hostility towards Moscow. Already in 1946, British war-time leader Winston Churchill was fulminating about “an Iron Curtain” descending across Europe, in language adapted from Third Reich propaganda maestro Joseph Goebbels. The ensuing Cold War would last for nearly half a century until the Soviet Union collapsed from its internal political and economic stresses.

NATO’s first secretary general, Britain’s Lord Ismay, was candid in the mission of the military alliance. Its objective, he said, was to, “Keep Russia out, the Americans in, and Germany down”.

Of course, Western propaganda always portrayed the Soviet Union as the “aggressor”, alleging that the so-called Red Menace had designs on conquering all of Europe. Not much has changed when one listens to Western contemporary claims of Russia being an aggressor. As in the past, present innuendo casting Moscow as a demonic force has a decidedly hollow quality, at least for those willing to be critical about Western state and media “information”.

Lord Ismay, perhaps unwittingly, let the cat out of the bag in his statement all those years ago. The purpose of NATO was to serve as a means of dividing and ruling over Europe for Washington and its always closely aligned, servile British partner.

If countering Soviet aggression was the real purpose of NATO, as officially claimed, then one must ask why is this organization still in existence – some 30 years after the alleged “evil communist empire” dissolved?

NATO is a military monster desperately in search of a purpose. The substitution of Russia as an enemy in place of the Soviet Union doesn’t quite hold the same propaganda cachet, but nonetheless that is why Moscow continues to be designated the official “enemy” – in order to justify the existence of NATO. The US-led military bloc needs enemies like a junkie needs a narcotic fix.

NATO’s real function is at least three-fold.

First, it gives the US an excuse to justify its enormous military presence in Europe. Instead of appearing as an occupying force, which it is, the Americans claim to be a protector of allies against malign Russia, or formerly the Soviet Union. This allows Washington to exert political control over its so-called European allies, and specifically to prevent any normalized relations with Russia. US vice president Mike Pence this week scolded Germany and fellow NATO member Turkey for daring to continue relations with Moscow, in the form of the Nord Stream 2 gas project and Ankara’s purchase of Russian S-400 air defense system. Pence inferred treasonous conduct on the part of Berlin and Ankara just because these two nominally independent countries have chosen to do business with Russia. Pence was thus demonstrating the classic NATO purpose of dividing Europe from Moscow.

A second function of NATO is to serve as an extension of the US military-industrial complex and, in turn, an important buttress for American corporate capitalism, which is totally dependent on military spending. When President Donald Trump castigates European allies, like Germany, for not spending enough on military and NATO, his real concern is for European nations to buy more American weaponry, such as the vastly over-priced and over-rated F-35 fighter jet. If NATO were to be disbanded – as it should from its obsolete objective purpose – then US capitalism would suffer a major withdrawal of European subsidy in the form of decreased weapons purchases.

The irony here is that Trump has previously denigrated NATO as obsolete. In his irascibility, he is more correct than he seems to realize. But Trump has – despite superficial griping – still continued to boost NATO for the purpose of hiking European military spending. What Trump means by “obsolete” is that the past financial tribute from the Europeans to the US militarized economy must henceforth be significantly increased. The outrageous demands by Trump are inciting tensions within NATO. At a time of massive civilian social needs across Europe being neglected due to “fiscal constraints”, the American ultimatums for more military spending are bound to be seen by the wider European populace as an intolerable dictate.

A third function of NATO for its American leadership is that it gives a pseudo legal cover of “multinationalism” to what would otherwise be seen as blatant US imperialist aggression all over the globe.

NATO forces have assisted US illegal wars in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, among other interventions. This by an organization that self-declares itself a bastion of security and peace.

It was 20 years ago that US-led forces under the cover of NATO bombed Serbia and its capital Belgrade. That marked a watershed assault on international law, and the unleashing of US global violence with impunity.

Washington could not carry out its aggression without the political and legal cover of NATO. Jens Stoltenberg, the present NATO secretary general, was in Washington this week calling for more aggression towards Russia. The Norwegian figurehead is a shameless warmonger who is violating the UN Charter for the sake of feathering his career as an American puppet.

It is all the more disturbing that this week in Washington, foreign ministers of the 30 member states belonging to NATO deferred to the US calls for naval forces to be deployed to the Black Sea “in defense” of Ukraine and Georgia from “Russian aggression”. These two countries have done everything possible to provoke Russia. They are cat’s paws for their NATO master, and are reckless enough to instigate a full-on war. Washington and its NATO minions have the audacity, or intelligence deficit, to call such an explosive situation as “defense” against Russia.

NATO, or rather the US, is giving itself a green light to mount even more aggression against Russia than it already has done over the past 30 years. In that period, NATO membership has almost doubled with the result that the military bloc is now on Russia’s border – and at the same time claiming with Orwellian double-think that it is defending Europe from Russian aggression. As Russian wit would have it: Russia has had the temerity to move its border towards NATO offensive forces.

Global security and peace is too serious for jokes. The maintenance of NATO, with its original aggressive objective against Moscow still intact, is a grotesque joke. A joke sickeningly played on the people of Europe who could benefit greatly from halting the squandering of billions of dollars each year on military budgets. NATO’s gratuitous belligerence towards Russia – based on trumped-up, ridiculous propaganda – is an obscenity. This organization is a dinosaur that somehow outlived its Cold War environment because those powers who control it from Washington and London want it to live on for their own selfish, ideological, economic reasons.

Portland, Oregon continues descent into Liberal Anarchy; Police Collapse into Keystone Cop status. 4-4-2019

The ongoing collapse of all four major cities on the US West Coast; namely, Seattle, Portland, San Francisco, and Los Angeles continues to gather steam. Major US cities are now defacto third world cesspools/ #%%%holes, and I see no indication the Marxist local officials have a clue what to do about that sad state of affairs. For one thing, the Marxist officials would have to admit that both Marxist and Liberalism are psychological disorders that result in the total collapse of urban life. They will only do that if they have to, and since the Marxist voters in those cities have shown no will to vote them out, I think nothing will change, at least in the near future. At any rate, the link below indicates the near total implosion of the once proud Portland Police Department. They have been gutted by Mayor Wheeler, who has essentially sided with the Antifa anarchists, and allowed them to unleash a tidal wave of violence, crime and chaos citywide. The link below indicates it is nearly impossible to recruit for the PPD. It also indicates just how few people are qualified to be a Portland Police officer, assuming they even want to.


Portland Crisis: With 120 Vacancies, Only 3 Out Of 60 Applicants Pass Police Background Check

Last month TGP reported that internal politics and a pro-antifa attitude inside the Portland Police Bureau leadership and city hall has led to an exodus of officers leaving the bureau, either retiring early or going to work for other agencies in the area. With 120 job openings, reports are now coming out that would-be new hires are failing pass the introductory background check. Bigly.


KOIN News reports:

The assistant chief told the City Commissioners that out of more than 60 people who applied for public safety specialist jobs, only 3 passed background checks. The biggest reasons for their disqualification is past drug use or dishonesty in their application.

Police applicants who have used marijuana in the past year don’t pass a PPB background check because marijuana remains illegal under federal law.

With so many vacancies in the PPB, some City Council members wondered if there should be fewer supervisors and more patrol officers.

“Is there a way to reconfigure your workforce to have more officers on the street rather than in supervisor or specialty units?” Commissioner Jo Ann Hardesty asked.

“I’m sure there is a way to flatten the hierarchy,” Outlaw said. “But the issue with that is to maintain accountability and chain of command.”

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