One of the signs of a collapsing social order is when the central government fails to, or is unable to, control its borders. Once that happens, the native citizens are overwhelmed by the hordes of disease ridden, low skill, illegal immigrants who don’t speak English, have no intention of assimilating into modern American culture, and have an open contempt for America. We have now reached that point, due to the policies of the Marxist Democrats, the policies of the corporate Republicans, where the southern US border is now totally out of control, with the US government overwhelmed. If this was all there was to the story, then it would be game over.

Fortunately, the US is unique in the history of humanity in being able to deal with this border crisis. Despite efforts, which I will openly call treason, by the Marxist Democrats, and their RINO corporate lackeys, to destroy America from within, we starting to see the American people’s direct response to this treason. It is a fact that the men who wrote our US Constitution clearly saw a time would come when the people, not the government, would have to take direct action to preserve the American Republic. This is why they wrote the Second Amendment, and armed the common people. Granted, the globalists, their Marxist Democratic Party allies, the fake news media, and the educational system are virulently obsessed with disarming the common people. History has shown tyrants, of all ideologies, are terrified at the prospect of armed peasants. They should be. In fact, I believe the story below, follow the link, is the first sign of an active popular response to the total failure of the system to deal with this invasion by  illegal immigrants. The basic idea is ‘if “the powers that be” won’t deal with the border crisis, then the people will do it.”

The use of the term “armed militia,” is critical to understanding Patriots have now given up on Trump dealing with the crisis. Trump, for all his bluster, has actually done very little in terms of dealing with the invading hordes. Trump talks a good talk, but he still refuses to walk the walk. Catch and release is alive and well under Trump. The physical building of a “border wall,” is a farce, again despite Trump’s public statements. Finally, while Trump could be doing a whole bunch of things in relation to enhancing border security, he has chosen to take little direct action.

The result is the “armed militias,” have decided to take matters into their own hands and engage in direct support of the overwhelmed border patrol agents. Further, the mere fact that armed patriots are now detaining invading illegals, means the entire border security debate has just gone to the next level. What will happen if/when the illegals, many of whom are armed drug cartel members, or M-13 gang members, or armed Militant Islamic terrorists shoot back? What will happen if the Marxist Democrats try to deploy Federal troops to engage the armed militias to protect the invading illegals? What will happen, if the border patrol agents are ordered to confiscate the arms of the militias? What will happen if the armed militias then not only refuse to be disarmed, but directly engage any government agency that is seeking to disarm them, or prevent them from detaining illegal immigrants? Yep, the situation is that serious, gang.

Armed Militia Rounding Up Migrants At Southern Border

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A New Mexico militia operating along the border with Mexico has been stopping groups of migrants who have illegally entered the country, holding them at gunpoint, and then handing them over to Border Patrol agents, according to the New York Times.

nown as The United Constitutional Patriots, the group has long operated along the southern US border, attempting to stem the flood of undocumented migrants entering the country. According to KVIA, the group rounded up more than 350 people this week who had crossed the border in West El Paso, Texas – one town over from Sunland Park, New Mexico. The US Border Patrol has not confirmed the exact number.

In YouTube videos uploaded on Tuesday and Wednesday, groups of migrants – many of them coughing – can be seen sitting on the ground until Border Patrol officers arrive on scene.

A message posted on the United Constitutional Patriots’ page after the migrants were detained Monday night stated:  “This group was so huge we won’t have an accurate count until the BP is finished processing them. This needs to stop!!!!! Build the wall.”

The video shows Border Patrol agents as they apprehend members of the group of migrants that crossed into the U.S.  Some of the migrants seen in the video are overheard coughing and asking for water. When asked why they entered the US, some of the migrants said they are seeking asylum. –KVIA

This country was built on three things: God, guns and guts. That American flag has to keep flying,” UCP Commander John Horton told KVIA, adding “It’s in danger, a lot of danger right now.”

According to the Times, the militia’s operations have predictably upset rights groups such as the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) – which denounced the group in a Thursday letter asking New Mexico’s governor and attorney general to investigate the group. The militia has no legal authority under New Mexico or federal law to detain or arrest migrants who have entered the United States, according to the letter.

“We cannot allow racist and armed vigilantes to kidnap and detain people seeking asylum,” said ACLU lawyers María Martínez Sánchez and Kirsten Greer Love in the letter.

New Mexico Attorney General Hector Balderas said in a statement “These individuals should not attempt to exercise authority reserved for law enforcement.”

UCP spokesman Jim Benvie disagrees – telling the Times over the phone that his group had been camped near El Paso for the past two months, and compared the militia’s actions to “a verbal citizen’s arrest.”

We’re just here to support the Border Patrol and show the public the reality of the border,” said the 43-year-old Benvie, who recently moved to New Mexico from Minnesota. He added that the organization plans to remain on the border until President Trump’s proposed border wall is built, or Congress changes immigration laws so that it’s harder for migrants to request asylum. 

Militias have recently stepped up their activities in New Mexico and other states as the authorities scramble to respond to a surge in families from Central America, with total apprehensions on the border reaching more than 92,000 in March. Elsewhere on the border, the mayor of Yuma, Ariz., declared an emergency this week as the city sought federal and state assistance to deal with migrant arrivals.

Mr. Benvie, the spokesman for the United Constitutional Patriots, declined to specify how many of its members were in Sunland Park, a city in New Mexico about nine miles west of El Paso. He said the group included people with military or law enforcement experience. –New York Times


  1. Currently there are hundreds of thousands of American retirees living south of the border, who are undocumented and do not speak Spanish. Who knows what they are doing there or what suspicious activities they are engaged in. I suggest Mexico builds the wall to keep the current flow of illegal white skins crossing their borders and make America pay for the wall.


  2. Oh, yes, they do have a right to do what they are doing. Our country is being invaded by foreign troops disguised as migrants.


  3. If you don’t shoot them(kill them) and you turn them over to border patrol you have accomplished NOTHING. You kill them and leave the bodies and allow one to return back to Mexico to tell the rest not to come.




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