Weather chaos continues unabated. 3-17-2019

I don’t believe in so called “climate change,” or “global warming,” but I do think both climate and weather are now being impacted by the Grand Solar Minimum we are starting to experience. I also think that as the sun cools, and this is what is really driving our extreme cold weather we have been experiencing, we will start to see direct impacts on food production among other things. The US Midwest, Minnesota in particular, are now seeing the kind of extreme weather events history tells us happen during Grand Solar Minimums. The link is below.

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Stunning video shows snow and swirling frozen fog completely engulf Minnesota roads after ‘bomb cyclone’ storm while huge sheets of ice are seen crashing down Iowa dam

  • Dramatic video shows Minnesota road covered in snow, ice, and fog after bomb cyclone ravaged Great Lakes region
  • Video also shows large chunks and sheets of ice bear down on a dam in Iowa
  • Thousands in the Midwest were being evacuated on Saturday as a result of the huge winter storm 
  • Nebraska, South Dakota, Iowa and Minnesota saw dangerously high water levels on Saturday
  • At least one person was killed and two others were reported missing in Nebraska 

Next, I will post a Youtube link for Oppenheimer Ranch Project, which has been doing a stellar job of explaining exactly what is happening, and why it is happening. The video link is below. I file this under the “Ignorance is not bliss,” file. I believe in taking reasonable and prudent steps to prepare for any type of disaster. Unfortunately, the level of preparation needed to prepare for a Grand Solar Minimum, which is likely to last for decades, is beyond most of us. I still want my blog readers prepared for what is coming.


When people ask me what I think will be the trigger event that will finally uncover how corrupt things really are, I tell them it will be when people finally understand the systemic abuse of children by the powers that be. The powers that be have made every effort to suppress that knowledge, and with good reason. The powers that be understand that what the ancient Chinese called “The Mandate of Heaven,” will be shattered. Once that happens the entire foundation of their authority and power vanishes into the ether. I think that process is well underway. What has been called the Fourth Turning is underway, and the curtain is being pulled back to show the evil people truly running this planet. The link is below.

Highest Levels of British Government Investigated Over Child Abuse Claims

By John Smithies, Epoch Times
March 11, 2019 Updated: March 11, 2019

LONDON—The highest levels of the British political establishment are being examined due to allegations that they failed to protect children from sexual abuse.

From March 4 through 29, the Independent Inquiry into Child Sexual Abuse (IICSA) is hearing evidence involving lawmakers and high-ranking police, and whether they covered up pedophilia at the heart of the British government.

In his opening statement, lead council Brian Altman said the inquiry would investigate “whether Westminster institutions have failed—and, indeed, whether they are still failing—to protect children.

“Questions have been asked as to how Westminster institutions—be they political parties, government departments, law enforcement, or intelligence agencies—have responded to allegations of child sexual abuse and exploitation,” he said.

Altman added that the panel would examine “whether there was a culture whereby people of public prominence were shielded from investigation and their wrongdoing tolerated at the expense of their victims.”

Next, we have a story I have been following for quite some time now. It is a prime example of the kind of legal firepower the elite can bring to bear in order to crush any effort to expose their sexual perversions. I have been praying for quite some time for all of this Epstein stuff to be exposed, and it looks like the dam is breaking. The link is below.

A federal court of appeals in New York on Monday took the first step in unsealing documents that could reveal evidence of an international sex trafficking operation allegedly run by multimillionaire Jeffrey Epstein and his former partner, British socialite Ghislaine Maxwell.

The three-judge panel for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit gave the parties until March 19 to establish good cause as to why they should remain sealed and, failing to do so, the summary judgment and supporting documents will be made public. The court reserved a ruling on the balance of the documents in the civil case, including discovery materials.

“We’re grateful that the court ruled the summary judgment papers are open and they are moving to expedite having them unsealed,’’ said Sanford Bohrer, the attorney representing the Miami Herald, which filed the motion last year to have the entire case file opened. The Herald’s appeal is supported by 32 other media companies, including the New York Times and Washington Post.

The case, which was settled in 2017, contains more than 1,000 documents, lawyers said during oral arguments in New York on Wednesday. Maxwell is the sole party fighting to keep the case sealed.

Most of the documents, including court orders and motions, were filed under seal or heavily redacted, similar to other cases in New York and Florida involving Epstein, a wealthy, politically connected money manager. Epstein, 66, was not a party to the lawsuit, which was filed against Maxwell in 2015 by Virginia Roberts Giuffre.

Giuffre claimed in the lawsuit that she was recruited by Maxwell at Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump’s resort in Palm Beach, when she was 16 years old. Giuffre had been working at the resort’s spa when Maxwell approached her and asked her whether she wanted to become a masseuse for Epstein. Giuffre claimed that the massages were a ruse for Epstein and Maxwell to sexually abuse her and other underage girls, some of whom were trafficked to other influential people, from 1999 to 2002.

Maxwell settled the case before trial, resulting in several millions paid to Giuffre, sources have told the Herald. Maxwell, now an environmentalist, has denied all the allegations. Epstein’s attorney, Martin G. Weinberg, has not responded to emails and calls made by the Herald seeking comment.


I guess I should not be surprised that the Ides of March, Year of Our Lord, 2019 has seen a tidal wave of violence unleashed on our long suffering planet. Appalled, yes, but not surprised. The first link below indicates that yet again, and what a surprise this is, Israel and Hamas are going after each other with little restraint.

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The link is below.


BREAKING NEWS 4:00 PM EDT — Missiles have been fired at Tel Aviv, Israel. Air raid sirens are sounding throughout the city.

“RED ALERT” Sirens sounding in areas shown on map below:

Public Bomb Shelters have been opened.

Iron Dome interceptors have been fired and engaged over the city itself.

Loud explosions heard.

Next, we have Trump saying the obvious. The obvious being that many of us have a hard limit to how much Marxist drivel, venom and hate filled rantings and ravings by the lunatic fringe of the Marxist Democrat Party we endure before engaging in the kind of response they won’t like. The link is here.

Trump issues an ominous warning during an interview that he has the ‘support of the police, the military and Bikers for Trump’ who are ‘tough people’ that will stay calm to a ‘certain point’, but ‘then it would be very bad’

  • Trump made the remarks in an interview with Breitbart News on Thursday
  • Was lamenting that Democrats are more ‘vicious’ and ‘tougher’ than the GOP
  • Said he has the support of military, police and Bikers for Trump
  • Warned things could get ‘very bad’ if things go beyond a ‘certain point’
  • Remarks were in the context of investigations launched by House Democrats 


The weather in the USA is resulting in mass chaos, travel issues, and several deaths over a large chunk of our country. The links are below.

Historic blizzard blasts 100-mph winds across central US, turns deadly

By Chaffin Mitchell, AccuWeather staff writer
By Brian Lada, AccuWeather meteorologist and staff writer

A monster winter storm that slammed the Rockies and central Plains contributed to the deaths of a Colorado State Patrol corporal and a Texas lineman on Wednesday, officials report.

The ‘bomb cyclone’ packed blizzard conditions, hurricane-force wind gusts, and hazardous travel.

The storm turned deadly when a Colorado State Patrol corporal was struck and killed by a vehicle while he was outside helping a car that slid off of Interstate 76 in Weld County, Colorado.

A Volvo lost control and ran into Corporal Daniel Groves, 52. Corporal Groves, a veteran of nearly 12 years for the State Patrol, was taken to a hospital where he was pronounced dead.

Colorado Gov. Jared Polis said on Twitter that Groves will be remembered as a hero.

Xcel Energy confirmed the death of a lineman during the wind storm recovery efforts near Hereford, Texas, local Texas news station KCBD reports.

Another link is here.

Colorado National Guard Braves Bomb Cyclone Ulmer to Rescue Hundreds of Stranded Motorists

By Ron Brackett and Pam Wright

2 hours ago

  • Winter Storm Ulmer continued to hammer the Upper Midwest on Thursday.
  • Two deaths have been attributed to the storm.
  • The National Guard was asked to help more than 1,000 stranded drivers on Colorado highways.
  • Hundreds of miles of interstates were closed in Nebraska, Wyoming, Colorado, Kansas, South and North Dakota.
  • Denver International Airport canceled more than 600 flights on Thursday

The Colorado National Guard braved 90-plus mph wind gusts and whiteout conditions in vehicles with tank-like tracks to rescue hundreds of motorists stranded on paralyzed roadways across the state.

Dozens of the stranded drivers had been rescued, the Colorado National Guard reported.

On a lighter note, and God knows I need a break from this tidal wave of doom now overwhelming our world, we see a baby elephant strutting his stuff. The link is below. The video is priceless!

Play with me! Curious elephant calf enchants safari group by coming up for a closer look and rolling around in the sand in front of their truck

  • Video filmed from a safari truck in Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa
  • Elephant seems to want attention from group of watching tourists
  • It then picks up a stick in the road before following its mother and two others

This is the cute moment that a playful baby elephant runs up to a group of tourists on a safari tour, before it drops down and rolls in the sand.

In the video, which is filmed from a truck in the Sabi Sands Game Reserve, South Africa, the elephant appears to want attention as it runs at the group, stops and then makes another mini charge.

It then drags itself backwards and runs at them yet again, with its feet making lines in the dirt road.

Finally, well I am retired now, and do have three e-books for sale on Amazon. The link is below.

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Venezuela in chaos, US economy tanking 3-13-2019

The situation in Venezuela continues the long slide into chaos that all Socialist system eventually result in. I am not surprised, but I am appalled at the near total collapse of civilization happening there. I also have no idea if the US intends to invade Venezuela. If we actually do invade, well the results will not be good. At any rate, the link below gives a better picture of the ongoing anarchy now seething on the streets and towns of Venezuela.

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The link is below.

Venezuela in Complete Societal Collapse; Widespread Looting, Armed People attacking neighbors to get food . . .”We’re Going to Start EATING EACH OTHER!”

The country of Venezuela is in complete societal collapse after 119 hours without electricity in most of the country.

Below are bullet points of information coming out of Venezuela.  They need no context for the situation to be clearly understood:











Looting and spontaneous protests. Desperate patients begging doctors to be kept alive. Residents bracing for wider attacks on markets and restaurants after the sun goes down.

On Thursday, the San Geronimo B substation in the center of the country, which supplies electricity to four out of five Venezuelans from the massive Guri hydropower plant, went down.

The government said the blackout was caused by an unspecified fault at Guri, which provides 80 percent of the country’s electricity. No date has been set to restart the plant and most workers were told to stay home on Monday, said two of the substation’s workers and a manager at the national power monopoly, Corpoelec.


Aftermath of transformer explosion/fire in south Caracas:

Next, we have the sustained, ongoing economic collapse of the USA. Despite the best efforts of the whore press, the political, economic and cultural elites, it is now clear, at least to me, the US economy is reaching critical mass. The main reason, although not the only one, is the crushing level of debt: corporate debt, consumer debt, and government debt. The debt will NEVER BE PAID OFF. It is only a matter of time before all levels of government in the USA, Federal, state, city and county lose the ability to issue new debt. Once that happens it is game over. When the USA really has to live on actual tax revenue, and not just issue new debt, the results will be catastrophic. The link is here.

12 Statistics That Prove That The U.S. Is Facing A Consumer Debt Apocalypse

In the entire history of the United States, consumers have never been in so much debt.  And that would not be a crisis as long as the vast majority of us were regularly making our debt payments, but as you will see below delinquency levels are starting to rise to extremely alarming levels.  In fact, some of the numbers that are coming in are even worse than we witnessed at any point during the last recession.  If things are this bad already, what are they going to look like once the economy really gets bad?  Because even though it appears that we are heading into a new recession, according to the Federal Reserve it has not officially begun yet.  That means that much worse is yet to come.  Just like last time, millions of Americans will likely lose their jobs, and without an income most of those that suddenly find themselves unemployed will not be able to pay their bills.  The stage is set for the largest tsunami of consumer debt defaults that this country has ever seen, and that will absolutely devastate major financial institutions all across America.

If you think that I am exaggerating even a little bit, please read over the following list very carefully.  The following are 12 statistics that prove that the U.S. is facing a consumer debt apocalypse…

#1 Total consumer debt in the United States just surpassed the 4 trillion dollar mark.  That has never happened before in all of U.S. history.

#2 When you throw in mortgages and all other kinds of individual debt, U.S. consumers are now 13.5 trillion dollars in debt.

#3 A whopping 480 million credit cards are in circulation in this country.  That number has shot up by nearly 13 percent since 2015.

#4 U.S. consumers are carrying 870 billion dollars worth of balances on their credit cards right now.

#5 56 percent of Americans that currently have credit card balances have been carrying them for more than a year.

#6 The number of “seriously delinquent”credit card accounts in the U.S. has shot up to 37 million.

#7 Americans now owe a total of 1.3 trillion dollars on their auto loans.

#8 At this moment, more than 7 million Americans are delinquent on their auto loan payments.  The figure has already surpassed what we witnessed during the peak of the last recession by about a million.

#9 The total amount of student loan debt in the United States has reached the 1.5 trillion dollar mark.  Over the last 10 years, that number has more than doubled.

#10 Right now, more than 166 billion dollars in student loan debt is considered to be “seriously delinquent”.

#11 Millennials are now more than a trillion dollars in debt.  No generation of Americans has ever been deeper in debt at this stage in life.

#12 One recent survey found that 78 percent of Americans “are living paycheck to paycheck”.  Suffocating debt levels are a big reason why that figure is so incredibly high.

Since so many Americans are living paycheck to paycheck, that means that there is very little room for error.  During the last recession, large numbers of Americans immediately began getting behind on their bills once they were laid off, and we saw mortgage defaults rise to unprecedented levels.  Sadly, we haven’t learned from our past mistakes, and millions upon millions of Americans will find themselves drowning in an ocean of red ink once again during this next recession.

But even if you are not living paycheck to paycheck, carrying credit card balances is a very unwise thing to do.

Most Americans don’t realize that if you only make the minimum payment on a credit card every month, you can end up paying more in interest than you did for the original purchases.  The following comes from USA Today

If a credit-card borrower only made the minimum payments on $5,000 of debt, for example, they’d be in debt for more than 18 years and would end up paying $6,372 in interest based on national average interest rates, according to Ted Rossman, industry analyst for

If you keep playing this game, I promise you that you will never get rich.  Instead, the only people that will be getting wealthy will be the people that are receiving your debt payments.

Credit card debt is one of my pet peeves.  One of the best financial moves that anyone can make is to get out of credit card debt and never look back.

And that is particularly important at this juncture because the economy is really starting to slow down.  Compared to last year, U.S. job cut announcements were up 117 percent in February.

We haven’t seen anything like that since the last financial crisis.

At this point, even mainstream economists are openly admitting what is coming.  Mark Zandi, the chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, sounded downright gloomy in his most recent article…

The economy is throttling back. Way back. That’s the message in the near stall out of job growth last month. Job creation probably isn’t as bad as February’s disappointing numbers suggest — unusually poor weather played a role in limiting job growth to just 20,000 — but it is weaker than just a few months ago. Businesses are nervous, and sentiment is at risk of breaking if anything goes wrong.

And plenty could go wrong. A recession could materialize swiftly if businesses lose faith, and there is a good chance they will.

And when the next recession strikes, things are going to get very, very rough for U.S. consumers.

A consumer debt apocalypse is coming, and it is going to be incredibly painful.


I have long thought that what is called the spirit reveals itself in the flesh, and what is called the supernatural leaks into the natural. In fact, I think you can see shadows of the supernatural in many common “real time,” events. Further, I think that these “spiritual overhangs,” truly are the precursor phase of actual events, that eventually happen in the real world. Hence, when I see a story like the one below, well to me it is a precursor event to the judgment of Los Angeles, or the City of Angels, for being a toxic cesspool of all types of corruption, sexual perversion, especially the wide spread child abuse endemic to Hollyweird, as well as the ongoing political corruption, infanticide and assorted vile acts too many to list.

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The link below is to this exact kind of precursor event I mentioned above.

It wasn’t the sound of firecrackers. It was the sound of a tree dying.

“We saw the lanterns attached to the tree start to go,” said Teena Apeles, whose daughter’s troupe was waiting to perform at the March 2 festival. “We knew something was wrong.”

The tree seemed to fall in slow motion, the swoop of its descent dramatized by the red paper lanterns strung from its branches, Apeles said.

And with that, the four Moreton Bay figs that have towered for more than 140 years over the cradle of Los Angeles were three.

Since 1875, the trees had formed a kind of compass circling El Pueblo de Los Angeles, the brick plaza where the city was founded.

Next, the symbolism of a pagan dance happening, in a Chinese Dragon dance is also clear to me. The link to why I think this is the case is below.

Mark 11:12-25 New International Version (NIV)

Jesus Curses a Fig Tree and Clears the Temple Courts

12 The next day as they were leaving Bethany, Jesus was hungry. 13 Seeing in the distance a fig tree in leaf, he went to find out if it had any fruit. When he reached it, he found nothing but leaves, because it was not the season for figs.

14 Then he said to the tree, “May no one ever eat fruit from you again.” And his disciples heard him say it.

15 On reaching Jerusalem, Jesus entered the temple courts and began driving out those who were buying and selling there. He overturned the tables of the money changers and the benches of those selling doves, 16 and would not allow anyone to carry merchandise through the temple courts. 17 And as he taught them, he said, “Is it not written: ‘My house will be called a house of prayer for all nations’[a]? But you have made it ‘a den of robbers.’[b]

18 The chief priests and the teachers of the law heard this and began looking for a way to kill him, for they feared him, because the whole crowd was amazed at his teaching.

19 When evening came, Jesus and his disciples[c] went out of the city.

20 In the morning, as they went along, they saw the fig tree withered from the roots. 21 Peter remembered and said to Jesus, “Rabbi, look! The fig tree you cursed has withered!”

22 “Have faith in God,” Jesus answered. 23 “Truly[d] I tell you, if anyone says to this mountain, ‘Go, throw yourself into the sea,’ and does not doubt in their heart but believes that what they say will happen, it will be done for them. 24 Therefore I tell you, whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours. 25 And when you stand praying, if you hold anything against anyone, forgive them, so that your Father in heaven may forgive you your sins.”

What I am saying, is that in the context of Jesus’s withering of the fig tree, followed by the cleansing of the temple, I can only view the withering of the modern Los Angeles fig tree in the same context. Los Angles is now under judgment, ie the wrath of God, IRIS DEI. Sneer all you want, but I read the signs of the time, look at what the symbolism of the fig tree was for Jesus and conclude Los Angeles time is up. Exactly what form, or when this judgment will happen is something I don’t know. Finally, I may write a blog about what Jesus meant when he said you can’t know the hour of judgment. At any rate, assuming there are any Christians left in LA, they should be on their face before God, and begging for mercy at this point.

The death of the rule of law in the USA 3-11-2019

First, today is the 8th anniversary of the ELE, extinction level event, known as Fukushima. You can go back and read my posts about it. Second, while the collapse of the rule of law here in the USA, isn’t the kind of immediate we are all dead moment, in the long term it is as lethal to political civilization as the toxic radiation from Fukushima. Despite Trump’s famous “lock her up,”mantra, the Clinton Crime Cabal, our sexual predator Bill, and his truly evil Hellary the Shrew, or the modern Jezabell, is still smirking at us. The link is below. It is a multi part story, since the Clinton Crime Cabal is truly a vast conspiracy, on many fronts, and engaged in many, many criminal felonies.

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This Clinton Foundation Scandal Is Larger than Uranium One – Covered Up by FBI/DOJ Before 2016 Election – Part IX

A 2016 DOJ criminal investigation was suppressed and buried by the DOJ/FBI that involved a major NY Democratic power broker and the Clintons and the Clinton Foundation.

The investigation revolved around the illegal sale of controlled US Homeland Security technology to Russia and China in the years before the 2016 election by a company named AGT International.

The DOJ terminated its internal investigation in 2016 despite clear and irrefutable evidence of criminal activity and hid it from the public!

In Part I of our series we discussed the Clinton Foundation and the donations to the Foundation from the COB (Martin L. Edelman) and CEO (Mati Kochavi) of AGT International as well as from Sheikhs in the UAE. These donations in the millions of dollars were for favors from the Clintons, in return the Clintons helped promote AGT International.

In Part II of our series we discussed the illegal actions that AGT International took to generate revenues around the globe. Highly sensitive US defense technology and ITAR controlled products were provided and sold to China, Russia and other countries in the name of sales growth. These actions were beyond criminal, they were treasonous.

In a rare bit of good news related to our POTUS, “the Donald,” we see that Mitch the Bitch, a swamp creature of staggering swampiness, got off of his RINO rear end and had some more Trump judges actually confirmed, not nominated and then left to rot for months, but actually voted on. The link is here

Senate Confirms High-Priority Trump Judges Without Any Democrat Support

WASHINGTON, DC – Senators confirmed three high-priority Trump judges to the federal appeals courts last week without a single Democrat voting for any of them, with one of those new judges replacing an irreplaceable conservative judicial icon, Judge Alice Batchelder.

The Senate confirmed Allison Jones Rushing on March 6 as a judge on the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit, which covers five states in the middle of the Eastern Seaboard. The vote was 53-44. At age 37, Judge Rushing is the youngest appellate judge appointed by President Donald Trump. A partner at powerhouse law firm Williams & Connelly, Rushing is an Evangelical Christian – a group that is underrepresented on the federal appeals bench – and a former law clerk both to Justice Neil Gorsuch (when he served on the Tenth Circuit appeals court) and Justice Clarence Thomas.

The other two confirmations were for the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit, which covers Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee. With them, President Trump has appointed six of the 16 seats on that court, the single largest impact on any federal court to date measured either by absolute numbers or by percentages.




Homeland Security Extends Protection for still more illegals. 3-10-2019

I guess when Trump goes to the dark side on illegal immigration, he rolls all the dice. I’m not sure how Trump explains away protecting even more illegals, this time from South Sudan. The fact this protection was going to be temporary doesn’t matter. I don’t see how a temporary immigration status can last from 2011, nearly eight years ago. Sheesh, Trump isn’t even trying to hide his betrayal now.

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The link is here.

DHS Secretary Nielsen Extends ‘Temporary’ Amnesty for South Sudanese

Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen extended a temporary amnesty status for nationals from South Sudan a week after announcing a similar move for Sudanese, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and El Salvadorans living in the United States.

On Friday, Nielsen announced that she would extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for about 84 South Sudanese nationals living in the U.S. through November 2020. Despite the TPS program being designed to be temporary, eligible South Sudanese nationals have enjoyed amnesty in the U.S. since November 2011.

Nielsen’s extension of TPS for South Sudan comes just a week after the Homeland Security secretary announced that she would extend TPS for more than 300,000 Sudanese, Haitians, Nicaraguans, and El Salvadoran nationals living in the United States.

Next, Trump is again on one of his patented “tweet storms.” This time he is going after Ann Coulter for calling him out on his immigration sell out. Trump doesn’t like it when he is held accountable for his illegal immigration flip flops. The link is here.

Donald Trump: Ann Coulter ‘Wacky Nut Job’ for Border Wall Criticism

President Donald Trump on Saturday referred to prominent conservative author Ann Coulter as a “Wacky Nut Job” following months of criticism she has directed at him regarding the lack of progress building a U.S.-Mexico border wall.

“Wacky Nut Job @AnnCoulter, who still hasn’t figured out that, despite all odds and an entire Democrat Party of Far Left Radicals against me (not to mention certain Republicans who are sadly unwilling to fight), I am winning on the Border,” the president tweeted.

President Trump wrote in a second tweet: “….and renovated, with MUCH MORE to follow shortly. Tens of thousands of illegals are being apprehended (captured) at the Border and NOT allowed into our Country. With another President, millions would be pouring in. I am stopping an invasion as the Wall gets built.”

Coulter, author of the New York Times best-selling book In Trump We Trust: E Pluribus Awesome, has emerged as one of President Trump’s most vocal critics over his border security policies, and she objected loudly in February to a bi-partisan agreement to appropriate nearly $1.4 billion toward border security measures as part of a funding deal to avert a second partial government shutdown. Upon announcing the agreement, the president pledged to declare a national emergency to obtain billions more in funding to build portions of the Southern barrier.

In response to the move, Coulter told KABC Radio in Los Angeles: “The only national emergency is that our president is an idiot.”

“This is the worst open borders the country has ever had under the president who ran against open borders,” she added.

During a Rose Garden press conference on the agreement, President Trump was asked whether his policy decisions were influenced by conservative media figures’ opinions.

On Coulter, the president said he hardly knew her, despite having had her introduce him at a rally in Dubuque, Iowa.

“Ann Coulter, I hardly know her,” the president said. “The press loved saying ‘Ann Coulter.’ She is probably really nice. I just don’t have the time to speak to her.”

In an interview on iriusXM’s Breitbart News Daily this week, Coulter detailed to host Alex Marlow how then-President-elect Trump personally intervened to have her unbanned from the Fox News Channel.


I think there are times, to misquote Shakespeare, when the tides impact the entire human species. I believe Fukushima is one such tide, a roaring, raging tide of disaster that can’t be ignored any longer. This poster has a lot of very good info for you to read. Like many of you, I am feeling overwhelmed at the surging tide of chaos now unleashed here on Planet Earth. Still, I also think that ignorance is not bliss, and it is better to informed than not. Of course, I have no idea of what to do about Fukushima, nor do I have any solution to the ELE now unfolding planet wide. Enjoy the day. Carp deim, indeed.

The link is here.

  • Recently it has become rather annoying to try to research almost any topic without repeatedly tripping over the letters E-L-E. From Nibiru to Yellowstone, this term has been getting thrown around a lot, sometimes as irresponsibly as the impending doom scenario being described, which often times hasn’t even happened yet. Generally, I like to stick with the doom that has already occurred, rather than worry about things that haven’t. So what exactly is an ELE? Wayward planets, supervolcanos, and scary comets aside, in the case of the Fukushima Accident – 3 nuclear meltdowns which have gone China Syndrome and have never been contained – is this term really being used correctly? Extinctioj flood

    An ELE is a BIG DEAL. So when laying down the ELE-card it is important to understand exactly what an ELE is, and how it changes the game. By definition:

    An Extinction Level Event (also known as a mass extinction or biotic crisis) is a widespread and rapid decrease in the amount of life on earth. Such an event is identified by a sharp change in the diversity and abundance of macroscopic life. It occurs when the rate of extinction increases with respect to the rate of speciation. Because the majority of diversity and biomass on Earth is microbial, and thus difficult to measure, recorded extinction events affect the easily observed, biologically complex component of the biosphere rather than the total diversity and abundance of life.

    Extinction_intensity.svgOver 98% of documented species are now extinct, but extinction occurs at an uneven rate. Based on the fossil record, the background rate of extinctions on Earth is about two to five taxonomic families of marine invertebrates and vertebrates every million years. Marine fossils are mostly used to measure extinction rates because of their superior fossil record and stratigraphic range compared to land organisms.

    Since life began on Earth, several major mass extinctions have significantly exceeded the background extinction rate. The most recent, the Cretaceous–Paleogene extinction event, which occurred approximately 66 million years ago (Ma), was a large-scale mass extinction of animal and plant species in a geologically short period of time. In the past 540 million years there have been five major events when over 50% of animal species died. Mass extinctions seem to be a Phanerozoic phenomenon, with extinction rates low before large complex organisms arose.

    Estimates of the number of major mass extinctions in the last 540 million years range fromExtinction as few as five to more than twenty. These differences stem from the threshold chosen for describing an extinction event as “major”, and the data chosen to measure past diversity.

    Recently I began my new hosting gig at Wide Awake News on the Rense Radio Network, so I figured we would get the hard stuff out of the way and tackle this term for the first show. After all, if people are going to toss these 3 little letters around, then they better know what they actually mean. Personally, I find it better to err on the side of caution, as failed ELE’s tend to lead to failed credibility. The show is posted below in 3 segments. One thing I am fairly certain of, is that the only way we have any hope in ever ‘fixing’ anything about the Fukushima Accident is if we KEEP TALKING ABOUT IT. I don’t mean talking as in “liking” and posting stuff on Facebook, but having real conversations with real people, and in real-time. As silly as that sounds, and as connected as we are today because of things like Twitter, at the same time we are actually strangely disconnected from other things like face-to-face conversations, or even good old-fashioned phone calls. Not that the internet and social media hasn’t expanded our reach and knowledge exponentially, that is true. But making a post, composing a tweet, or watching a YouTube video is no replacement for having a real conversation about a topic as important as this one. In doing so, the camaraderie that results can be helpful emotionally, and that feeling of being lost and alone, wading through a nuclear swamp, becomes much more bearable. Many are just now learning about this catastrophe, as one caller named Elizabeth admitted during the show, even though a close relative of hers had founded The Sierra Club. As important as this sometimes newly-acquired knowledge is, the various implications which materialize in just knowing can be almost too much to bear, as another caller named John shared candidly.


    Yesterday, I was talking with a woman in a waiting room about Fukushima, and a gentlemen who had been listening intently for some time walked up to us and said “I don’t know who you are, or how you know what you know, but there are 7 women in my family and every single one has cancer. No one can tell me why. The youngest is 20, the oldest is 44. Do YOU know why? Because I would really like to know – what the hell is going on?” He pulled up a chair, and a few others eventually joined in around the room. We talked for over an hour discussing Fukushima, nuke plants, chemtrails, toxic chemicals, GMO’s, fluoride, fast food, and surveillance. Interestingly, everyone seemed to know about the revelations of Edward Snowden, and were quite concerned about the government spying on us. But not a single person knew anything about any of the other mentioned issues, except for the long-held belief — and proof — that we have been gradually poisoned through our water supply by chemicals to make the water ‘safe’ – or because of the carelessness of dirty companies that dump (or spill) loads of crap around rivers and lakes. In a state like Michigan, with lots of big lakes and tributaries, most people DO know this. Yet even though this is a widely acknowledged fact and has been basically known for decades in a state like Michigan, not a single person had as much as even a water filter on their kitchen sink. Another woman, who lives in a rural area, shared that her 40 year-old daughter has developed a super rare and aggressive cancer, only previously seen in children. Her daughter was the first-ever adult to develop this type of tumor, and fairly recently. So we also talked about natural cancer cures, how to make Kombucha, and more importantly where to find more information about all these interesting things that the news never talks about. We were just hitting the highlights, the basics, but it was obvious our conversation intrigued them enough that they will look into it further. Most of these people seemed to know something was wrong, they just didn’t know what exactly. I would describe this as latent or peripheral awareness, a condition as widespread as the aerosolized Plutonium that blew our way 3 years ago. And hopefully, they will in turn share what they learned, and seek to learn more. If the gentleman from Detroit tells 7 people, and the other 5 in our little group told 7 people, well…you get the picture. Then social media can be an important tool. But it should never take the place of a ‘real’ discussion. And it should (preferably) be done before everyone important in your life already has cancer.

    Sometimes, these conversations may lead to individuals in a position to actually make a huge difference. That hasn’t happened yet, as Fukushima is still a big dirty secret. But thankfully I stumble across hope on almost a daily basis. For an example: a friend on Facebook, Janet Saxon Pieck, sent me a study from the state of Michigan today, titled:

    An Update on the Impact of Sudden Cardiac Death of the Young in Michigan 1999-2011

    A quote that appears at the top of this extensive document reads:

    “…no important health problem will be solved by clinical care alone, or research alone, or by public health alone, but rather by all public and private sectors working together…”  ~ JS Marks.

    Of course, the data was old and pre-Fuku, as usual. Listed on this study was a phone number for the Genomics and Genetic Disorders Section, Perinatal Health and Chronic Disease Epidemiology Center, who put this study together several years ago. So, I called the number. Because I really, REALLY want to know, what is happening now, not what was happening 3 years ago.

    The woman I spoke with seemed irritated at first, and busy. I asked her where can I see the recent updated stats for sudden cardiac death across the country in children, as well as rare cancers. Her response was “Well, you are actually talking about 2 different issues here” – annoyed. So, I patiently explained why I was asking.

    About 10 minutes later, after hitting just the highlights of Fukushima, CDC stats not being updated, what occurred in Extinction pollution-global-warming-prevention-738373_1024_1005the 14 weeks post accident, the 28% increase in thyroid problems in west coast babiesChernobyl heart, and fallout measured across the country by various world-wide organizations, I could almost hear the alarm sounding and gears clicking in her brain. Her tune became decidedly more helpful. She said, “I need you tell my boss everything you just told me” before thanking me, and transferring my call to her bosses office. I await a call back from her, and hope she will be receptive as well. I am assuming the lady on the phone will fill her in first, which means when the boss calls she will probably be defensive. I have consistently found that the ‘higher up’ one is, usually equates to how mind-controlled they are, and the more resistant they will be to anything that goes against their beliefs and/or programming. Hopefully, humanity will score some points via governmental agency, which is, after all, made of up just people like you and me. They get cancer too. Whether or not this will have any impact whatsoever, remains to be seen. But it won’t stop me from trying.

    So why do the county health people need to be informed? Why aren’t they all over this story? There are a number of reasons, one being all orders come from above, where the clampdown of nuke info is carefully avoided. Our government has become quite proficient at minimizing, denying, or distracting from important issues that hurt corporate friends and profits. This seems to be widely known too, but people just aren’t aware – or haven’t quite made the connection yet – to how it directly affects them. In the case of the AMA, EPA, CDC and NIH, they have become The Gatekeepers of Fukushima Fallout, and the gates are shut tight to protect the guilty inside. Several physicians have told me over the past 3 years “If we knew about this, trust me, we would be talking about it.” Well, they don’t know, because someone doesn’t want them to. Knowing just the basic, and fairly obvious assertion that the government doesn’t really give a sh*t about you, and is only interested in profits and control, why is Fukushima such as giant leap to take for otherwise well-educated people? Are they really unaware of the nuke plants that exist across our countryside? Do they only notice them if they are a backdrop in a James Bond movie? Yet another reason, is that people in the research industry are very compartmentalized, much like the Manhattan Project was. After working in the medical field for 25 years, I have seen first-hand how strict chain-of-command functions in medicine as efficiently as in military ranks. Like it or not, drug companies are also calling the shots, and fund many of the studies being done for hospitals and clinics. This can make millions for a single practice, and in turn, the ‘drugs’ that company sells get passed out to the masses in bulk via pre-printed Rx scripts. Nevermind the perks that come along with these shady alliances: courtside seats for basketball games, dinners at expensive restaurants, and even escorts at big meetings afterparties  (yes – escorts. Some might also refer to them as hookers). Again, I have witnessed this first-hand, and anyone who has ever attended an Academy meeting knows this is true, but never EVER discussed. If you want to keep your job, you only do what you are told, and you certainly don’t expose sketchy behavior from your doctor-bosses and their drug-pushing co-conspirators. What we really need are more researchers to wake up, look around, realize this is wrong, and Do The Right Thing. Hopefully this will start happening soon. I don’t believe people are inherently evil (or scientists possibly this stupid) and plus, it’s getting really hard to ignore. The CDC stats, if and when they ever become available, will probably be very telling, although their accuracy will need to be carefully and meticulously verified, as any info/statement coming from a government agency needs to be.

    Extinction artWhat we facing as humans beings living in a toxic experiment will play out over the next few years. Japan is certainly at the forefront, and the illness and death that affects the Japanese will undoubtably affect Canadians and Americans as well, the extent being unknown. Reports from Japan are now fairly scarce, as the “Secrecy Law” has gone into effect. The Japanese people have effectively been gagged from speaking out about the ongoing nuclear catastrophe/coverup, or risk jail. Once in a while, a brave person will sneak out some info that we need to take seriously. Like this gentleman from Iwate, Chiho Kaneko.

    Chiho Kaneko, member of the Board of Directors of Fairewinds Energy Education originally from Iwate, Japan: I think about what’s unfolding in Japan today — I sense something grave is happening. I have heard many Fukushima people’s personal accounts of their family members or friends dying suddenly. In one case, a baby suddenly died — and these illnesses and sudden deaths are not happening only in Fukushima Prefecture — people are sicker in Tokyo. During my month-long stay in Japan in December and January, I too experienced unusual symptoms. I developed a skin rash that doesn’t heal. When I was in Fukushima, I developed a scratchy throat and pain in my eyes. Something is happening, and yet we cannot prove anything. The IAEA and Fukushima Medical University are working together to collect and collate the health data of Fukushima residents. Many residents fear that this effort is just a show — or worse yet, just for the sake of collecting secret data. Many people fear that the experts already have a forgone conclusion — the conclusion that if people get ill it is not because of the Fukushima Daiichi disaster. The Fukushima Daiichi disaster opened the door for me to see how this is not a mere Japanese crisis, it’s a crisis that transcends geography and time. What can we do now? Sometimes a big part of me feels the situation is too late to remedy. This is a situation mired with the world politics and economy, the struggle for power and money. If we care about life, we must try to find ways to at least slow the pace of nuclear contamination and we must focus on what’s actually happening to humans, animals, and birds, and everything else on this planet — instead of consigning the interpretation of radiation’s effects to the so-called experts.

    Before we have the data, we have our instincts, and gut-feelings. We have observations. We can extrapolate, from what we know so Extinction Vatican globefar. We have testimonials. And what my gut tells me, is this: a lot of people are going to get sick and die because of this accident. But is this really an ELE? To find answers to these and many other questions, we need to have actual discussions, and we need more data. In the meantime, stay positive and hopeful, keep honing your Galactic Sense of Awareness, and please –


    I know I will be.


    I will be on Wide Awake News the 4th Friday of the month, as well as guest hosting for Charlie McGrath.


Our new Mutation Map is now live, please consider uploading your pictures so you can be part of this one-of-a-kind collection of images.

Featured image by photographer Gregory Crewdson.


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7 thoughts on “Is Fukushima really an ELE?”

    1. There is a lot of industry, chemical refinery type stuff, on the south side of Detroit and over in Canada. We get ‘lake effect’ rains from the marine layer too, so contamination and fallout issues are significant. The synergistic relationship of rads + chemicals increases the damage to an organism by sometimes 1000’s of times, then one or the other would do alone. Fermi had a partial meltdown in 66, and there are numerous other facilities around the Great Lakes…Besse, Palisades, etc. all which will contribute to significant exposure risks to the population from releases during normal operation. It always ‘seemed’ like a nice place to live, but it’s actually a hotspot for Fukushima fallout and the Multiplier effect from all the dirty industry we have allowed around the state, plus existing nukes. We had a lot of cancer in these areas already, but it is going to get much, much worse.


  1. Fukushima will now generate an enormous amount of carbon intensity that cannot be overlooked in any comparison which lists nuclear. Until each nuclear reactor is fully decommissioned, which takes decades, its carbon footprint is UNKNOWN.

    It is no longer appropriate for the nuclear industry to cherry pick numbers to make itself look fiscally and/or environmentally viable!


    Because the global nuclear industry has the money it needs to fund all the peer reviewed studies it wants, they all end up saying whatever they want them to, or they simply will not publish them…

    We also know that about three years ago today, all the Japanese nuclear Experts (along with most other nuclear Experts in the World) that said that “modern” nuclear power plants were safe and had so many safety features that they would not meltdown because they were so well designed, were proven terribly wrong by Fukushima’s triple meltdowns and that it will take decades if not about 100 years to deal with its on-going pollution of the Pacific Ocean, that is, if nothing BIG goes BAD before then.

    Also in all fairness, mankind will have to employ NEW types of equipment that have never ever been built, in order to deal with the new problems Fukushima has created. Also, until fully decommissioned, the Japanese will continue to contaminate massive amounts of sea water with radioactivity daily, that will all end up in the Pacific Ocean unless the UN sanctions the Japanese with penalties which should be used to finance Solar (of all flavors) R&D and it’s installation in developing Countries, if they will agree to not use nuclear. This will enable mankind to begin the transition to Solar while at the same time reduce the need for our Earth’s limited resources.

    I also will be the first to point out that the Coal Industry has many health problems associated with it, which the Nuclear industry is all too eager to point out; but the SAME THING COULD BE SAID ABOUT THE NUCLEAR INDUSTRY; since it also mines radioactive Uranium ore which is then processed into highly radioactive fuel rods of several different types. Once this radioactive fuel is used in a reactor, it then produces huge amounts of additional radioactive waste that will have as yet unknown effects on mankind over the enormous timespan that it will take to render all of it harmless! Because this radioactive timespan dwarfs anything currently affecting mankind, it is completely unscientific to say today, what the harmful effect of our using nuclear power plants in the twentieth and twenty-first century will be generations, from now!

    For example, should highly radioactive “dirty” material from Fukushima be used in a terrorist weapon at some point in the future, its affect on man must be placed directly upon the nuclear industry that created it, because without building the nuclear power plants it would have never existed to cause harm to man’s health. This is yet another potential “future” health problem that cannot be discounted since there is so much radioactive waste material unaccounted for at Fukushima and many other locations globally!

    It is no longer fair for the nuclear industries spokespersons, the IAEA and/or Regulators like the NRC to try to limit Energy discussions to only the positive points that favor using nuclear while at the same time shrugging off all other negative points as not being relevant!

    Excerpts from:


  2. Fantastic article. If any one knows anyone in health industry, this is a must read. So many truths in one article. Writer captures our culture by talking about Fukashima. This is exactly why centralization/compartmentalization won’t work.

    Things are worse than I thought (have been told) on radiation. I have friend who told his daughter to leave Tokyo 3 years ago. She didn’t.

    In a bankrupt system keeping itself propped up with printed money, who will shut down 430+ reactors world wide, and how?

    As I discuss in Chapter 6 of Lipstick and War Crimes book, our government wants more people to die. We have many sanctioned diseases in secret, to keep the sheeple disconnected from personal sovereignty and having no say in the uninformed “democracy”.

    Sanctioned diseases are the planned contraception, and the purpose of prophylactics is not birth control, but promiscuity. Big Brother does not want chastity, restraint. or any other behavior that resembles moral strength. The Lipstick part of our culture is to keep us below the waist, neutralized as activists, and silently complicit to crime.

    Lipstick and War Crimes.

    As this article says, if you want to keep your job, you shut up.

    Why the silence on radiation? I can answer writer’s question. The silence is crucial to the elite’s de-population agenda.

    A relative of mine had promising cancer research which was shelved because health is not wanted by this government or the industries that make money from disease. Yes, there is a conspiracy. Our entire lives and almost
    everything we think is a bunch of lies. Almost everything we think is true or valuable, isn’t. What we call freedom is the opposite. It is suicide. At first these seem like crazy radical statements. But when we start asking question, we see that that response too is programmed.

    I’m hoping the writer will read this and check out my book. I think you will like it. or it is on Amazon too.


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