The Deep State starts to implode. 3-23-2019

The release of the Mueller Report, essentially a huge dud, full of sound and fury which signify nothing, will be viewed historically as a disaster for those forces trying to turn the USA into a Socialist dictatorship, or I should say even more of a socialist dictatorship. It isn’t like the globalist cabal hasn’t been doing that for all of my 65 years. Still, “they” wanted Trump bad, real bad, and they crashed and burned in a spectacular fashion. Watching the mutant elite writhing in agony, hysterical ranting and raving mode, is certainly worth some entertainment value to me. If Treason prosper, then none call it treason. Treason has failed, so I will call it treason. What we have seen is a planned effort to overthrow Trump, which is what treason really is. Further, we are dealing with sedition, or the effort to violently overthrow the current Trump administration. At any rate, “they” failed and people like me, and like you, have had enough. May God help the never Trumper, traitors and fools, if they now try to actually take over power from Trump. nuff said.

Next, in on spectacular example of this Deep State implosion, we come to the canary in the coal mine for the Deep State. The canary has been the SPLC, or the Southern Poverty Law Center, although poverty apparently doesn’t apply to its managers, like Morris Dees, or has it ever shown any respect for law. The SPLC has been a terrorist group, raising funds on the hysteria it creates by constantly smearing any group it doesn’t approve of, like various Christian, Conservative and non PC complaint Patriots. The SPLC has been infecting the police with its targeting of politically conservative and patriot dissident groups as “terrorists,” or “hate groups.” What goes up, must come down, and the law of three says that the one bad thing the SPLC has done, will be returned three fold. The SPLC now finds itself reeling from multiple charges of sexual harassment, corruption, fraud and much else. The link is below.

SPLC Implodes: President And Legal Director Resign Amid Sexual Misconduct Scandal

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