Gang, if this actually happens, well it will be the end of life as we know it here in CONUS. Seriously, the fecal material will truly hit the rotating blade if Trump has the stones to call the Marxist Democrat bluff. The fact that ABC, a fake news site to be sure is even MENTIONING A POTENTIAL STATE OF EMERGENCY is a huge dot in my view. ABC is either trying to instill hysteria, which is possible, or is preparing people for some serious level of crazy happening.

    the link is here.…-wall-funding/

    BREAKING: Trump Considering Declaring National Emergency to Secure Border Wall Funding
    Cristina Laila by Cristina Laila January 4, 2019 511 Comments

    President Trump is considering declaring a national emergency to redirect funds from the Department of Defense and elsewhere to fund the border wall.
    Via ABC News:

    Sources tell ABC News the discussions are still on the “working level” adding that there’s a range of legal mechanisms that are being considered before such a decision is announced.

    Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) emerged from a meeting with the President Friday and said Trump threatened to keep the government shut down for a long period of time — months or even years

    The Democrats are refusing to fund the border wall.

    In a presser at the Rose Garden, President Trump confirmed he told Schumer during their meeting over the government shutdown that it could go on for months or even years.

    The President revealed that he had considered declaring a national emergency to secure border wall funding and said, “I still might.”

    The Trump administration will continue to hold meetings Friday and into the weekend to discuss the next steps going forward although it is unclear who would be a part of the ongoing meetings.

    President Trump also told reporters Friday that he had a “very, very good meeting” with top Democrats and other Congressional leaders.

    House Democrats passed a bill to reopen the government late Thursday night — of course this was just more showboating from the obstructionists because Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell repeatedly stated he would not bring a vote on a Democrat bill that the President won’t sign.

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  1. So what I don’t understand is, if Trump actually declares a state of emergency, you state that it will be the end of life as we know it here in the US. Uh, how so? There was a national emergency declared on September 14th, 2001 that is still in effect.
    Could you explain the repercussions of what will happen? I read your blog, I have a pretty good grasp as to what’s going on, but what’s wrong with declaring a state of emergency in regards to our nations security? Maybe I don’t have an understanding of what’s really happening. Need some help here.


    1. Thanks for the reply, amigo. If Trump declares a state of emergency specific to dealing with the Southern Border several things will happen. First, Trump will bypass both the US Senate and House and fund the border wall himself. Second, Trump will mobilize the American military, including the National Guard, ie federalize the NG, and openly deploy them to the southern border. Again, if certain governors, like Oregon or California, refuse to do that Trump will simply charge them with treason, arrest and detain them. Clearly, once that happens we will see rioting by the Antifa thugs et al. Trump will also move against any judge, or politician who tries to stop him.


      1. Thanks for the explanation. I had almost completely forgotten about the Antifa thugs, with everything else going on. Heck, you live in the capitol of the anti-fascist. It all comes together now. We can’t have the borders being closed, that would interfere with George Soros’s plan. Antifa is his army, they will take their marching orders from him. Oh No! You are going to be right in the middle of it when it gets squirrely.

  2. Well, I guess it’s only a matter of time now. We have till February 15th to see if Trump shuts down the government and declares his National Emergency. dmcintosh4, I hope you chime in and write another article expressing your opinion on this.
    Well, you probably don’t have too, as this article just about explains it all. Time to stock up and prepare.


  3. Amigo, Trump now has no choice but to declare a national emergency and fund the border wall via the Defense budget. I think he only has three options at this point. The first is above. The second is to cave again and fund the government with no money for the border wall. the third is let that cretin Kushner make his “deal,” and trade some token border security money, for letting in the 1.8 million dreamers, as well as the 11 million, or is 30 million, or is it 60 million illegals here get citizenship, and let them vote Marxist Democrat for the next 50 years.
    If Trump really does declare a border emergency, then Nancy will impeach him in the house, refer it to the US Senate and stall for the next two years. Further, this impeachment paralysis will prevent Trump from getting any more judges confirmed. I hope Trump builds the wall, but I am not optimistic. The level of incompetence in his administration is truly staggering to me.


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