Trump will pay the political price for his caving on the border wall, much as Bush senior was destroyed for abandoning his “no new taxes,” pledge. Trump has proved unequal to the task destiny imposed on him. I am not angry, since I realize “the deep state,” may very well have threatened to murder Trump’s grandchildren. We are at that level now. We do not fight against the flesh, but against spiritual forces of great evil and hatred. It is a fact that 250 years is the average period for any system to remain intact and functional. Even Rome’s 1,000 year period was divided into multiple time periods, say 500 BC to 250BC for the Roman Republic. Next, we have 250 to 130BC, or the pre collapse phase, followed by a century of civil war, from 130BC to the Battle of Actium in 30BC. Augustus’s family ruled for 100 years, all the way to 70 AD, followed by another 110 years, all the way to 180 AD. Finally, you have the ongoing collapse that lasted till 500 AD. The US is right in the middle at 240 years or so. We’ve had a good run, but the Marxists are in control now, and one half of the total American people are essentially too ignorant to run a republic. Trump was our best shot, but he wasn’t up to the task, and it is now game over. Enjoy the holiday period, and prepare for 2019.


Trump is now ZERO for four on what he said he would do.

Hellary the Shrew is still running around and hasn’t seen a grand jury room, thanks to Sessions and his stooge Huber.

The Swamp hasn’t been drained.

We are headed towards a war with Russia despite Trump’s campaign promises. We are “apparently” pulling out of Syria, right on the cusp of a general Turkish invasion of the Kurdish areas, and a free for all between ISIS, Assad’s forces, the Kurds, the Russians, and the Turks. So, Trump gets credit for pulling us out of Syria, right before it blows up again.

Finally, the infamous border wall. The border wall is Trump’s version of Bush seniors reversal of his “read my lips, no new taxes.” Bush didn’t mean it, paid the price for lying, and lost to Clinton.

Now that Trump has openly bailed on the border wall, HE IS POLITICAL FINISHED. Trump has never quite got it that “they” hate him so much that there is nothing he can do to get their support. I’m talking about the RINOS, and the Soros funded Marxist Democrats. Trump’s only chance was to solidify his base and keep them tight. Well, he just sold out his base, and thus he his finished.

I thought his level of political acumen, taking the Senate showed he got it, but I was wrong. If only Trump has stuck to his guns, fought for the border wall, he would go down in history as another Andrew Jackson. Trump didn’t, and now he will be picked apart like one of those South American rodents that wanders into a pool of hungry Pirhanna, and stripped to the bone.

Trump may still get some judges confirmed, but he will get nothing out of the House. It is chaos, posturing and endless hearings for the next two years, assuming Trump isn’t impeached. I think the House will vote to impeach him, although the Senate won’t confirm that, so we will have the same situation as Clinton had in 1998, total chaos for months on end.

I salute Trump for buying us several years to further prepare, and for exposing the Deep State, but they castrated him, and his flaws, his mouth, his ego, and his failure to realize he needed to directly engage his political enemies overwhelmed him. It is also entirely possible that “they” made direct threats on the life of Baron and Melina. The ironic thing is the Fed just crashed the US economy today and Trump will be smeared just like Hoover was.

Lying Ryan and Mitch the Bitch have screwed Trump multiple times, but at least Lying Ryan is finally gone back to suck at the lobbyist teat next year. The only positive is we can expect the Democrats to go full anal retentive mode, which may help the Republicans in 2020. On the other hand, maybe we should just stand back, watch the system collapse, and then pick up the pieces. For sure, every raving lunatic Democrat idea will now be voted on, so BUY AMMO NOW!!!

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