For those of my blog readers who have wondered why Doomer Doug is showing signs of clinical insanity, I offer the link to the following video by John Paul Watson of Infowars. In it, he shows video of what I deal with on a daily basis. The level of deranged, mental dysfunctional, raving lunacy I deal with every single day has to be seen to be believed. At this point, just click on the link and see for yourselves. One more thing, Portland is not going to change, especially since we just elected a certified MARXIST to the city council. I will warn you the F word is used, along with images that some blog readers may find offensive.


The link below is to a video by Paul Joseph Watson, he is from InfoWars, highlighting exactly what Doomer Doug deals with on a DAILY BASIS. Those of you wondering why Doomer Doug has become a lunatic, can see why in the video. Warning: The F word is used several times, along with people relieving themselves, and assorted other deviant behavior. It is also HYSTERICAL and shows what is really going on in Portland. I am considering renewing my concealed handgun permit, since I let it lapse in 2004.

At any rate, here is the truth.…nd-is-a-hitle/

Paul Joseph Watson- Portland is a $hit*%le

November 28, 2018

Doomer Doug, a.k.a. Doug McIntosh now has a blog at
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  1. Antifa is marching around your city with ARs now and blocking sidewalks. Your thoughts?
    What would happen if someone lite a string of firecrackers around these fools?


  2. You said the Holy Spirit moves. Pray and ask Him where He wants to move YOU. He will do that. Why haven’t you done that already? Then go quickly. Others are being told to move and shown where to go. They don’t and shouldn’t tell anyone else where. I knew a woman years ago who had a dream of being beheaded in the brick park downtown. I told her to leave when I left 20 years ago. I have lost track of her. Currently the Wicked have taken over Portland, despise the Righteous and call good evil and evil good. How many more signs do you need? The Juan de Fuca is dangerous as is Antifa. They don’t receive you. It is time to leave Sodom. Shake the dust off and leave. NOW! Here are 21 Biblical examples of doing so:

    The Biblical Command to Flee


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