AIN’T IT GRAND 11-14-2018

I can’t say the last week hasn’t been fascinating. It has been amazing to see such brazen, in your face corruption by the Deep State. They not only don’t care; they don’t even mind public exposure. No more “in the closet,” for our Deep State masters. We be corrupt, and we don’t care who knows it. So be it.

I also have no idea if the Deep State will steal all the elections now under threat in Florida, Georgia, Arizona and California right now. Clearly the fruitcake in Arizona, and I’m being charitable in describing that bat poop crazy, pink hatted, MORON known as Simena, or whatever, has stolen her election. The Republican McSally meekly conceded, which tells me she has more RINO in her than conservative. All of that, combined with the aptly named Flake, who has just prevented any further judicial confirmations before the next Senate is seated, shows both cunning and desperation by our globalist masters. But gang, you know what: I DON’T CARE. Nope, I am now moving on a SPIRITUAL LEVEL and the flesh is meaningless. I am not saying we won’t kill ourselves off, but what I am saying is who cares. I am moving in the spirit now, viewing things from a spiritual perspective. When you that, all the drivel that now passes for daily life here on Planet Earth fades into the background.

One example is the famous Stormy, “I screwed Trump,” lawyer just went down for FELONY SEXUAL ASSAULT AND DOMESTIC VIOLENCE. This happened on the same day the California Bar Association gave him a pass on the ethics complaint filed against him. I mean, seriously, do all my readers understand how happy that makes Doomer Doug? I mean the lethal, deadly open humiliation of the California Bar Association, give the man a pass on an ethics charge, and then see him arrested by police for beating up his wife? Sheesh, this is like throwing a chunk of raw meat to a pack of starving wolves in my book. Yep, the Spirit moves. The Spirit reveals all that is hidden. The Spirit takes what is hidden in the Deep State basement and manifests it on the front lawn. It takes what is kept quiet in the closet and shouts it from the rooftop.

And on that note, I will leave you all to ponder true reality. True reality is God is in charge. True reality is God knows what he doing. True reality is this elite scum is going to burn in hell for their crimes. Be afraid elite scum. Very, very afraid. After all, on judgement day it won’t matter if you are wearing $2000 a pair Italian shoes. This globalist, scum elite, the source of so much pain and anguish, will find themselves with no defense for their evil. The most lethal force in the universe is the prayer of a Christian. Understand that one, true fact, and the universe will open for you like a flower petal.

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