Okay, stop the whining and listening to the whore media, fake news, and globalist shills crowing about the “Democrat victory.” Sorry, but the Marxist Democrats just got their butts spanked so hard they are now redder than Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer’s nose. Yep, I am not backing off on my earlier post at all. Here is why.

Now, I have issues with Trump from time to time, and he drives me nuts sometimes, but his heart, if not his head is in the right place. Trump’s one key promise was he would remake the Federal Judicial system and return it to the historical role. Judges must not make law. The standard modus operandi for the globalists has been to use the courts to get done by judicial fiat what they couldn’t do by legislation. They have used this method to beat patriots over the head for decades now. Well, game over, and that pig won’t fly anymore. The reason being that Trump has just won a decisive, shattering victory in the US Senate. Mitch the Bitch has finally had a fire lit under his RINO ass regarding judicial confirmations. And now Trump has a 54 to 46 Senate majority. Trump can now appoint at will all 135 or so federal judge vacancies. The total judge count is 890, and Trump is going to appoint roughly 150 of them by 2020.

My basic point is stop the whining, the despair and the breast beating. Trump has just redefined American politics for the next two decades at least. Yep, who cares what that wrinkled prune Nancy Pelosi does in the US House. I will remind you the magic number is 2018, and the “Democrat majority,” is 222. Trust me, gang. The Democrats are going to go full anal retentive mode. THEY CAN’T HELP THEMSELVES BECAUSE THEY WILL ARE NOW A HARD LEFT SOCIALIST PARTY. I should know since I live in Oregon which is no a one party Democrat dictatorship, with a Democrat Governor, and super majorities in both the Oregon Senate and House.

Trump is a freaking genius. He has now allowed the Democrats to take control of the House, where they will go full socialist mode, pass all the laws they have long wanted to, and then get crushed in 2020. Further, Trump will use his Senate Majority to castrate the Federal Judiciary of all its Obamabot judges. I mean, I don’t need drugs or booze cuz I’m floating like a kite.

The Democrats can’t help but act like the Marxist morons they are and will seek to implement their extremist agenda. When they do that, Trump will impale them in the 2020 elections. Besides, now that our deep state operative Jeff Sessions is gone, some of the many felons he let off may actually go before grand juries. We shall see?

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  1. Yes, President Trump is smart and we all need to pray that God will give him great wisdom as the time of serious conflict approaches.


  2. Great essay! You are repeating a feeling I had in the pit of my stomach that this wasn’t a demonrat win but a well-executed rope-a-dope by the President. The demons will try everything in the coming two years and will get VIOLENT because they can’t ejaculate (sorry). Their constituents at home will execute a blood bath at the next election.


  3. It’s hard to outmaneuver this guy. Read his 1987 autobiography The Art Of The Deal and learn how he just played the Democrats. Ironically the 40 or so GOP RINOS who retired, thinking they were on life support undr Trump would ALL HAVE BEEN RE-ELECTED had they not retired! That would have given the GOP both chambers of Congress, which under normal circumstances would be good for the country. But RINO Republicans are not good for America, and Trump outmaneuvered them as well. Now he has the situation he wanted. Kudos to Doomer Doug for a brilliant analysis. BTW I live in Washington State which is little better than Oregon. We call it “The People’s Republic.”


  4. The House won’t be able to pass anything;. Trump will just veto it and they dot have enough votes to override him πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


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