Well, Doomer Doug is going to make some predictions about just how bad the Democrats are going to get crushed 72 hours from now. I realize the polling agencies, like the infamous Nate Silver, of 538 polling, have an 85 percent chance of the Democrats taking the US House. Cook Reports is also saying the Democrats are going to pick up 40 House seats. Seriously?

At any rate, I think the Republicans will hold both the House and Senate because of the Caravan INVASION of the US Southern Border. The other reason is the fact that we now know that two of Kavanaugh’s “victims,” were lying frauds, seeking fame and fortune, like Ford’s Go Fund me money. Yep, conservatives are pouring out to vote for those two reasons alone. Granted, the Democrats are up to their Soros funded vote fraud campaign, but the Red Wave is a Tidal wave now.

The House will likely have fewer Republicans, but they will keep the 218 needed for a majority.

The US Senate will be a MASSACRE FOR THE DEMOCRATS. The Red Tide will result in up to SIXTY REPUBLICANS. Yes, I am saying the new Senate will be 59 to 60 Republicans and 38 Democrats, with and Independent, like Bernie Sanders.

Here’s why. The current Senate is 51 Republicans and 49 Democrats. 10 Seats up for election are held by Democrats in states taken by Trump in 2016.

Three Senate seats, North Dakota, Missouri, and West Virginia are now held by Democrats who will lose.

Four more Senate Seats are held by Democrats who are likely to lose. New Jersey, Indiana, Nevada, and Montana.

This is a gain of 7 and results in 57 Republicans in the Senate. The seat in Arizonia, the one held by the RINO Flake is another seat that goes from RINO to Trump supporter. Further, there are also MULTIPLE SEATS now held by Democrats that the Republicans could take if things go well.
Florida is now a Blue State due to the hundreds of thousands of Puerto Rican Socialist refugees from Hurricane Maria.

All told, I’m saying Trump may very well have a 60 seat US Senate Majority to work with. In the US House, Trump will have a bare bones majority of under five, say around 222 or so. Lying Ryan is also gone next term, which is huge.

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The Kavanaugh and Caravan impact

With a handle like Doomer Doug, mental stability isn’t really my thing, gang.

The reason I have changed my mind, Dennis is I keep my eyes on the situation as it evolves and attitudes change. It was clear to me, before the brutal attacks, the lies, on Kavanaugh happened, the base wasn’t fired up. After watching the Marxist Democrats go full anal retentive mode, and combining that with a MILITARY INVASION OF THE USA, FUNDED BY SOROS, AND DESIGNED TO OVERTHROW THE USA, AS IN SEDITION, THE ELECTION CHANGED.

I am now saying we will see a massacre of the Democrats in the US Senate, and Trump keeping control, granted a smaller control of the House.

Yep, the attitudes changed, and so did mine.

The Democrats had the election, Dennis. The would have taken full control of the House, with 40 seats picked up, and picked up a couple of Senate seats.

Now, well now they are relying on voter fraud, corruption, registering ilegals et all, but it won’t be enough.
A month or two ago, Dennis if you had asked me if the Republicans were going to pick up New Jersey, Ohio, North Dakota, Missouri and all the rest of the Democrat seats, plus keep Arizona, Nevada, Texas, etc I would have said no way. Now I think Trump is going to run the table and get them all.


The level of brain dead, over the top idiocy by the Democrats is astounding to me. For those of you who don’t think the Democrats are going to be crushed I offer the following

First, Trump has completely redefined the election as a jobs versus the mob one. This redefinition is FATAL to the democrats outside of the blue states.

Second, the major internet story is that Saturday Night Live Democrat MORON openly dissing a war hero for losing his eye in Afghanistan. So, now does that play into Trump’s Mob versus job meme or not?

Third, Trump has been running around KICKING DEMOCRAT ASS AT HIS RALLIES, WHILE OBAMA HAS BEEN IN FULL WHINY BRAT MODE? Again, who wins that battle?

Forth, every patriot and conservative now fully understands ON THE EMOTIONAL LEVEL THAT THE DEMOCRATS WANT TO KILL HIM OR HER. GAME ON.

It will be a RED TSUNAMI.


  1. Republicans will win a Super majority in House: 309 seats.

    Republicans will win majority of Senate races gaining 25 seats.


  2. My wife and I are praying that Trump will win the Mide-term elections on th 6th November by a lanslide and that in the next two years he will have many Democrats arrested as traitors to the USA. I am not even an American but an Englishman who lives in Scotland. I know people here who originally ddn’t like Trump, but since have changed their minds as to us looking from abroad, he seems to be one of only a few presidents of the USA, who actually does what he says he intends to do which his refreshing. We are a bit concerned however, that while Trump’s trops are busy on the sourthern border with the ‘ilegal Immigrants’ problem, that another invasion will happen through Canada, considering the Prime Ministre of Canada’s stance on immigration. The U.S.A needs to be preparred on all of its borders, as the Communists are determined to take the U.S.A down one way or the other. We have Sabotage from within as well as external enemies trying to invade. It looks to us that Trump is America’s last ditch stand for conservative values: Tomorrow the DELUGE! We take our hats of to President Donald Trump for holding the U.S.A fort so well, and we wish him well for the future.


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