Like I said last year, when the Black Death outbreak began on the island of Madagascar off of Africa, we were looking at a multi year outbreak. The Plague Season on Madagascar starts in August and ends in November. The 2017 outbreak ended up, officially, with a total of 2000 cases, and 200 dead. It was then declared over, and life went on.

    Fast forward to September 21, 2018 and here we go again. The second phase of the Black Death has now begun on Madagascar. So far, we are looking at eight cases, with two fatal, ie a 25 percent kill rate. The vector is again airborne, and the geographic spread on Madagascar is even wider than 2017.

    Here is the link to the article.…-new-cases-who

    Black Death pandemic fears return as new outbreak turns FATAL

    THE Black Death plague which ravaged Madagascar last year has returned, leading to fears the disease could become a pandemic.

    A spike in cases lead to more than 200 people dying from the plague disease in 2017.

    Epidemics of both the bubonic and pneumonic plague were brought under control in November last year after 2,000 recorded cases.

    And the World Health Organisation has warned this year’s strain could be even worse.

    But now the hot rainy season has returned to the country, cases of the plague are back

    Health ministry official Mantra Rakotoarivony said: “According to counts undertaken between August 1 and September 13, we recorded eight plague cases.

    “Six of these recovered and two died in their villages.”

    The two deaths were from a pneumonic plague case, and a bubonic plague.

    The first death was recorded in the north of the island in Fiadanana.

    While the second death was reported in Ambalavao, by the Indian Ocean.

    The pneumonic plague can be fatal within a day of becoming infected, while the bubonic form is less dangerous.

    Dr Rakotoarivony labelled it the official start of the plague season on the island.

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