It is pretty clear to anybody who now lives in the madhouse known as the USA, we are on the edge of the abyss. We are now two, separate, divided nations that live in the same physical space. The level of open hatred is astounding to me. We really can’t live together anymore. We will certainly divide. The only issue is how violent the actual separation will be.

I think we have been in a cultural and value civil war for most of my 64 years. You have a bitter clash over cultural values that then leads to an actual violent “civil war.” You will not get actual violence until several criteria are met. The first is a general feeling, by one or both sides, the system is “rigged.” Next, you have a general, culture wide attitude that hard work, self discipline, and “playing the game,” is for chumps and fools. Next, you get a general cultural attitude that there is no legal, political way to reform the corrupt system, and restore the cultural values of what now are called deploreables.

Once all of the above happens, THEN you have filled the room full of gasoline vapor, or natural gas. After that, you will eventually reach a trigger point, based on divergent cultural values, THAT ARE NO LONGER ABLE TO TOLERATED OR ACCEPTED BY THE OTHER SIDE. Once the general legitimacy of the entire system is shattered, well lock and load.

DOOMER DOUG’S PERSONAL OPINION IS THAT ON NOVEMBER 8TH, 2018 WE WILL GET THE TRIGGER EVENT. NO MATTER WHO “WINS” THE ELECTION THE OTHER SIDE WILL NOT ACCEPT IT. King Louis the 14th, or 15th of France, the one before the French Revolution said, “Apres moi, les deluge.” After me, the deluge.

The USA is going to permanently fracture on November 9th. The fracture will lead to a level of cultural and physical violence that will be classed as Civil War Two level. The only real issue is who starts shooting first, and who ends up on top of the manure pile.

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History tells us that revolutions require three things to be valid.
One is a place to regroup, resupply and rest after combat. The Russian partisans during World War Two used the marshes in Western Russia. In Afghanistan they used the mountains. In the US Revolutionary War they used the rural areas.
Two is the support of a foreign power, in America’s Revolution is was the French who supported us in order to mess with Britain. It is also a fact the victory at Yorktown was due to the British being trapped between a land army and the French fleet offshore.

Three is the active support of between 10 and 20 percent of the total population. The US was split one third Rebel, one third Tory and one third apathetic.

My view is Patriots have two of the above. They have the support of up to 25% of the total population. They also have Red State redoubts they can flee too. The only foreign support in Civil War Two will be foreign invaders, Russian, Chinese or UN troops.

It is also a fact that the current military and Law Enforcement will fracture and take sides. Of course, Obama had eight years to infest our military with PC morons, communists and others. My personal opinion is once the fecal material starts flowing, the UN, Russia and China will sit back and let us stew into anarchy, and then move in to pick up the pieces as “peacekeepers.”

We should all remember that China was caught shipping in cargo containers full of AK-47’s a few years ago. I also think that the Muslims, the gang bangers and assorted criminals are very well armed indeed.

Civil War Two is inevitable in my view. It will have geographical aspects, as in certain Red States, like Texas for example will be rebel held zones. On the other hand, it will be tooth and claw in many other areas of the US.

The final result of Civil War Two may very well be a Napoleon type of tyrant, fully supported by Russian, Chinese and UN troops. It is also likely entire sections of the US will be split up between the Chinese and Russians. China wants our food production, and would be quite willing to ship over a million or more troops to take control of California and its resources.

There will be no winners in Civil War Two here in CONUS. Alaska, well the Russians have long wanted Alaska back.

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