It is likely Hurricane Florence will have a direct impact somewhere on the US East Coast from Florida to Virginia. It is likely it will be a major hurricane on impact. The link to the national hurricane center is here.


The link to tropical tidbits, a very good hurricane site I use often, is here.


I highly suggest if you live on the US East Coast, you take the time to hit the stores over the next 6 days. You need the famous 72 hours, at the bare minimum, of water, food, medical supplies, copies of vital documents and a long list of emergency stuff you should, if you have been reading my blog for a while, know all about.

Logistic cycles

Assuming Florence impacts on the US Coastline on Thursday the 13th, Searcher, the Sheeple have two full grocery store resupply cycles.

If the Sheeple strip the stores Friday, today, the stores will have 48 hours, to Monday to resupply. Next, they will have another 48 hours, to Weds to fill back up again. Assuming the stores get a fire under their rear ends, they may be able to do one fillup by today, another fill up by Sunday, and a final one by Tuesday.

Given the nearly 7 day timeframe for Florence to get here, plus the heavy media coverage, there is NO REASON for the Sheeple living from Florida to Virginia to not have a chance to have the famous 72 hour supply of bottled water, etc etc

So yeah, amigo, if we see a bunch of sheeple screaming they don’t have any hurricane supplies on hand, well they will get no compassion from me.

The local authorities will have no excuse if they pull a Katrina, since they will have nearly a week to prepare. In fact, I’m not sure we have many examples where the Sheeple get 5 to 7 days to prepare.

Of course, Searcher the sheeple are the sheeple, so having nearly 7 days to prepare may not matter.

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