I found this gem while wandering around the Guardian web site. It is, as the commercial puts it, priceless. So, without further ado I give the story of the transgender, still with all the male plumbing, and her “boyfriend,” who are trying to have a baby. Of course, he also has all of his male plumbing. The boyfriend is out of the Getty household, which has been dysfunctional for several generations by now. The Getty family, whose son was kidnapped, and the grandfather refused to pay the ransom, until body parts started showing up. Yep, absolute wealth corrupts absolutely.  Gigi apparently hasn’t figured out that it is impossible for two biological males to have children. Nat, well Nat is what happens after multiple generations of aristocratic inbreeding. Oswald Spengler wrote, “The decline of the West,” back in the 1920’s. He was early. Any society that has this kind of raving lunacy going on is slated for the dipsty dumpster of history. Militant Islam, Russia’s Putin, and Li’s China will make short work of our “advanced” societies.


‘Everyone’s transition looks different’: Nats Getty’s transgender fiancee Gigi Gorgeous reveals she still has male genitalia – as she openly details their ongoing struggle to conceive a child

  • Gigi, 26, opened up about her desire to start a family with her fiancee, Getty oil heir Nats, 25, in a new YouTube video she uploaded earlier this week
  • In the candid clip, Gigi, who chronicled her transition in a documentary released last year, explained that she hasn’t had gender confirmation surgery yet
  • She explained that she and Nats ‘were trying’ to conceive but had ‘no luck whatsoever’ so looked into freezing their eggs and sperm
  • Gigi recounted how anxious she was when the doctor assumed both she and Nats had eggs, and she was waiting to tell her she actually has sperm
  • The pair aren’t sure yet what their prospects are because the appointment was so uncomfortable they didn’t go to their follow-up
  • However, Gigi is worried because she has been told that hormone replacement therapy can leave transgender women unable to conceive

Gigi Gorgeous has opened up about her struggles to conceive a child with her fiancee Nats Getty in a candid YouTube video, in which she explained she hasn’t had gender confirmation surgery and thus still has male genitalia.

The YouTuber, 26, said the issue has been weighing ‘really heavily’ on her and that she had decided to finally face her fear of broaching the topic after watching another YouTuber’s video about pregnancy, which prompted her to record her own.

Gigi and 25-year-old Nats, who is an heir to the Getty oil fortune, became engaged in March this year and have been trying to start a family, which is something Gigi has always dreamed of. 

Getty transgender wife 8-23-2018.jpg


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