I have been commenting on the ongoing social anarchy here in Portland, Oregon the last 18 months or so. If you have ever seen the Bob Fosse movie called “Cabaret,” you begin to get the idea of just how crazy Portland now is. The movie shows Germany in the months leading up to the Fuhrer gaining power. It is a sequence of street riots, general chaos, all seen from the stage of a cabaret club and the performers. I have to tell my blog readers I am increasingly convinced the USA, of August 2018, is now reflecting the Germany of August, 1932. The Germany of August, 1932 was on the verge of open dictatorship by Hitler, the rise of the SS, and the eventual outbreak of World War Two. Hitler in my version is not our POTUS Trump. THE FURHER IN MY VERSION IS THE SOROS FUNDED, MARXIST, ANTIFA TERRORIST TYPES. It is they, not the so called conservatives, who are openly attacking people during their demonstration/riots. It is they who are seeking to crush all dissent, bully, and shut down differing voices.

THE MOVE BY THE SOCIAL NETWORKS, LIKE FACEBOOK AND ALL THE REST, I VIEW IN THE CONTEXT OF NAZI GERMANY’S MEDIA CONTROL LAWS. I VIEW WHAT HAS JUST HAPPENED WITH THE BANNING OF INFOWARS, AND OTHER “DISSIDENTS,” AS NOTHING LESS THAN A DECLARATION OF WAR THAT MUST BE MET WITH FORCE. It is no longer a matter of legality: IT IS A MATTER OF SELF DEFENSE AGAINST MARXIST TOTALITARIAN THUGS WHO SEEK TO KILL US, YES KILL US. After watching Antifa in action the last few months, I have no doubt they intend to kill us. Further, the level of physical violence will continue to skyrocket, for the simple reason this is what the Soros funded thugs have been created to do.

The link below shows that the Antifa terrorists, and that is what they truly are, are not content with rioting, vandalism, and beating up any Trump supporter they can swarm, but are now moving to crush political action. It is one thing to beat up a Trump supporter, and it is an entirely different level to physically attack city council members. I do find it ironic the city council members sent fleeing for their lives are themselves Marxist stooges who have sided with Antifa multiple times. These foolish leaders are now finding out that if you feed a crocodile in your backyard, it eventually comes into your living room. At any rate, this brazen attack on the entire political class and political process takes us to the next level. It won’t be long before the Antifa types start to, just like the Viet Cong did, begun to kill off any politician they don’t like. Oh wait, liberals have been attacking conservatives for some time now.


The link is here.


Portland City Hall stormed, shutdown, by activists

Alt-left activists get violent in Portland resulting in the disruption of a city meeting and the injury of two security guards

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Alt-left activists who stormed Portland City Hall on Wednesday to take a stand against police brutality found themselves in a violent scuffle of their own which resulted in several arrests and injuries.

During the aggressive confrontation, Mayor Ted Wheeler and others were forced to walk out of a scheduled meeting and find a more secure conference room in which no one was allowed to enter and two security guards suffered minor injuries from the conflict as reported by KTVZ 21.

“One demonstrator, who was masked and wearing a baseball helmet, smashed a security guard over the head repeatedly with a megaphone. The guard was seen afterward clutching a bag of ice, a bruise beginning to form on his cheek.,” The Oregonian reported. “City Hall security chief Dorothy Elmore said she was also struck by a protester, in the arm.”

Foul-mouthed activists could be heard yelling “F–you, F–you” at city officials who were brave enough to greet them at the building’s entrance.

This all comes after a number of the ANTIFA-type communists were rounded up by the department during recent protests.

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