For those of you keeping track of the ongoing “immigration crisis,” you should be aware the Antifa thug types have been demonstrating at the local ICE office for the last several days. The ICE has been closed due to the threat of violence, including threats from the Antifa types to “storm” the ICE office. This all must be viewed in the context of the Wikipedia release of personal information, names, where they live, and family members, of the Federales involved in enforcing immigration law. The bottom line is the level of venom directed at Trump, his family, all of us deplorables, has skyrocketed the last several days. I’m not only talking about the obsolete actor Peter Fonda, the son of Henry Fonda, and his terrorist threat to Baron Trump. If any of us had threatened to attack Obama’s kids, we would have, correctly, been arrested for making a terrorist threat. Given the hypocrisy of our Marxist scum enemies, the media silence is expected. Civil Wars begin, as in the shooting starts, when one side becomes convinced political discourse is useless. We are now at that point.

My sources tell me the Antifa thugs, who have been camping outside the ICE offices, are planing to take it to the next level. In response the Federales are going to respond to any “storming” of the ICE offices, by what I consider to be the armed wing of Antifa. And patriots should have no illusions the armed wing of Antifa is capable, willing, and eager to use physical violence against the family members of ICE employees. Further, for all the left’s “anti-gun” hysteria, make no mistake they are buying weapons and ammo to be used against the “fascists.” Granted, the Antifa thugs definition of what a fascist is, essentially anybody who doesn’t agree with them. Civil War Two is coming, gang. You heard it here first. Make no mistake about the level of physical violence the left is willing to use against “dissidents.”

You should also be aware that despite the recent Supreme Court decision verifying the right of Christian bakers not to bake for gay weddings, the Oregon Supreme Court just issued a decision against the exact same type of case here in Oregon, only reversing the Supreme Court decision. Make no mistake here, the MARXIST JUDGES are now openly defying the US Supreme Court. SCOTUS just ruled against the state of Colorado in the exact same cake case, and the Oregon Supreme Court just ruled in favor of the state of Oregon doing the exact same thing. Now isn’t that a level of Marxist treason and arrogance indicating political and legal collapse. I can make the case the Oregon Supreme Court can now be impeached for treason. Once the Supreme Court rules, the matter is finished and in no way can an individual state Supreme Court rule differently. We are on the edge here.

It is entirely possible the Federales are going to break up the ICE campers with armed Swat Teams. I am not predicting violence. I am pointing out, given the passions here in Oregon, a violent response by the Antifa thugs now shutting down the ICE office is certainly possible, up to, and including, a firefight between armed Federales, and armed Antifa thugs.

I have no respect for the Antifa types. They are thugs, bullies, and common criminals, with a thin veneer of political ideology. They are really bored, white kids, who have no idea of what real life is like, or what the level of violence the Federales are willing to bring down on them. Antifa is now making open, death threats on the family members of law enforcement. I have no idea why Antifa thinks that will not result in a world of hurt, or as I like to say, some real whoop ass being unleashed on them. The Antifa threats to murder the children of Federal Employees are going to result in a serious level of violence being directed back at them. Sorry, you Antfia morons, you don’t get to act like savages and barbarians and not suffer the consequences of such arrogant folly. You can ask ISIS what happens, in a Trump administration, when you go full barbarian mode. The level of hate the left is displaying is going to result a level of backblast on the Antifa types they can’t comprehend. The left has never been in the military, nor have they ever dealt with the kind of intense violence civil wars unleash. The left would be wise to remember the bumper sticker,” The only reason some people aren’t dead, is because other people haven’t killed them yet.” If Antfia, and the left, is seriously considering going after the family members of law enforcement, well they will simply be killed off.

We are on the edge here, gang. I may be listening to gun fire in my downtown apartment, here in the People’s Republic of Portland this weekend. Like they say in Texas, Antifa morons, “If you mess with the bull, you get the horns.”

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  1. Long overdue. If you Protest Peacefully & follow the march route – Good For You! If you wear a Mask & Riot then You Must Be Eliminated by Any Means & with EXTREME PREJUDICE!


    1. Arrest those outside of the offices for stalking, trespass and threat of violence if they have threatened violence. Why are VIOLENT, nonpeaceful protesters allowed to break the law?
      Where is Trump?


  2. Civil Discourse, once the hallmark of the American experiment is dead. When Discourse gets shelved, it’s replaced with violence, hence.. Civil War. Take heed people, Marxist ideologues fomenting this across the land know they are through getting their way with the co-opted Democrats. They will push this to the next level so remember Drudges cryptic tweet last year.. “Have An Exit Plan”


  3. It wasn’t Wikipedia that leaked that info….

    It was WikiLeaks… Julian Assange’s former org…

    Looks like he can kiss a pardon goodbye now… But I digress… there is evidence Julian is a gatekeeper like Alex Jones…

    Sometimes I think it’s all Kabuki…


  4. I have to disagree with your analysis of the court decisions on the cake baker cases. Legally, they are apples and oranges. The US Supreme Court case dealt with a very narrow matter of law and it only applies to that one Colorado case or any other exactly like it (probably very rare, if any). The Oregon case is an entirely different matter of law and the Colorado case does not apply.


  5. ICE should plan a sting against ANTIFA. Have a group of ICE members stay in one house making sure everyone knows that a family is in the house. When ANTIFA comes calling a couple of the occupants should try and leave the home on their daily routines. If ANTIFA attacks, have the rest of the men in the house come out shooting stun-guns and if ANTIFA actually has the balls to fire bullets, then move them all down in a hail of bullets.

    I’ll guarantee you ANTIFA will never do that again, ANYWHERE !!! ANTIFA are paper tigers and don’t have the stomach to put their lives on the line for real. They only do what they do now, because they believe with their masks they can get away unrecognized with impunity. Unless America is ready willing and able to BITE THE BULLET it will get worse. Dissidents must know that if they threaten violence, they should also realize that their lives are already on the line !!!


  6. i beleive that these antifa idiots should be beaten every time they come out of their slimy little swamp stomped every time they are seen or heard


  7. Antifa is sponsored by George Soros. His wealth creates uprisings and violence worldwide. He is the one promoting this hatred.


  8. Forearmed, well said from your parlor armchair. I have every reason to believe that Antifa could and would use deadly force in pursuit of their politics. You are disregarding a principal tenent of Sun Tzu , know your enemy


  9. We had coffee in downtown Portland circa Y2Kish – Peets I think. You got my email below. Great to see that you are still ‘sucking air’!


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