I have been following the ongoing volcanic eruption on Hawaii’s Big Island the last month or so. My opinion is we are going to see what I call the historical Hawaii eruption. We will see fissures opening, both on land and under the ocean. We will see ongoing lava flow. It is magma underground, and lava once it erupts. It is clear there is still a vast amount of lava, some sources say 98 percent, which could drain from the caldera. It is also a fact we now have a vent that is 120 acres wide, up from 12 acres a month ago. This vent is inside the crater, which is inside the caldera at Kilaeua, and is now blocked, which may lead to further eruptions of toxic gas, atmospheric particulates, ie rocks and dirt, thousands of feet into the air. On the other hand, things may calm down over the next few days. At this point, you roll the dice and you take your chances. We are also seeing increased volcanic and earthquake activity all around the Ring of Fire. The Ring of Fire is a giant circle that starts in New Zealand, Indonesia, Japan, Alaska, and then all the way down the coast to Chile in South America. He starts talking about Hawaii at 13 minutes in.

The link below is a one hour video from Dutch Sinse that covers all of the above.

Kilauea crater flyover here.. looks totally different now that it’s collapsing. Amazing:…

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