The other day I wrote that I thought the economic conditions predicted by Pastor David Wilkerson were happening. Pastor Wilkerson had a church in downtown New York City, where he lived a modest life. Wilkerson wasn’t like that fool of a “preacher” whining for money to buy a 54 million dollar private jet. No, Wilkerson was a true man of God, and his “prophecies” ring true. Further, his basic statement was an economic collapse would be triggered by economic chaos in Europe: Germany, Spain, Greece and Italy. The link below indicates a rout is now underway in Europe: TODAY.  The bottom line is Wilkerson’s “economic collapse prophecy” is happening right before our eyes. How far the economic crisis will spread is something I can’t say. I will say the lethal combination of debt and derivatives is now reaching critical mass. The political results from that will have a global impact and likely lead to even more global chaos down the road.

The link is here.


Global Markets Descend Into Contagious Panic As Italy Implodes

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