Many years ago, back in 1993, Pastor David Wilkerson made a prophecy related to the trigger event for an economic collapse being pulled in Germany, of all places. The decades went by, life went on, and people forgot about it. Well, today’s events in Italy, with the imminent collapse of the “new populist government,” and the resulting economic chaos the government collapse is unleashing, required me to take a closer look. I wrote a book on Ezekiel’s prophecy about Gog and Magog, called “Ezekiel’s Islamic Confederacy,” waaaaaay back in 1992, so I have long had an interest in Bible Prophecy. Granted, I don’t put Pastor Wilkerson in the same class as either Ezekiel, or Isiah, but I take him seriously. At at rate, here is what Pastor Wilkerson said, and here is the economic crisis now unfolding in Italy. Further, Turkey, under its delusional leader Erdogan, is suffering from a currency collapse. Right now, we have imminent financial disasters happening in Italy, Turkey, Spain, and  possibly Germany.

The reason Germany’s economy would collapse is it is tied to the EURO currency, and it is the EURO peg that caused all the problems in Greece, and now Spain, Italy, and Turkey. The Germans will now have to potentially “bail out,” Italy, Spain, and Turkey. This is after Germany has already bailed out Greece, more or less. Wilkerson’s prophecy may, repeat may, indicate that Germany is going to refuse to deal with Italy, Spain, and Turkey, which is a NATO member, although not an EU member. If Germany does that, it may trigger a general collapse of the EURO, followed by a general collapse of the EU. Finally, when you throw Brexit into the mix, things get even more dicey for both the EURO and the EU. Again, I am just pointing out that Wilkerson’s prophecy just exploded out of nowhere in the last several days. What happens if Spain, Italy, and Turkey unleash total economic chaos in Europe over the next week or so? I am just bring this to the attention of my blog readers. Actually, we now have two natural disasters, volcanoes on the Big Island, and the first storm of the season in the Gulf of Mexico.

Is a possible Greek or Italian default the marker of a prophecy given by David Wilkerson 20 years ago. Do the Greek people have any say in what their Euro masters tell them to do. Is America headed for a bank holiday? Is Mexico going to default? Are Americans prime for bankruptcy,

David Wilkerson: Global Economic Collapse Begins in Germany

  1. Derivatives – Never before in history have so many financial institutions exposed themselves to so much risk in the form of derivatives, which are financial products that derive all of their value from an underlying asset. Derivatives allow financial institutions to leverage their assets many times over. As a result, many investors hold a claim to the same asset while none of them actually own anything of real value. This approach works great when market values are moving up because profits are multiplied, but it is very dangerous when market values are moving down because losses are multiplied too. Large losses can force even very large banks to go bankrupt.
  2. Debt – Never before in history have there been so many nations in so much debt. Sovereign debt levels have increased significantly among almost all developed nations since the 2008 collapse of the housing market. The enormous debt burden makes it almost impossible to absorb the cost of any unexpected disasters.
  3. Here is the link to the economic crisis in Italy.
  5. “A Toxic Coup Narrative”: Why Italy’s Political Crisis May Be About To Explode


  1. considering the massive forced influx or invasion of muslims into these regions without the absolute outcry of the citizens to the point of a revolt, the press basically began the practice of labeling conservatives as racists while much of the invaders have stated publicly that their intent is to load up the welfare systems and out birth the western white folks and take over their lands for alah.

    once this system collapses, their will be a real humpty dumpty effect and chaos will spiral out of control. The beast system will be the order that is intended to come out of the chaos. The beast system will not be any improvement but it will bring with it a situation which will make life most difficult for christians and jews


    1. This I believe is the rule of Saul Alinsky for the takeover of foreign nations. He made it clear that it is all but impossible to take over a nation militarily, but as ancient Israel learned, immigration and interbreeding are a much more effective way to take over a country. This was called the error of Baalim whose donkey turned back because of the angel of the Lord when he told Israels enemies how to conquer them.


  2. The “far away” Israel nations (long after leaving Assyria – Hosea 11:7-11) were warned NOT to “confederate” or they would be “broken in pieces.” Isaiah 8:9-15
    The Marxist EU is the brainchild of Richard von Coudenhve-Kalergi

    Gog, from the land of Magog (Khazaria), invaded the Land of Israel decades ago.


  3. The Lord revealed to me in my journalling a few months back that the greatest economic collapse by far; in modern history; will take place before this year’s end: 2019!
    And it would be triggered by the collapse of the Deutsche Bank!
    This was BEFORE I read about David Wilkerson’s prophesy about Germany.
    My Lord Jesus ALSO said that this would be followed by the greatest WEALTH TRANSFER in modern history; and that SILVER will be the best vehicle; but to wait for it to go DOWN right after the crash: to $10./oz; before going to Mars!


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