Damn, gang, the actor Morgan Freeman, who was the voice in ads for the vile shrew, Hilary Clinton has just been outed by 8 women as a sexual predator. The two most prominent Black actors in Hollyweird, Bill Cosby and Morgan Freeman have now been shown to be sexual predators, hypocrites and amoral opportunists. Perhaps this will be the final hammer blow that shatters the putrid cesspool Hollyweird has long been. Perhaps it will be the final blow that reveals the pedophile and rape rings that are prominent in Hollyweird.

The other news is the sexual predator Harvey Weinstein will report to the NYPD on rape charges. And finally, the man who created the “Lolita Express,” the plane that took prominent people, like Bill Clinton, to his sexual playground, in the aptly named Virgin Islands; namely, one Jeffery Epstein is said to be an FBI informant. On top of all the treason, corruption and sedition going on at the Failed Bungling and Incompetent, ie FBI agency, we can add covering up teenagers being raped by powerful men to the long list of FBI crimes.

The links are here.…se-by-8-women/

Actor Morgan Freeman accused of inappropriate behavior, harassment: CNN

May 24, 2018

By Gina Cherelus

(Reuters) – At least eight women have accused actor Morgan Freeman of inappropriate behavior or harassment while working with them on film sets or at promotional events, CNN reported on Thursday.

CNN said it spoke with 16 people as part of its investigation into the 80-year-old actor, some of whom also alleged inappropriate behavior by Freeman at his production company, Revelations Entertainment.

In a statement, Freeman said he was sorry to anyone who had been made to feel uncomfortable or disrespected.

“Anyone who knows me or has worked with me knows I am not someone who would intentionally offend or knowingly make anyone feel uneasy,” the statement said. “I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent.”

Representatives for Freeman and Revelations Entertainment did not respond to requests for further comment. Reuters was unable to independently confirm any of the allegations.

Multiple accusations of sexual misconduct against male actors, filmmakers and agents have roiled Hollywood since October 2017, leading in some cases to resignations and the halting of projects.

Similar accusations have also engulfed men in U.S. politics and business, and inspired a #MeToo social media movement by victims sharing their stories of sexual harassment or abuse.

CNN said eight people told the network they were victims of what some labeled harassment and others called inappropriate behavior by Freeman. It said eight others told the network they witnessed the actor’s alleged misconduct.

CNN also said other sources denied having seen any questionable behavior by the actor, and that those sources described him as being professional on set and in the office.

Freeman, whose career has spanned 50 years and more than 100 movies, won a Oscar in 2005 as best supporting actor for his role as a former boxer in “Million Dollar Baby.”

(Reporting by Gina Cherelus in New York; Editing by Daniel Wallis)…rc=twsrc%5Etfw…-sex-offender/…-sex-offender/

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  1. Never cared for Billy Crosby, already knew he was a dirt bag – Far as this Freeman goes, just his looks alone oozes racism! More then likely, Freeman’s IQ is in the low 30’s, schucky derns, maybe his iq is in the low 30’s south of the scale?!


  2. I don’t understand why Freeman and Avery Brooks are supposed to be “numinous negroes” with magical speaking voices.


  3. So these females who have themselves 100’s of notches on their belts see opportunities for more attention and may be a few bucks to boot…. why not?!!!

    Of course EQUALITY IS…. I’ll lay down for anyone I have to to get to where I want to be…
    And then I’m going to come back and accuse you of having no morals!!!!

    Sorry… but I have no sympathy for these poor wittle victims….
    Women HARASS also… by dressing/acting immodestly then playing the victim when someone takes em up on it!!!!

    God Have Mercy!!!


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