Now that Bibi has thrown down the gauntlet to Iran, and all the neo cons in Trump’s administration are salivating more than Pavlov’s dog, I will explain why we are not only going to attack Iran, ie “regime change,” but why it is possible we will do so by Memorial Day.

First, the so called “Iranian Nuke Deal,” the one just trashed by Bibi, will expire on May 12th. For all intents and purposes it no longer applies, since Iran just said it was not “sustainable,” and Israel just said it was all lies. This is strike one, and it is about two weeks from now.

Second, Israel has a 70th anniversary celebration coming up on May 14th. So, that is the other thing that is going to happen a little over two weeks from now.

Third, the USA, along with a bunch of other countries, will move their diplomatic embassies to Jerusalem, and admit Jerusalem is the capital of Israel. As you can imagine, the Muslim world has gone bonkers over that. Assuming Trump goes to Jerusalem for the embassy opening, well the security issues for that would be incredible, especially if we are in a shooting war with Iran. I will also say all three of the above are in the context of the ongoing HAMAS invasion over Israel’s southern border, the ongoing military operations in Syria, and the moves and counter moves in Syria, by Russia, Turkey, Iran, Hezzbollah, Assad Junior, the Kurds, and the US led coalition. It is clear that Assad Junior and Iran are moving to restore the pre Civil War borders, the pre 2011 ones, by kicking out the Turks, the Americans, and the NATO forces in the US led anti-ISIS coalition. ISIS is also in the mix, since Erdogan’s invasion of Northern Syria pulled the Kurds off of ISIS and had them redeploy to fight Turkey.

In my opinion, once you factor in all of the above you end up with, at best, a regional war, and worst case, World War Three, once the USA and Russia go head to head. Enjoy yourself. Eat a Pizza and drink a beer. Unless sanity breaks out in the Middle East, which isn’t likely, I just don’t see how a war can be avoided over the next 30 days. Granted, things may slow down as various groups make their preparations for war; on the other hand, after Bibi’s speech, Iran has no reason to wait for the 12th.

Here is my take with a few more points in it. The current hysteria over Iranian nukes ignores the collapse of the Soviet Union, aid given to Iran by Pakistan and North Korea, as well as Obama leaving our borders wide open for eight years to give Hezzbollah sleeper cells access to CONUS. Like I say below, Hezzbollah is here, and they have sleeper cells, and they have either tactical nuclear weapons, or the so called “dirty bomb,” already in theater. When we go after Iran, Hezzbollah will go after us here, in CONUS.


The only real issue left is who launches the first strike. Does Iran launch on Israel, from both Iran proper, and from Hezzbollah batteries in Southern Lebanon, or does Israel launch on Iran, from Israel, or does the US launch on Iran from naval ships, airplanes etc.

World War Three has indeed started. It will simmer along nicely over the rest of May. Iran has had nukes for well over 20 years now. Iran got nukes from the Ukraine after the collapse of the Soviet Union in 1992ish time frame. Iran sent people with briefcases full of US dollars to the Ukraine, bought the warheads that were on nuclear artillery shells, nuclear torpedoes and took them back to Iran. Next, Iran got cozy with both North Korea and Pakistan to get its missiles developed, and also the tech and training to reprocess the Ukrainian tactical warheads.

Iran has had the so called “dirty nukes,” since 1998 at least. Iran has had nuclear tipped missiles, from the reprocessed warheads, at least since 2005. Finally, Iran, along with both North Korean and Pakistan’s help has created a nuclear industry in order to do all of the above from scratch.

One more thing, thanks to our traitor in chief Obama, who kept our borders wide open for over 8 years, I have NO DOUBT that Iran/Hezzbollah has already forward deployed either, or both, tactical nuclear weapons, or dirty nukes, INSIDE OF CONUS. Ragnarok would know more about that then I do.

So, gang, if/when Israel/USA actually does light up Iran, in Iran, or Syria, or Hezzbollah in Lebanon you may all be assured of Iran’s nuclear response, or Hezzbollah’s nuclear response here in CONUS.

Hezzbollah isn’t “over there.” Hezzbollah is over here, in CONUS, with nukes and sleeper cells. Think what you want, but Obama has made sure of that simple fact.

Any comments, Ragnarok?

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