UPDATE 4-11-2018


WASHINGTON (AP) — Responding to Russian warnings to the U.S. against military strikes in Syria, President Donald Trump said Wednesday that missiles “will be coming” in response to Syria’s suspected chemical attack that killed at least 40 people.

“Russia vows to shoot down any and all missiles fired at Syria,” Trump tweeted. “Get ready Russia, because they will be coming, nice and new and ‘smart!’ You shouldn’t be partners with a Gas Killing Animal who kills his people and enjoys it!”

Trump did not detail what a strike would look like, or whether these would be U.S. missiles. The tweet came as Trump administration officials have consulted with global allies on a possible joint military response to Syria’s alleged poison gas attack. Trump canceled a foreign trip in order to manage a crisis that is testing his vow to stand up to Syrian President Bashar Assad.

Russian lawmakers have warned the United States that Moscow would view an airstrike on Syria as a war crime, saying it could trigger a direct military clash between the two former Cold War adversaries. Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon said any missiles fired at Syria would be shot down and the launching sites targeted — a stark warning of a potential major confrontation in Syria.


THE LINK IS HERE.…fired-12341890

US missiles fired at Syria will be shot down, and launch sites targeted, a Russian ambassador warned today.

The measures threatened by Alexander Zasypkin, Russia’s ambassador to Lebanon, could trigger a major escalation in the Syrian conflict.

In comments broadcast on Tuesday evening, said he was referring to a statement by Russian President Vladimir Putin and the Russian armed forces chief of staff.


Russian S-400 batteries.jpg


In military speak what is going on is the powers that be are seizing “BATTLESPACE.” Battlespace is a military doctrine that starts, well outer space now, and goes all the way down to ground surface. It also goes to sea surface, and below sea surface for anti-sub, mines etc zones.

Gang, this is getting serious because ‘THEY’ on both sides, are positioning military assets to control BATTLESPACE OVER SYRIA, OVER CONUS AND LIKELY THE NATO/RUSSIAN BORDER ZONES IN THE BALTIC STATES, POLAND, ROMANIA, ETC.

Yeah, the horse is out of the barn. All of this command and control planes is what you do when you want to hit somebody. What the Ruskies have done, with the jamming and taking control of our drones, well that is also first phase Battle space control. Of course, if the Ruskies or the Chinese start to go after our sat communications and recon, well it will be World War Three.

All of this about the various plane deployments tell me it’s on, it’s hot, and the final preps are now in motion. By the way, Trump isn’t going to Peru, and Matis isn’t going to Nevada, and you know who says the Pentagram is going bonkers since Sunday.

Oh yeah, it may take a while to sort it out, but we are going into Syria.

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I haven’t decided whether the case is the West doesn’t believe Russia means it when they say they are going to have a MILITARY RESPONSE to any allied strike on Syria, or whether it is the case “they” just don’t care. I’m getting really, really tired when “they” just casually murder people to advance the “agenda.”

We are seeing Russia deploy command and control planes to seize the BattleSpace over Syria, and also over the ocean, and below the ocean off the Syrian coast. We are seeing Russian fighter jets deploying to cover the offshore US ships. We are seeing Russia seeking Iranian permission to fly heavy bombers to Syria. We are seeing Russia jamming our drones flying over Syria in order to prevent our control of BattleSpace over Syria. We are seeing both Russia and the US deploy submarines in order to control BattleSpace under the ocean off of Syria. We are seeing the US deploying command and control planes off the coast of Syria in order to seize BattleSpace from the surface to 40,000 feet. And finally, all of these actions are the precursors to WAR. The actions now being taken by both sides are designed to allow for attacks on Syria. In fact, the war over Syria has already begun in my opinion. The issue of whether we will launch cruise missiles is based on our control of BattleSpace over Syria. When I see all the specific actions being taken both by the USA and Syria, it is clear we are now in the early phases of a shooting war.





  1. Hi Doug,
    It is with the deepest regret and sympathy
    for our servicemen that I must agree with
    every point in your analysis.
    Contact Steve pieczenik, He can cooberate
    your sumation. Look at Hal Turner’s web-
    site also.


  2. I firmly believe Assad did not gas his own people. Why would he? Trump announced he is seeking to pull U.S Assets out of Syria, ISIS is defeated or on the run, Assad with the help of the Russians and Iranians plus Hezbollah are gaining ground all over Syria and suddenly he decides to gas people in Damascus? No, I say this is a false flag because the NWO wants a war and I don’t think America survives this one without our homeland suffering serious hits. Too many players in this one for our land to go unscathed. I believe this could be checkmate for America the land of the baby butchers and Sodomite marriage while there is a Bible in every bookstore and a church on every corner. I believe our enemies can do so much unimaginable damage to this Country and have been planning this for some time. Explode a nuke off the east coast to cause a major Tsunami, or perhaps an EMP to shut down our power grid, or just a plain old missile attack and make this land a ball of fire. I don’t know but I know if we go to war with Russia, Iran, China, and I know North Korea is salivating for some payback……I don’t think we survive this one.


  3. Isiah 17:1
    The burden of Damascus. Behold, Damascus is taken away from being a city, and it shall be a ruinous heap.


  4. Ezekiel 38, 39
    The Bible’s prophecy regarding an invasion of Israel is drawing closer.

    If you’re a prepper and if you watch the news looking for signs that trouble’s ahead, then DO NOT IGNORE THIS SIGN!

    Ezekiel 38 and 39 foretell an invasion of Israel from its northern borders. The invading alliance is led by Russia and consists primarily of Iran, Turkey and other muslim countries.
    The invading forces will fail and be destroyed by God. But their destruction apparently triggers a second destruction (Ezekiel 39:6).

    The invasion of Israel does not appear to be imminent quite yet, but it is gathering. When you see that alliance ready to invade,


  5. At some point the world will need to tell both Russian and America that they have had enough of them using third world nations to fight their proxy wars. Instead of killing each other, they choose to kill millions in other countries. This insanity must stop. If America and Russia want war then they should be fighting each other on their own home grounds. If they really want war, then they should face-off against each other and act like men instead of sniveling rats destroying many other nations over supposed resources.


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