What is now happening on the US Southern Border with Mexico is nothing less than an invasion. I posted this on April 1st over at It looks like somebody in Trump’s administration has been reading my posts. At any rate, Trump has apparently been convinced he needs to get off his New York City punk butt and actually do something on the border.

The post is below.


I’m going to throw something out here. Trump signed the “budget bill from Lying Ryan and Mitch the Bitch in order to get the military funding. This funding has been mentioned in the context of using it to “build the wall.” Obviously, Trump got played by Lying Ryan, Mitch the Bitch, the Marxist Democrats, but maybe Trump was moving on a deeper level than I first thought. Trump gets intelligence briefings daily. Let’s say that Trump is told of the HAMAS Easter Sunday “storm Israel’s border,” march. Further, Trump is then told that there are “hundreds, thousands, tens of thousands,” of Central Americans who are headed to the USA, where they will “storm our border.”

Gang, CONTEXT IS EVERYTHING. Now, I said that if Trump uses any military money, or violates any of the no concrete wall, or no more than 33 miles of it, he will be impeached. I absolutely think that would happen, UNLESS TRUMP CAN GIVE A CREDIBLE REASON TO USE MILITARY MONEY TO BUILD THE WALL. And here is what I think Trump saw, or maybe somebody in his administration. When you talk about spending military money to build the wall, YOU MUST HAVE A BORDER EMERGENCY. And guess what, a horde of Central Americans storming your southern border is a border emergency; one that will require Trump to declare it is, and to allocate MILITARY RESOURCES TO DEAL WITH IT. MILITARY RESOURCES BEING MONEY TO BUILD THE WALL, AND TROOPS, EITHER ACTIVE DUTY, FORT HOOD ANYBODY, OR NATIONAL GUARD TROOPS FROM TEXAS, NEW MEXICO, ARIZONA, OR CALIFORNIA.

When the alternative, or even the fake news media, starts to show hordes of illegals, women and children, it won’t matter, causing total chaos on our border, well Trump can then use that to get his border emergency; after that, he will get his CONCRETE WALL FOR HUNDREDS OF MILES, 1,000 MILES I HEARD.

Again, there are some very interesting scenarios out of this. For one thing, it is likely that California’s Governor Jerry Brown will refuse any Federal order to deploy the California National Guard to the border. Further, Governor Brown may invited the hordes of illegals into California.

Yep, this is the only Trump play that makes sense to me now. I couldn’t figure out why he signed that loser of a budget bill, other than the military money. And now, if my gut is correct, Trump gets it all, a horde of illegals storming the border, a declaration of a border emergency, and the deployment of military money, troops, supplies etc to deal with it.

Lying Ryan, Mitch the Bitch, Schumer and the walking mummy Pelosi get outplayed. Soros, who s behind the horde of illegals now getting ready to storm our southern border, also gets outplayed by Trump, for the umpteenth time.

So, anybody think Doomer Doug has gone off the deep end with this scenario?

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The link to the oncoming horde of illegals is here.

Mexico Says It Will Disband The Caravan, But Organizers Say Some Of Its Members Will Continue North

Mexico says it will let pregnant women and people with disabilities stay while others must leave. But caravan organizers declare victory, saying officials finally have recognized its members have the right to seek asylum.

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      1. I guess the people coming from Central America to the US’ southern border have a right to “seek asylum” just like the US has the right to refuse to grant it. Something tells me we haven’t heard the last on this issue though.

  1. stop sending our military to afghanistan and send them into mexico to take out the cartels. it would be better to invade mexico and actually accomplish something than doing whatever in afghanistan for poppy fields.


  2. As a long-suffering deplorable taxpayer, IMO the military should have been at the border fifty years ago. That’s what they are supposed to do: protect our borders from invasion. I don’t give a hoot whether the invaders are in uniforms or diapers, they are still invaders and have NO RIGHT to come here.
    This ” immigrant” invasion (including “refugee resettlement”) is nothing but Cloward-Piven in action. The goal is to destroy the United States from within, it is the only obstacle left to global governance by twisted oligarchs.
    If there were proper voter ID, as for cashing a check or boarding an airplane, the Democrats would never win another election.


  3. Wall, shmall. A double row of 9′ high barbed wire and a machine gun tower every 2 hundred yards should be sufficient and a lot cheaper.


  4. Ask patriot’s to come down to the boarder and defend it. Pay for my gas,ammo,water,food.
    I’ll drive myself and and a few others ( 10-2 ish) we will bring our own guns and gear.


  5. One of the few legitimate functions of the federal government is found in Article 4 Section 4 of the Constitution: “The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican [not Democratic] Form of Government, and shall protect each of them against invasion ….” The military should have been placed on the border long ago.


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