Given the nature of today’s events related to Russia and the US, I feel it is vital that I post this video giving the “Russian side.” The massive propaganda wave targeting both Russia and Putin may have crossed the Rubicon and made a military conflict between the USA, NATO and the EU against Russia and Putin inevitable.  If so, we are going to find out just how bad Obama the Traitor destroyed our military, and how combat effective both Chinese and Russian military forces. It is a fact that only a few days ago Putin listed, in great detail, just what types of new weapons they have, and how effective they really are. Some may see this as a threat, but I see it as a final, desperate attempt to warn the US what the final result, the final military result, will be from any actual combat resulting from the current diplomatic crisis.

It is clear to me with the appointment of the neo con warmonger, supporter of the 2003 Iraqi invasion, John Bolton to be Trump’s NSA head, the decision has been made to go to war. Further, given the operational condition of the USA military, we are likely to suffer an historic military defeat at the hands of Russia, or China, or both. We have seen multiple public comments from senior Russian and Chinese military and government officials indicating they now regard actual war with the USA as possible, if not imminent.

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Here we have a link indicating the USA plans to scrap the so called “Iranian Nuclear Deal,” on May 12th, 2018.

The link is here.


Trump Will Scrap Iran Deal On May 12: Report

China Launches Massive Military Drills “In Preparation For War”

Next, we have this link indicating Putin plans to respond to the expulsion of his diplomatic staff from 18 plus Western countries.

Russia Vows Imminent Response To Diplomat Expulsion “The US Only Understands Force”


  1. been watching you forever…wife joined timebomb in 98, been reading over the shoulder scince..but wanted to say peronally, you do a Great Service,Sir!!! One to seee the unfolding of our Bible, Prohecy,and understanding the areas,conflicts that will take the most life…..while comptemplating the ways to avoid said conflicts…You, Sir always dead on. we do see a War of Faith, and a war that will consume many, we see national troubles that will affect our response, at 61…i think i might be Raputered afore expierining Death. God’s Speed, Sir.
    fred stow


  2. Heard you on tribulation now. Just want to honor God by honoring you and people like you who are called to speak truth into our matrix reality.

    Thank you!


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