I said a pissed off Putin is a very dangerous Putin. Well, blog readers, Vlad the Impaler is seriously pissed about his pilot being killed, and we have the body count in Syria to prove it. Since the downing of the Russian fighter jet, and the murder of its pilot, Putin has unleashed wave after wave of bombing missions. Putin has not made any attempt to limit what we here in the West call “collateral damage.” Vlad the Impaler thinks if you are within a quarter mile of a legitimate military target, and Vlad’s a bit loose on that definition, you are fair game to be burnt to ashes.  Let’s just say that Vlad has greatly expanded the “free fire zone,” for his bombers. The Syrian Air Force is joined at the hip with Russia’s Air Force, so any terrorist gets a two for one bomb deal. Putin also likes his cruise missiles, so far with only conventional warheads, and likely sits in his command chair and watches the live video of the explosions. At any rate, the Russian pilot’s death has unleashed the dogs of war in Syria. It isn’t like the dogs of war were ever actually in the kennel. I have no doubt they are roaming freely and chewing on anything they find.

The first link indicates that Erdogan’s contempt for the USA, and especially his contempt for our Secretary of State, is nearly unlimited at this point. We see Erdogan isn’t wasting any time in pouring more troops over the Syrian border.


Turkish Army Dispatches More Military Equipment to Border with Syria

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Turkish Army forwarded more troops and military hardware to the border with Syria to continue assault on the Kurdish militias as a number of Arab media outlets have claimed that the Syrian army plans to deploy in Afrin to stand against the Turkish aggression.

Next, we see that Assad Junior is making a military push to restore the full territorial integrity of Syria, and prevent the Kurds, the Turks, NATO and the USA from slicing his country up like a sausage.


Sat Feb 17, 2018 4:27
Syrian Army Deploys Heavy Flamethrower System to Idlib for Imminent Operation

TEHRAN (FNA)- The Syrian Army has deployed the TOS-1A, the latest version of the original Russia-made TOS-1 heavy flamethrower system, to Southern Idlib as the countdown has started for an imminent operation against terrorists in the region, a Russian media outlet reported.

The Arabic-language website of Sputnik quoted the Russian One website as reporting that the army has deployed TOS-1 A system also known as Solentsik to Southern Idlib to provide back up for the ground troops’ imminent operation in the region.

The TOS-1A heavy flamethrower system is intended for direct fire support of advancing infantry and main battle tanks, and moves in their combat orders. It is designed to engage military personnel, fortifications and light armored vehicles. The heavy flamethrower system is generally similar to multiple launch rocket systems, however it fires different types of rockets and has a shorter firing range.

Sputnik further said that TOS-1A is one of the most powerful launchers with broader range worldwide, adding that the Syrian Army utilized the system in a battle in Idlib province in January.

It added that only one time fire of the system can cover an area as large as 4sq/km.

Military field sources reported earlier today that the Russian and Syrian fighter jets carried out joint combat sorties over terrorist-held regions in Southern Idlib, destroying a main base and killing or wounding a number of militants.

The sources said that the warplanes pounded a main base of the terrorists near the town of Tarmalah in Southern Idlib.

They further said that the base was destroyed and tens of terrorists, including a number of non-Syrians, were killed in the air attack.

A sum of 12 military vehicles of the terrorists were destroyed, the sources said, adding that several commanders, including Abu Omar al-Haskawi, were among the terrorists killed in the raid.

Finally, we have this very interesting statement saying Turkey and the USA have made a “deal” allowing Turkey, or its proxies, to use WMD’s against the Kurds.

The link is here.


Tillerson’s Visit to Ankara Seen as Green Light to Turkey’s Chemical Attack against Kurds

TEHRAN (FNA)- Turkey-backed militants engaged in Operation Olive Branch in Northwestern Syria launched a chemical attack on the Kurdish population in the village of Aranda in Afrin as Ankara and Washington declared a number of agreements at the end of the US state secretary’s visit to Ankara.

Syrian state media SANA reported that at least six civilians were hospitalized after the attack.

“Six people have been admitted with symptoms of suffocation as a result of the use of projectiles with poisonous gas by the Turkish regime in the town of Aranda,” SANA quoted the hospital’s director, Joan Mohammed, as saying.

Medics are working to determine the type of gas used, Mohammed said.

Local journalist Mohammed Hassan tweeted pictures of patients, who were purported to be victims of the attack, wearing breathing masks.

The hospital director said four of the victims were stable and two were in critical condition.

YPG Spokesman Birusk Hasaka confirmed that Kurds came under what appears to be a chemical attack during Turkey’s offensive on a village, saying that the symptoms of the six people affected are consistent with exposure to a gas poisoning.

The attack was launched by the FSA militants who are backed by Ankara and at the end of Rex Tillerson’s visit to Turkey, raising speculations that the attack was launched after a US green light.

Washington’s silence on the attack that has reinvigorated speculations about its suspicious role in the incident comes as it has repeatedly accused the Syrian army forces of conducting chemical weapons against militants, a claim always rejected by Damascus.

Experts believe the US selective approach is yet another indicator of Washington’s willingness to make an instrumental use of chemical warfare.

Syrian Deputy Foreign and Expatriates Minister Fayssal Mikdad said on Wednesday that Washington is uneasy about the achievements of the Syrian Arab Army and therefore it spreads misleading news claiming that the Syrian forces are using chemical weapons in the Eastern Ghouta, Idlib and other areas.

“We call on the United Nations to investigate into the actions and practices of the United States, which threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty and political independence of Syria and aim at the liquidation of the Syrian people, contradicting the objectives and principles of the UN,” according to a statement read by Mikdad at the Ministry HQ, SANA reported.

“There is still no evidence of the use of chemical weapons by Syria and all the accusations are based on false allegations made by the so-called Syrian Civil Defense Organization (white helmets), which actually appeared through publishing news and videos proved to be false,” Mikdad added.

On the period between January 15 and 17 in 2018, terrorists in Idlib used chemical weapons twice against the advanced Syrian forces, Mikdad said, adding that “our soldiers were attacked by chlorine gas near the town of Hawin to the South of Idlib and the town of Sinjar and that made our soldiers in need for medical treatment.”

Mikdad wondered about the role of the Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (OPCW) which was designed to control the spread and use of chemical weapons, considering that such an act by the OPCW and the lack of desire of Western countries to take practical measures in response to the use of chemical weapons raise serious questions regarding the direct impact on the activities of international organizations of the United Nations.

He said that OPCW is ineffective when it comes to investigating chemical attacks on the Syrian soil, as the facts collected by it are limited to researches that were published on websites and interviews with witnesses in other countries, while the investigation must be credible and serious and it should be done in the place where the alleged incident occurred.

In summary, we see Putin is now bombing the crap out of anybody, anywhere in Syria, he even thinks is a terrorist, including both US and Turkey’s proxies. Further, Erdogan now, apparently, thinks he has a deal to pour more troops into Syria, and use nerve gas against Kurdish civilians. Finally, Assad Junior, along with Putin, is now launching a final offensive to restore most of Southern Syria, Eastern Syria and Northern Syria. His push north will put both Assad Junior, and Putin, in combat with the Kurds, Turkish forces, and Turkish proxies, as well as US troops and their Coalition proxies. Now, what could possibly go wrong in this scenario?

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