We may have to wait a few days more for the Trump “will he or won’t he,” question to be answered fully. One thing I can confirm is that if, repeat if, the stories now coming out of DC saying Trump will “deal” 1.8 MILLION DACA kids and their family members to become Democrat Party voters, in return for “border security improvements,” it is game over.  Once the Democrats get two to three million new permanent voters, we will never see a RINO/REPUBLICAN POTUS, Senate or House majority in the next 100 years. Once the Democrats get those voters they will flip the following states: Florida, South and North Carolina, Virginia, Nevada, Arizona for sure. The Democrats will now have 270 Electoral College votes before the voting starts. The only issue in future Presidential elections is whether the Democrat POTUS nominee will win with 280, 300 or 325 votes. I think Trump is like one of those English Kings who invited in the Danes to fight his enemies, and then was surprised when they seized his land and killed him. I would say Trump is making a deal with the Devil, ie the Democrats, except I wouldn’t want to insult the Devil.

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Trump To Give Path To Citizenship For 1.8 Million Dreamers In Exchange For Wall Funding

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