As I watch the final slide of modern civilization, I am struck by just how much clinical insanity is out there posing as normal behavior. I am talking about things that, as recently as a decade ago, would cause more reaction to them than they do now. Of course, given the large number of people, especially Americans, who are doped up to gills on various drugs, maybe this tidal wave of raving lunacy is to be expected. At any rate, the list of “normal,” stuff that really isn’t normal is a long one.

First, we have my favorite North Korean Elvis admirer, Kim Jong. In addition to his liking of French Cognac; Swiss Cheese, Little Fat Boy has a real nuclear missile fetish. Kim Jong has just told the following countries to, in effect, piss off and leave him alone with his radioactive playthings: Japan, South Korea, Vietnam, the USA, Russia, and China. China and Russia are likely regretting keeping North Korea as their pet pit bull. They like to trot him out to mess with South Korea, Japan and the USA, as long as Kim doesn’t go too anal retentive. I think both Russia and China are starting to wonder if the leash has been chewed through. Kim Jong is like a dog that escapes the backyard and likes to leave little piles on the neighbor’s porch. The neighbors have had about as much Kim Jong’s antics as they can stand. At best, we will likely see a naval blockade, quarantine out of this. Whether that results in the North Korean version of Pearl Harbor remains to be seen. Still, Kim Jong has just used up his ninth cat life. I’m not sure exactly what will be done with him, but a consensus has been reached Jong needs to get some serious attitude adjustment treatment.

The link is here.

“It Can Reach Washington, DC”: Latest North Korean ICBM Can Hit Anywhere In The Continental US

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Moving along, we come the DC antics over the “government shutdown.”

In the latest version of the ongoing Kabuki Dance between POTUS, Lying Ryan, Mitch the Bitch, and the two stooges, the increasingly demented Pelosi, and her official court jester, Senator Charlie from New York, we have another example of just how dysfunctional our Federal government really is. Again, a dysfunctional Federal Government isn’t a bad thing all by itself. Still, it shouldn’t be that dysfunctional. The potential “government shutdown” is something that many Americans won’t really care about. The military will continue to get paid. The Food Stamps will continue to be dispersed. The Social Security and Disability payments will continue to be made. Otherwise, the entire lot of them will be voted out next year.

The Democrat/Marxists will try to repeat their victory last spring when they forced Trump to eliminate funding for the border wall. This time around the Marxist/Democrats will try and force a de facto amnesty, 800,000 so called Dreamers, no border wall at all, and open the flood gates for yet another tidal wave of illegals and refugees.

And finally, it the category of “I can’t make this stuff up,” we have Hollyweird breaking wide open with criminal cases being filed against Weinstein, as well as that Sodom on the Gommarh, otherwise called Washington, D.C, coming unglued as leaks about just how venal and piggish our elected officials really are, continue to percolate along. It seems, if the sources are credible, there are several thousand “sealed Federal indictments,” waiting to be opened and send hordes of pedophiles, sexual predators and assorted scum into the buzz saw of grand jury indictments. The source of this pedophile outing bonanza is reputed to be none other than former Congressman Anthony Weiner, and yes, a sex pervert named Weiner is why I said I can’t make this stuff up. Again, if the stories are credible, my jury is still out on that, we are about to see the pedophile toilets in both DC and Los Angeles flushed at the same time. We shall see.


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