A quick note. I have dyslexia from time to time, which is why I missed the comma in the following sentence. “So far, since October 4, 907 people have died from the plague.” Personally, I would have had it as “So far, since October 4th, 907 people have died from the plague.” At any rate, this is confirmation my original theory that you could multiply both the “official” dead and infected by a factor of between three and five was true. It is also confirmation the situation on Madagascar is significantly worse than “they” are telling us. Again, apologies for my reading error.

The following article, from Britain’s Mirror, says that the current number of deaths from the Black Plague bacteria are nearly 1,000. This is since October 4th, and the total of infected people is nearly 13,000 people. The official WHO totals show 200 dead, and 2,000 infected. The true number of dead, assuming the Mirror is giving accurate information, is a staggering 5 times what WHO says they are. I have long said that based on how WHO handled the SARS, MERS and Ebola disease outbreaks, we can be certain they are LYING to us, just like they have done before. I will admit to be stunned at the extent of the WHO lies, which indicate the real situation on Madagascar is much, much worse than even I thought it was. I simply refuse to believe that any media source would use the 1,000 dead, and 13,000 infected numbers without a verified, 100 percent reliable source for figures that effectively call the World Health Organization a liar publicly. The risk of a lawsuit is simply too great to use a number of dead that is 5 times the official WHO numbers. If the numbers weren’t credible, then WHO would have the Mirror for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

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The link to the mirror article is here.

Patients infected with the plague are escaping hospital sparking fears it could spread across 10 countries

Doctors in Madagascar are currently treating people suffering from the highly contagious disease


  1. Do YOU trust the WHO to stick a needle in your arm? After knowing all the bogus “vaccines for profit”, a person would be insane to believe that they are being injected with something that will not hurt them. Not afraid of the needles. Afraid of what the Globalist pedophile satanist Banker WHO is putting in them. The same Globalists with the agenda to reduce the population by 95%. I would escape also. Take my chances with Oregano Oil and Potassium Iodide. At least i know what is in it, and that there is no organism that can live through it. Nobody made WHO God.


  2. I agree with you Doug about the plague being much worse than what the WHO is saying, I don’t believe anything they and the MSM tells us anyway.

    P.S. I’m more interested in what you write about than a misplaced coma or forgotten capital letter.
    The internet grammar commandos who complain about things like that are not interested in the message of the article, only in pointing out others mistakes.


    1. HI, thanks for the kind words. The problem was I misread the comma and that changed everything. My original title was saying the dead were up 25 times. They were only up 5 times. The sentence was poorly written in the original article. Of course, when I became aware of that I changed the title. First glance would have 99 out of 100 people focusing on the total number of 4907. The comma hiding under the 4 was not at all clear. They should have used a full date, or added th to make it clear what they were saying. My basic point is both deaths and infected are up by a multiple of 5 from the WHO “official figures.”


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