I have been following what may very well turn out to be the first global pandemic since 1918’s so called “Spanish Flu.” It is clear to me the powers that be are trying to balance preventing panic and hysteria breaking out, with protecting their hides when one does and the enraged survivors turn on the elite. It is a dangerous game our elites are now playing. As I read what they are saying, especially between the lines, and what they are not saying; more importantly, how they are saying things it becomes clear the situation in Madagascar is much worse than the elite are admitting. They have adopted a pattern of two steps forward, and one step back. The result is after the usual spin control, media manipulation, and mind games, day by day, and week by week, the situation, again if you ponder deeply, is worse than it was the week before. When analyzing how a disease spreads, you need to focus on three things: geographic spread, numbers of dead and infected, and finally: whether this Black Plague bacteria is becoming, or even potentially becoming, resistant to modern antibiotics.

Like I have said before, the powers that be are revealing, much like a strip tease, one bit of info after another. If you track the sequences, which is basically what I do here on my blog, you will find they are preparing for a global pandemic, even as they deny one is now underway. It is nothing less than a dance of death, much like the fools on Madagascar who dig up rotting corpses, infected with the plague bacteria and “dance with them.” The result is I have been waiting for what I call the “trigger event.” The trigger event, in terms of the Black Death was not the fact two out of every three cases is now airborne vector spread: IT WAS THE POINT WHERE THE MASS MEDIA INDICATED “HEALTH EXPERTS” ARE CONCERNED AT THE MUTATION/CREATION OF AN ANTIBIOTIC RESISTANT FORM OF THE BLACK DEATH BACTERIA. Once that happens, it is Katy bar the door time.

The following link is the trigger event I have been waiting for.

Black death plague ravaging Madagascar will ‘get WORSE’ as antibiotics AREN’T working

THE dreaded Black Death plague blighting Madagascar will “get worse before it gets better” if antibiotics aren’t handed out quickly, a scientist has told Daily Star Online.

At least 165 people have been killed by the devastating outbreak of an airborne disease spreading like wildfire in Madagascar.Around another 2,000 people have been struck down by the – called pneumonic plague – by the lethal “medieval disease”.

Infection and immunity expert Dr Matthew Avison, of University of Bristol, has revealed the outbreak in east Africa is likely to become more serious before the “crisis” ends.

Speaking exclusively to Daily Star Online, Dr Avison said because the disease is “extremely rare” it has been “resilient” to antibiotics.

Here is another link.

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