1. Well, this isn’t good news. Like I said before, there is a process involved in getting a full bore global pandemic underway. You have to have specific things happen. You have to have them happen in a sequential manner. You have to have both a geographic spread of the disease. You have to have an increase in the speed the disease grows, in terms of absolute numbers and percentage increases from the base on a weekly and monthly basis. All of this is starting to happen regarding the Black Death Airborne Plague now raging on Madagascar.

    We were told the number of dead increased first from 124 to 143. Now we are being told the actual number is now 165. The entire increase of 41 has happened in the last two weeks, roughly from Halloween. THE TOTAL INCREASE OF 41 IS ONE THIRD OF ALL CASES, 124, THAT EXISTED TWO WEEKS AGO. THIS MEANS WE CAN EXPECT A 60 PLUS PERCENT INCREASE PER MONTH FOR AT LEAST THE NEXT TWO TO FOUR WEEKS.

    And yes, it takes a while to build momentum. If I am correct, the 41 increase will become 55, and then the next amount will be 71, and the one after that will be 100 new dead. If you do the math, you can see where this is headed over the next six months. OF course, this assumes the airborne version doesn’t spread into any of the 10 African countries, much less hitch a ride on an airplane and end up in Paris, or London, or New York City.

    Yep, it is playing out like I thought it would. The disease base is building in terms of people dying and being infected. It will probably take until April to get the kind of numbers the media will finally notice. By then, we will be dealing with hundreds of thousands of infected, along with hundreds, maybe thousands/tens of thousands dead in Madagascar alone. And if/when the airborne version starts to spread to South Africa, or Kenya it won’t stop there.

    The link below is the kind of pulling teeth method the powers that be have adopted in terms of releasing information. I will note that although they increased the killed by 41, to 165 from 124, they left the revised 2000 infected alone. They are saying that already the killed are increasing at a rate of 33 percent, the infected is staying the same. Obviously, this is simply not true.…reak-US-Europe

    After Daily Star Online reported the disease ravaging Madagascar has killed 143 people, the deadly plague has now claimed 165.

    And with at least another 2,000 being infected, fears of a global outbreak has doubled after the World Health Organisation’s latest update.

    Officials at the world health body have now admitted there is a real risk the disease could spread to Europe, the US and across the globe.

    They are pinning their hopes, however, on a range of emergency measures being put in place to stop this from happening.

    The above statement is at best, wishful thinking; at worst, intentional deception.

    A spokesman for the WHO said, although the growth in the number of cases is slowing down, they now fear a series of devastating “flare ups”.

    The spokesman said: “While the number of new cases and hospitalizations due to plague is declining in Madagascar, WHO cannot rule out the possibility of flare ups of additional cases until the typical plague season ends in April 2018, and thus recommends maintaining vigilance until then. SERIOUSLY? THE DATA JUST CONFIRMED THE RATE OF DEATH IS INCREASING IN TERMS OF NUMBERS OF DEAD AND INFECTED, AS THE PERCENTAGE OF INCREASE IS ALSO. I MEAN DO THEY THINK I CAN’T READ THE ARTICLE?

    “Based on available information and response measures implemented to date, the potential risk of further spread of plague at national level remains high.

    “The risk of international spread is mitigated by the short incubation period of pneumonic plague, implementation of exit screening measures and advice to travelers to Madagascar, and scaling up of preparedness and operational readiness activities in neighbouring Indian Ocean islands and other southern and east African countries.”
    This disease – which can kill in just 24 hours – has sparked global panic especially as a similar outbreak of Black Death killed off one third of medieval Europe – and that was a staggering 50 million people.

    The latest disease is a more virulent form that spreads through coughing, sneezing or spitting and is almost always fatal if untreated.

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