Hmm, I checked yet again for today’s Madagascar Plague deaths and infections. I said one of the key indications things are getting out of control would be when “the powers that be” start to suppress information.

The last figures are 124 dead and 1192 cases listed on October 25th, some two days ago.

THE POWERS THAT BE HAVE NOT RELEASED ANY PLAGUE INFORMATION SINCE THEN. This can only mean, in my opinion, the rate of increase in both dead and infected is now SKYROCKETING UP.

Yep, the plague is out of control on Madagascar. It has likely spread to one or more of the nine countries listed.

If this wasn’t the case, then “they” wouldn’t be lying. If the information was good, they would release it, but if it is bad, they won’t.

Duck and cover, gang. One of the major criteria I use; namely, when they start lying has now been met.

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The link to the latest information on what is happening in Madagascar is here.


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