It is my personal feeling that the Las Vegas terror attack, the one that killed nearly 60 people, and wounded over 500 more, was actually a sanctioned ISIS terror attack. Further, in my opinion, this fact is known the FBI, NSA, CIA and other fedgov agencies. It is being intentionally suppressed by the left over Obamabot and Clintonista factions still infesting the Trump Administration. Trump either does not know this, or has not been told this by the cabal of Militant Islam apologists truly running Trump’s government. The political impact of the federal government openly, and finally, admitting that ISIS sleeper cells, terror cells, have been fully operational in CONUS for the last several years would lift the blinders from the brain dead American public. The public that has been lied to by the criminal conspiracy composed of the fake news media, the Marxist Democrats, the CAIR apologists, Hollyweird fools and George Soros. The result would be devastating and kick over the rock for people to see just how bad the Obama administration really was.


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My end of the world e book “Day of the Dogs” will soon be available for sale at smashwords. The url is It is also at the following url

The link is here from the Alex Jones show.


REPORT: White House Source: Video Exists Of Vegas Shooter Pledging Allegiance To ISIS

Alex Jones talks with former Trump campaigner James Brower about the Las Vegas shooter and why he thinks it’s obvious he dedicated his life to the cause of ISIS.

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