I don’t know at what point Americans figure out we are now at war with Militant Islam here in CONUS.

The reality of this being an ISIS, possibly ANFA crossover is verified by both the connection to the Philipines and the intensity of the FBI system denials. If it wasn’t ISIS, then “they” wouldn’t be denying it so much. ISIS is full of insane people, but the Las Vegas attack was clinical perfection for them. We have now crossed the Rubicon. I find it fascinating that Las Vegas, which has been threatened multiple times by ISIS and now attacked by ISIS, is still claiming Militant Islam didn’t actually attack a city Militant Islam hates, even more than New York, or DC. If there is one city in the world, outside of Dubai, that fires up Militant Islam it is Las Vegas. It is also accepted behavior for Militant Islam to do everything an infidel would do in order to complete the mission. All this “they were drinking booze and getting lap dances” has no understanding of ISIS tactical doctrine. They shave their beards. They don’t go to the Mosque. They drink booze and they give NO indication they are Muslim at all. Besides, if you look at the Chechens for example, or the Bosnians, well they look about as white as a KKK member.

I think it will eventually come out there is a connection to Militant Islam in the Philipines, ie ISIS. You all have to understand much has been invested in the Islam can’t get to us here in the USA where we work, live and play agenda. If “they” admit this was an ISIS attack the financial implications for Las Vegas will be profound. So, “they” will deny any ISIS connection. They would have to admit that will cause Las Vegas to lose BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN FUTURE REVENUE.

IF you remember Bin Laden said the key goal of 9-11 was to bankrupt the USA, which, after two wars costing trillions, and homeland security and TSA, well you get the idea.

This was an ISIS sourced terror attack, and fulfils the THREATS ISIS has been making against Las Vegas for years now. It also must be viewed in the context of the Multiple terror attacks that have happened over the last 7 days, in Canada, in France and now in Las Vegas.

I don’t know why we keep underestimating Militant Islam. They are not coming: THEY ARE ALREADY HERE.

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