I believe what we are dealing with regarding Islam is an internal civil war. The first phase of this civil war is between Sunni Muslims and Shia Muslims. The Shia are about 15 percent of total Muslims, with the Sunni being the other 85 percent. The Shia are mostly concentrated in Iran, certain Gulf States like Bahrain, and scattered here and there all over the earth. The Sunnis are mostly concentrated in Saudi Arabia, Indonesia, Jordan, Egypt, North Africa and certain other countries. The major difference between them relates to the succession crisis after the death of the Prophet Mohammed. The Shia wanted a direct transfer to certain family members, and the Sunni wanted it transferred to the political class. They have been fighting each other over this for some 1300 years. They have both cherry picked the Koran to support their positions. We are dealing with Islam, both Sunni and Shia, and we are dealing with Militant Islam, both Shia and Sunni. Hezzbollah-Army of God is Shia. ISIS, seeking to restore the Islamic Caliphate, is Sunni. Al Qaeda is also Sunni. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards are Shia. Islam is engaged in an internal civil war between Shia and Sunni, as well as an internal civil war between various factions inside both Shia and Sunni. For example, the Sunni Al Qaida is fighting the Sunni Isis.

The next issue in this civil war is a difference of opinion relating to the meaning, the true meaning of Jihad, or Holy War. Some Muslims think this defines an internal, spiritual war. Militant Islam thinks it refers to an external, physical, not spiritual, war against Infidels, whether they be secular Muslims, Shia versus Sunni, or Al Qaeda versus ISIS. The other issue is the absolute requirement that all Muslims, Shia or Sunni, have to support Sharia Law. I will say it plainly: it is the duty of every Muslim: secular, Shia, or Sunni to support Sharia law in any country they live it. Bluntly put, it is a religious requirement for all Muslims to impose Sharia law on any society they find themselves living in. Islam is a belief system that requires adherents to subvert and control any society they live in. As such, the true difference between secular Muslims, ie those who aren’t actively killing people, and Militant Islam, whether it is Sunni or Shia, is only a difference of opinion on tactics and the level of violence they are willing to use. One branch wants to “breed us out,” while another wants to kill us directly.

We saw today in Fresno, California yet another example of Militant Islam in action. The link is here.

I am telling my blog readers that this kind of attack, whether the so-called “lone wolf,” or a small group inspired by Sunni, or Shia religious ideology, or linked to the feuding sub-groups like ISIS, or Al Qaeda, or Shia groups, is the new normal. It should be plain to see that basic religious ideology of Islam, whether it is Shia or Sunni, and whether it is Al Qaeda or ISIS, REQUIRES THE USE OF VIOLENCE TO BRING ABOUT THE ISLAMIC CALIPHATE AND THE IMPOSITION OF SHARIA LAW ON ALL SOCIETIES. Further, the Islamic religion is not able to respect alternative religions, or is Sharia Law able to respect Western secular law, or culture, or values under any circumstances. The only issue is the time frame for the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate, or the time frame for establishing Sharia Law. Militant Islam wants to do it faster, using violence as a tool; so called Secular Islam wants to do it with less violence and over a longer time frame.

I have known Muslims over the years. Most of them are non-violent, moral and ethical people. However, even these Muslims believe in Sharia Law, and the establishment of the Islamic Caliphate. They are just not willing to put on a suicide vest and murder Infidels to do it. The only choice the West has is a fast death from violence, or a slow death from the imposition of Islamic culture and Sharia law.

The Fresno attack, just like the many other Militant Islam attacks in Berlin, Germany, Nice, France, Orlando, Florida, and Stockholm, Sweden show we are at war with a ruthless, violent enemy. This enemy is now engaging in unrestricted warfare against us. As we lurch through the next few years, you should remember that single fact; namely, WE ARE AT WAR WITH MILITANT ISLAM.

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  1. The globalists are using their hate along with training and funding from the US, to conquer western lands and their culture. If it was just about internal factions, they would not be (intentionally) dispersed all over Europe, causing bloodshed and death. See it for what it is – globalist thugs….


  2. So Doug is the main ISIS base at Langley Virginia or somewhere in John McCain’s congressional district?


    1. The CIA created Al Qaida going all the way back to Afghanistan, Bin Laden and fighting the Russians. ISIS was created by the CIA also. Yep, the game is rigged.


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