In case people haven’t noticed things are lining up nicely regarding North Korea. Granted, we made it through the weekend, at least so far, without a nuclear war breaking out. However, I think we now have the worst possible situation on the Korean peninsula. We have Kim Jong, their resident psychopath, actually doing a live fire missile test in order to really piss off the rest of the world. Kim Jong did a missile test, despite being told not to. The fact it failed means we get hit with a one/two punch. Little Fat Boy pisses off the USA, Japan, South Korea and China because he did fire off a missile. In addition, Little Fat Boy is likely enraged because the missile blew up. Besides shooting any Nuclear Scientists or Generals handy, he is going to want to do another missile launch, or explode a warhead inside one of his many tunnels. Like I said, the situation has gotten worse, even though that seems impossible.

We need to clearly understand that in Kim Jong we are dealing with a man who is simply not rational in the accepted meaning of the term. Little Fat Boy has taken out Generals who feel asleep during one of his meetings and had him shot to death using a 40mm anti-aircraft gun. This is the level of mental derangement we are dealing with in terms of whether Little Fat Boy will really launch a first strike on Japan, or South Korea or Guam. The answer is yes he will.

Further, we are now lining up the three lemons, much like those on the one-armed bandits in Los Vegas. The first one is the prime time for any military action will be between April 24th and April 28th. It is called the “Dark of the Moon” and refers to maximum use of our clear military superiority with night vision devises. The American military “owns the night.” The second lemon is the Carl Vinson Task Force will be in theater around April 26th and able to begin offensive military action. The third lemon is the April 28th expiration of the budget agreement combined with a potential government shutdown. Obviously, we can be sure the Pentagon won’t be shut down, but the potential for economic and budget chaos is also a factor.

The bottom line is we are now entering a period of global instability centered on the Korean peninsula. The Korean peninsula is now in full political chaos in South Korea from the impeachment of the South Korean President, the current acting one, along with the election of a new one soon. North Korea, well I will repeat North Korea is currently led by a certified psychopath who is quite willing to kill as many people as he can if he is attacked. We have the newly converted neo-con warmonger Trump, along with his pet neo-con warmongers McMasters, McCain and a long list of others.

At any rate, while I am pleased I didn’t have a North Korean ICBM detonate 1,000 feet above Pioneer Square in downtown Portland, the situation on the Korean peninsula is even worse than it was 72 hours ago. I am convinced that Little Fat Boy will either do another missile launch, or detonate a nuclear warhead underground. After that, as they say, there will be a military response. The military response may come from China, or the USA, or Russia, or South Korea and Japan, or we may even see a repeat of the original Korean war with a UN endorsed military action.

The world is now in chaos, from the ongoing riots in South America, to the usual Middle East chaos in Syria and Yemen, and to a global debt based economic system withering away. Carpe Diem, amigos. Seize the Day and live each day like it could be your last: BECAUSE IT COULD BE.

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