My main reason for my displeasure with POTUS Trump is he accepted flawed intelligence, and took a dangerous action based on that flawed intelligence. Trump ignored credible, accurate data that indicated the “chemical weapon attack” was the result of a Al Nustra/Al Qaida owned warehouse/munitions depot full of Sarin Nerve Gas. This depot was then bombed by the Syrian Air Force and the gas released when the bombs contained it vented to atmosphere. In other words, Assad had nothing to do with it, other than bombing a warehouse full of toxic nerve gas. This is nothing new either. Wag the Dog is a great movie of biting, dark humor with Dustin Hoffman’s brilliant performance shining brightly.

The link below gives a more detailed explanation of what really happened, as in the Russians were correct when they said this was an accident of war.

Former CIA Officer: “The Intelligence Confirms The Russian Account On Syria”

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