The Stoic Response to Terror 3-28-2017

From time to time, I will post writings from other sites that say it better than I can, or say it before I will. The following link is, in my opinion,  a must read. It not only verifies my personal feelings, but gives a cogent explanation of what the rational response to this tidal wave of ongoing Muslim terror attacks should be. The author is correct, for a lot of different reasons, nothing will be done about Militant Islam. If you study the travails of our current POTUS, you will see why nothing will be done to protect us from Militant Islam’s terror attack. Sad, but true, in my view. I don’t like it, but I have come to accept it.

Here is the link. It is best read at the original website, but the below is the gist of it.

Before you accuse me of being cold, heartless, evil, or a psychopath, understand the point of this post is one akin to the Serenity Prayer.  A very important philosophical epiphany many people never realize, but should as it is vital to their psychological well being and mental health.  It is one of accepting reality and not getting worked up in the world of theory.  And the London attacks, like previous and any future terrorist attacks, are/will continue to make my point until the point in time something is actually done about Islamic terror.  And I strongly suggest you set aside emotions, politics, and even your own sense of self-survival to clearly see and hear the point I’m trying to make.

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  1. In 2014 the citizens of London elected a known Muslim by the name of Sadiq Khan to be Mayor of London. Khan ran on the premise of diversity and his moderate Islamic philosophy was nothing to fear. Since he has become Mayor of London terrorist attacks have increased in frequency and lethality.

    Khan was perplexed at the increase of Islamic violence in London since he became Mayor but there is nothing he can do about it. Khan said, “the West must learn to live with terrorism as a part of daily life.” Let’s see, hundreds of years of NO Islamic terrorism (that’s because the Irish Republican Army had the monopoly on terrorism in England) and in the new millennium we (Khan was speaking of ALL the West, not just London or England), must learn to live with DAILY Terrorism.

    Unless, of course we accept Muslim authority and submit to an ideology that is stuck in the middle ages, allows the rape of non-Muslims, allows the murder of non-Muslims, allows the marriage of men to girls as young as nine-years old, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

    Now you see why moderate Muslims are no different than extreme militant Muslims, they all want the same thing except the moderate Muslim just acts like a cheerleader for the violent extremists. It is no different here,…every Muslim is an extremist in the idea that Islam is superior to the freedoms of the Christian West. No more Muslims can be allowed to immigrate to America. Period.

    Even as a minority in England (about 10% of the population) they are active and agitating for the destruction of civilized democratic morals and replacement by Sharia and Islamic law. The Moderate Muslim that does nothing about extremist terror is a terrorist himself by complicity.


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