The deep state war on Trump continues unabated. Several judges have issued legal opinions on his immigration vetting Executive Orders that are clearly unconstitutional, and exceed the judicial authority granted them. Further, we now have the strange situation where multiple cities, counties and states are in open defiance of current law on immigration. These various cities have decided the Federal statutes on illegal immigration, as defined by the legal authority granted to the POTUS, do not apply to them. The sole reason is “they” have decided they do not. The sanctuary movement brazenly defies sanctioned Federal legal authority, long upheld by the courts, and throws a temper tantrum. Well, I say SCREW THEM AND THEIR IDIOTIC SANCTUARY MOVEMENT. It is not for individual cities, counties or states to decide to ignore settled Federal law on illegal immigration. The US Constitution is very clear on the subject, as are multiple legal opinions upholding the right of the POTUS to take any actions, which in the POTUS’S opinion and judgement are needed to protect American citizens. Trump’s executive orders on “extreme vetting,” and on controlling the entry of potential terrorists from the six countries listed are constitutional, legal and not subject to either judicial, much less local, insolence. I have long thought federal insolence is a major problem, but I will also write that local insolence in defying a legal order from the POTUS to keep American citizens from being MURDERED by Militant Islam is a great evil.

Thankfully, Trump’s new AG Jeff Sessions also gets the message and understands the danger to American citizens from these so called Sanctuary Cities. The political leadership of those cities and counties apparently have decided to risk the lives of their citizens in the name of some delusional fantasy about multiculturalism. They recklessly endanger the lives of their citizens by releasing criminal illegal immigrants, and making excuses to import potential Muslim terrorists. It is this intolerable situation AG Sessions has now decided to intervene in. Here is the link.

AG Sessions: Sanctuary Cities That Fail to Comply with Immigration Laws Risk Losing Federal Dollars

Monday at the White House press briefing, Attorney General Jeff Sessions warned municipalities that have implemented the policy of sanctuary cities, which he described as making “our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.”

Sessions said the Department of Justice would require that jurisdictions that are seeking or applying for DoJ grants to certify compliance with 8 U.S.C. 1373 as a condition of receiving those awards.”

Sessions said, “According to one recent poll, 80 percent of Americans believe that cities that make arrests — that arrest illegal immigrants for crimes should be required to turn them over to immigration authorities. Unfortunately, some states and cities have adopted policies designed to frustrate this enforcement of immigration laws. This includes refuses to detain known felons under federal detainer requests or otherwise failing to comply with these laws. For example, the Department of Homeland Security recently issued a report showing that in a single week, there were more than 200 instances of jurisdictions refusing to honor I.C.E. Detainer requests with respect to individuals charged or convicted of a serious crime. These charges and convictions against these aliens include drug trafficking, hit-and-run, rape, sex offenses against a child and even murder. Such policies cannot continue. They make our nation less safe by putting dangerous criminals back on the streets.”


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