The key issue from now on will be whether we get the lethal combination of a “PineApple Express,” ie high ambient temps, above 70 F, plus heavy/medium rainfall, COMBINED WITH A HIGH RATE OF SNOWMELT FROM WATERSHEDS AT 150 TO 200 PERCENT OF HISTORICAL NORMAL.

Barbou, if that happens, Governor Moonbeam will be on the first helicopter out of Sacramento, headed towards Hawaii!

When you add in poor dam design, shoddy construction materials and technique, along with NO MAINTENANCE FOR DECADES you get the “PERFECT STORM” SCENARIO for a Biblical level downstream “FLOOD EVENT.” As in a wave of water, 30 to 60 feet high, moving at speed, say 100 plus MPH and hitting Sacramento in a 90 minute time frame. Does Governor Moonbeam seriously think the million plus Sacramento residents can evac between one and two hours? Of course he doesn’t, AND THAT IS WHY HE HAS A HELO ON STANDBY AT THE AIRPORT, WITH A SUV, ENGINE RUNNING, NEXT TO HIS MANSION, ASSUMING HE IS STILL EVEN IN HIS MANSION AND NOT IN HAWAII.

We can be absolutely sure, whatever happens to the Deplorable peasants, the California elite won’t be anywhere near Sacramento if/when Oroville, or the Mount Shasta Dam breach.

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  1. Don’t miss this one. 2014 report. Cracks by the spillway gates, seepage through the core. Oroville was only to be used on an interim basis…during a drought with low water!!!!!!

    Breitbart is on it. This is unbelievable. They should be thrown in jail for not warning the people downstream.


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