The Ides of March are going to be especially interesting this year. First, we have the expiration of the US government debt ceiling deal from last fall. The government will lose the ability to issue debt, be reduced to around $200 billion or so, and likely run out of money to spend in early June. In addition to that, Trump is going to have to release whatever hard, physical data he has about the wiretaps on him.

Martin Armstrong explains it here.…ring-election/

It is cleat that there was a June 2016 FISA request by the Obama administration to monitor communications involving Donald Trump and several advisers. That request, uncharacteristically, is denied as too broad. The rumor is that the Court was very concerned this was a witch hunt by Obama without any evidence that was akin to Watergate.

Then in October 2016 before the election, the Obama administration submitted a new request that was more narrow to the FISA court which targeted a computer server in Trump Tower they alleged would show links to Russian banks. No such evidence was found and indeed it was a witch-hunt. However, the wiretaps continued claiming it was for national security to try to distinguish this from Watergate.

My comments are below.

In the real world, Trump can’t do anything to Obama no matter what his administration did. If you think the Snowflakes and the Democrats are fired up now, just watch what happens if formal criminal charges are laid against Obama. It might very well take down the entire governmental system and unleash massive riots in our major cities for months. Further, Obama knows this and will likely laugh off any Trump threats to hold him accountable, like a special prosecutor, or congressional investigations. It would be the political equivalent of too big to fail, or too dangerous to do.

Trump must have a physical copy of the actual FISA warrants, plus the application, with names on it, of who requested the warrant. Now those underlings are certainly vulnerable to criminal sanctions. Soros is almost certainly involved and subject to criminal sanctions. The news the politicians are now going after the DOJ slush fund indicates they are sniffing around the edges of the scandal looking for a way in, without going after Obama directly.

We are on the edge of a constitutional crisis much worse than Watergate every was. This is/was the use of anti-terror courts for a political reason that is patently illegal and unconstitutional.

Yep, the tidal wave of fecal material on this one is 100 meters high, and moving at the speed of sound. The only real question is how much of the “system” will be left after it hits. Combined with the Pizzagate scandal we are talking a total collapse of government credibility. The consent of the governed is at risk here. Trump must have the hard physical evidence or else he wouldn’t have thrown the hand grenade. He is going to have to put up or shut up, and if he doesn’t have it, his administration will be fatally damaged. If he uses it, he may take down the entire government, and if he doesn’t he will destroy his administration. I think he must have it, and must be willing to use it, which will trigger a constitutional crisis. Trump must have finally figured out he is facing a unified, well planned, well funded, coherent campaign to overthrow the 2016 election results and either impeach him, or render him impotent. Since he has now, apparently, figured that out, he is willing to go nuclear and leave the body parts where they fall.

The March 15th date, the Ides of March, is significant because it is when the debt ceiling expires. It could also be significant because he will release the FISA warrant data too, which would be a double whammy.

NO increase in the debt ceiling would trigger an economic crisis, and release of his facts would trigger a constitutional crisis.

Obama’s “denial” was parsed in legal boilerplate jargon that tells me Trump was indeed tapped. The key issue is whether FISA felt it had probable cause to issue the wiretap order and did so, or whether Obama/ Clapper etc just went ahead and did it anyway, or let it run after they figured out there was no contact between Trump and the Russian banks.

The Russians have a saying: The more you stir a compost pile the more it stinks.

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  1. I desire to share your articles by printing hard copies to hand out to acquaintances. Would you consider making it possible for your readers to be able to do so?


    1. Hi, I guess you can just print the page on wordpress. I have no idea of whether they have printer mode or whatever. Feel free to distribute them where you want to as long as the link to wordpress is there.


  2. No choice here but to go full nuclear. Its a fight to the literal death.

    riots in the streets? do lefties have guns? Some. Not many.


      1. I think it was either Einstein, or General McArthur on the deck of the US Missouri during Japan’s surrender in September of 1945 who said that.

      2. WW3 or the Seven Trumpet war will start from the Tigres River and 1/3 of the worlds population will die. That is when the One Worlder’s will step in and it gets really dicey from there……….look for it.

      1. The politics simply aren’t there, amigo. You have core/fixed expenses for Social Security, Medicaid, Defense, Debt Payment etc. Roughly 1 Trillion dollars would fall into discretionary income, of which the $444 would equal 45 percent of everything else the government did. The pain would be intense, although Trump could control the budget allocations at some point, which would really fire the situation up!

  3. Don’t go after Obamas last actions or president. Nullify the whole presidency. Unseal Obamas records and go after his right to have ever held the office.


    1. If Trump tries to indict Obama, or nullify his Presidency, all hell will break lose from the Soros funded Snowflakes and anarchists, plus the Democrats in Congress and the Senate. Obama is untouchable except to be damaged in terms of perception and legacy.


  4. POTUS is a very smart man, and has surrounded himself with very smart advisors.
    He also has played the dims like fiddles from the beginning.
    Im thinking there is a 3rd option in the works to make them look bad(worse) as well as keep things running…jmo


  5. On happier side it would yes be a Constitutional crisis and then Trump could call for martial law and start rounding up all the traitors to their oath and the Constitution and all those who were sedistion conspiring against the US and it’s down fall. But Trump will have to be on high alert him self. Many traitors there are.
    But could this be the fall of Babylon that was spoken of. Could this be war that starts between Christ and the beast. As we who are in Christ are Christ. But Christians must continue to proclaim the Gospel as the is our duty. And our right is to fight against the lies and lying wonders proclaiming truth. Stand fast, God help us to stand.


  6. There is no “debt ceiling”
    If, each and every time, the supposed debt ceiling is reached it as automatically increased, in effect it ceases to exist. That’s exactly what will happen this time as well. There is no such thing as a debt ceiling.


    1. They have to actually vote to pass it, which is why the drama is so high. The US Treasury is authorized to buy X amount of debt. Once that level is reached, on March 15th this year, they will either have to vote to increase it by some amount, do nothing, or use the $200 cash on hand to keep spending until that runs out. This time around the spending increase vote may run afoul of Democratic obstruction, or some Republicans, who have never liked the debt increases, may balk. Interesting times, indeed.


  7. I think Justin Wilson’s story of the hunter up in a tree fighting with a big coon, and he yelled down to the other hunters to shoot the coon, they replied that they might hit him, and he said “shot up amongst us, one of us has got to get some relief!”
    The Country has to go one way or the other, we cannot sustain this 50/50 split for long.


    1. I think it is more of a 75 pro Trump and 25 percent for Obama/Clinton/Soros groups. Trump is getting stronger. The Snowflake/Soros/Obama/Clinton Crime Cabal are all getting weaker, even as they get nastier, louder and more vicious. I wolud use the example of calling down an A-10 Warthog dropping a 1000 pound Napalm Bomb myself. Trump is either going to have to crush his opposition, or he is going to be pecked to death the next four years.


      1. I agree, President Trump needs ignore all non constitutional judge rulings and do what he is suppose to do to protect the nation. I don’t believe he is going to be able to appease both sides (liberals vs conservatives).
        Wikileaks has revealed NSA capture of all phone conversations and thePresident should also stay with the line tapping claim and follow it through the NSA to Obama’s whitehouse staff.

  8. Hey brothers in sisters in Christ in the US. Stay united and unswayed behind Trump We who are in other parts of the world are praying for you 🙏


  9. Doug,
    Did you see that durring TRUMPS talk on human trafficking he had this sculpture of a buffalo bull stomping wolves right behind him? Then today he greats 30 overjoyed kids at the white house as he stands in frount of a painting of Hillary like its a hunting trophy. I can see what hes up to can you?


  10. […] to fight in Syria and Iraq have been the beneficiaries of welfare payments from the Swedish Govt. THE IDES OF MARCH-3-15-17:The government will lose the ability to issue debt, be reduced to around $… Treasury Department burning through cash as debt ceiling approaches More Signs That the Great […]


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